A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Has Your Inner Man Spoken To You Today?

It would appear that the perpetually fleeting moment, is all there is, everything else may have already occurred or perhaps, be about to occur, who knows?

Before I actually composed that sentence, my inner man had apparently, already composed it for me, meaning that I am in some way, simply the voice of my secret self.

Should that be so, it would appear that if we all have an inner controller, what is happening in that inner world and more importantly, how can we, in some way, counter the quite obvious control which that ‘universal’ inner world holds over this world?

That follow-up question was also composed, in advance, for me, however, I have just made certain changes, which slightly changed the sense of the response which I had already written. Was this my decision or his or more correctly ours,  who knows?

I have been aware of this phenomena for some time, as have been many other people, whom have become aware that we are actually no more than a form of transmitter for an unknown entity. The identity of that entity could well be a universal ‘spirit in the sky’ or a deliberately transmitted form of control, being used to confuse, the thought process of those whom pose a problem, for those whom seek total control of humanity, in their own selfish interest.

Whatever the reason behind this alleged control, it presents us all with a serious problem of ‘being.’ Where are we and what? As Dr Who may have asked during his everlasting life.

My inner thought, long ago suggested to me, that we are all asleep in a collective dream-state, under the control of a Captain, who holds the celestial microphone in his hand, through which his own ‘inner man’ is playing practical jokes on humanity, which must be true, according to my ‘special one,’ who is, I suppose, being controlled by his own ‘special one,’ which is a thought which only adds to the confusion.

The currently presented, sad reality, would suggest that the average European, would rather die, than stand up and speak out against the controlled invasion of White Christian Europe, by the uncontrolled birth-rate of the Muslim world, whom now have need of extra space, their own having been deliberately destroyed, by an unnecessary, onslaught of birth’s coupled with attacks by aggressive NATO forces.

These things do not happen by accident. What is being forced down the throats of the European Peoples, whom have never invaded any other country, despite what other people from Europe may have done, those whom have remained in Europe forever, cannot be blamed for the acts of others.

It is those innocent Europeans, whom now find themselves under attack, from those ‘invaders’ whom have ‘chosen’ to seek greater wealth in Europe. Whereas I am prepared to send aid to these people, I am in no way responsible for their plight. My own country is on the verge of becoming a Third World State, and yet there in no non-White Christian Country, who will feed, house and educate, huge numbers of my people, should they choose take to the rubber boats, they would be shipped to the nearest Christian Country and quickly sent back to their point of departure.

The Governments of Europe are allowing hysteria to build up against immigration from other member States of the European Union, while handing over the keys of the kingdom to Blacks from Africa, Moroccans and other Muslims, which gives an indication of the agenda to which freely elected politicians are grimly clinging, as a result of encouragement from an inner voice, I suppose.

To suggest that European governments are unable or incapable of stemming the massive influx of immigrants, particularly those from Africa, is a nonsense, these people are being ferried in and those operating the delivery system are being well paid for their trouble. There has been no significant effort, on the part of controlled politicians in Europe to stop this illegal criminal exploit, which will be disastrous for Europe. Some suggest it is already too late to undo the damage.

Just a cursory glance at the above clips reveals the same incidents being reported in different ways. The Italians suddenly morph into the Libyan Coastguard, whom bear a strong resemblance to a gang of thugs.

I could see no sign of a capsised Zodiac, all of those in the water appeared to be wearing life-jackets, there was no reason to swallow fuel or sea-water, and I do believe that Mark Stone, the man from Sky,  had told us that the petrol tank of the Zodiacs held just enough fuel for the five-mile trip out to the ferry.

The,’Coastguards’ were quite obviously there to recover the Zodiac and the life-jackets for next delivery.

This operation is so blatant, who could believe that British Security Services are not fully aware of what is going on? Do they lack an inner voice?


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