A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Forbidden Truths And Permitted Lies

Libya and Syria, are the two most recent examples of the use of paid Mercenaries and members of various Military organisations, which have been used to undermine otherwise stable and successful governments in North Africa and the Middle East. These attacks, along with those against Afghanistan, Iraq and ex-Yugoslavia, have all served one purpose, that of the ‘Privatisation’ of all of the planets resources into the hands of Zion.

Yugoslavia was a successful, Socialist State, which was operating under a form of Socialism which did not conform to the ‘correct’ Zionist model of Socialism, meaning that it was operating for the benefit of the people, as distinct from the benefit of the psychopathic ghouls, whom demand control of all and everything for themselves.

Gadaffi in Libya, was operating the same system of ‘real’ Socialism, with a dream of turning Africa into a paradise on Earth. For his altruistic efforts, he was captured and brutally mutilated, by those whom promised ‘freedom’ to the Libyan people but whom have instead, delivered chaos.

Yugoslavia refused to install the new fangled kind of Socialism and so it had to be destroyed and like Gadaffi, dismembered and divided and then asset stripped,  through the use of International Monetary Fund debt and ‘privatised’ out of existence, producing chaos.

A British journalist was recently sacked by the Mailonline newspaper and the LBC Radio Station in London, because of her stance against mass immigration into Europe and the censoring of information about the sexual habits of those immigrants.

She created an uproar by innocently using the term that the ‘final solution,’ to solve the ‘immigration problem,  being to close the borders of the United Kingdom against them and internment for terrorist suspects, on Police watch lists. The phrase ‘Final Solution’ would appear to arrive with a tm attached, making its use a crime against Judaism or some such nonsense.

In view of the fact that every terrorist event, since 911, including that event itself, can in some way or other be associated with the Jews, combined with the ‘fact’ that Jews called for the extermination of the German people and are even now calling for the complete extermination of the Worlds Christians, it seems just a shade bizarre, that a journalist can lose her job, for simply mentioning a phrase which was in fact invented by a Jew call Kaufmann, in sleazy book, bearing the title “Germany Must Perish,” which suggested, as did the Morgenthau Plan, that the Germans’ were not fit to exist.

As in the above clip, unlike clips about the ‘evil’ Germans, we do not hear mention of the fact that the Russians were controlled by Jews as were all of the forces of the Allies. In fact the Jew Establishment had total control of  the organisation of the Second World War, which they financed and the debt of which is to this day, being repaid to the Jew controlled Banks.

At the Yalta Conference, after World War Two, the Jews, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, organised the enslavement of Eastern Europe into the hands of the Bolshevik Jews, having fought the war to save Poland from falling into the hands of the Germans, which was in fact, no threat at all,  as the Germans were simply carrying out, Anthony Eden’s, the British Foreign Secretary’s suggestion, that they enter the Sudetenland, in order to save the ethnic German people, whom were being raped and murdered by Jew Commissars in order to provoke Hitler into crossing the frontier, and by doing so giving Jews the excuse to launch World War Two.

These would be the same Bolshevik Commissars whom had so recently been murdering Priests and Nuns in Spain and destroying hundreds of Catholic Churches, in the self-same manner as are Daech/ISIS currently doing in Syria and Iraq. This type of barbarity can often be found in the company of Jew Bolshevik Commissars. Strange as it may sound.

What is now happening in Europe, is an all out attempt to inveigle a group of terrorists into all European countries, hidden amongst innocent immigrants, immigrants whom have been driven out of their homelands by NATO aggression, thereby building up a pretext to unleash a group of killers, as they have preciously done in Libya and Syria, whom will declench a form of Civil War, which will in fact be a war fought to bring Europe to its knees and begging for sympathy from their controlled leaders.

Nobody is posing the question as to why, the same Jews whom are calling for mass Muslim and Black, immigration into Europe, are building walls to keep non-Jews out of Israel. What do they know the we do not? What is more, why are we still, to this day, being bombarded with rubbish about events during World War Two?

How can it be that the United States, Britain and the rest of the combined Christian world, were unable to finance the war against the Germans, without billions of Pounds and Dollars from the Jew Bankers, while ISIS are able to carry out world-wide attacks, against the combined forces of the West, without any apparent financial problem whatsoever? This is a nonsense ISRUS, if you see what I mean.

What it is hard to make people understand, is just how easy it has been, to lay Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria to waste, using a mere handful of Mercenaries. These attacks were never intended to win any form of victory, that could have been achieved by calling off their Dogs of War, had our governments chosen to so do.  The idea of victory, was to be the destruction of the entire region, not to save the people. NATO is not fighting IS, it is only pretending to fight them, the real aim is to continue the destruction, thus making the region uninhabitable.

Should the same thing kick off in Europe, to where will White Christian Europeans flee? We are all in a trap, which will close around us as soon as we are weakened and helpless. History has not stopped, the same hidden hand which has already given us two world wars, still have control of every aspect of our lives and they have already promised a third world war.

It should be noted, that the League of Nations, which made the construction of Israel ‘legal,’ was itself a construct of the Zionists, which fell apart soon after, to be replaced by the United Nations yet another Zionist controlled institution, after the Second World War, after the Third World War, survivors will be confronted with the New World Government.

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