A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

These Are The Folk Whom Are Good For Europe? I Am Sure You Will Agree With That.


Being a totally racist idiot, I refuse to believe that those whom can behave in such a manner, as in the above video clip, whether it be the Bolshevik Jews, Daech, Attila the Hun or men from Darkest Africa, they should not be brought into European countries and used as a means of destroying us.

Just up the road from South Africa, in Rwanda, almost a million Blacks were clubbed to death by another Tribe of Blacks. In South Africa, the current Black population, are killing immigrants from other regions, of Africa, complaining that they are taking their jobs, demonstrating a total lack of understanding of their own hypocrisy about their current invasion of Europe looking for handouts. That, while at the same time, carrying out a rape every few minutes and murders far in excess of any other country, all as a result of getting rid of Whitey.

The Peoples of Europe are faced with a further problem, that of the conditioned response of the younger generation, who having been educated to self hate and whom are now feeling exhilarated by their willingness to invite uncontrolled numbers of Black immigrants into Europe, having failed to take note of the fact that the Black African, Bolshevik Leader of South Africa, has already armed and prepared the Black Africans,  to wipe out the remains of the White African, the very people whom built a beautiful homeland in Africa, while during the same period, the Blacks produced nothing of any worth.

They have however, in a mere twenty years,  transformed South Africa from a safe and pleasant land into a hell on earth, under the guidance of the Bolshevik Jew, Joe Slovo, with the injection of huge sums of cash, from Jew industrialists and bankers. Those same Bolsheviks are now turning their attention towards Europe and the USA.

Very soon there will be two billion people in Africa, are we expected to allow them all into Europe? African men, are living in some dystopian past, where they eat parts of people, after torturing them to death, as in Liberia, do we want that sort of thing in our midst?



In the United States, Black men are responsible for tens of thousands of rapes and a totally disproportionate number of murders of both Blacks and Whites. The statistics in Europe are similar but are played down. That being so, who in their right mind would ship thousands of these people into Europe? We should not be swayed in our thinking because we happen to know a nice Black Man, we need to spend a while looking at the over-all picture before being lured into a hell on earth.





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