A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

German Youth Resistance To Globalisation In Hamburg


I love the rhetoric, which spews from the mouths of those like Merkel, claiming that this form of violence is disgusting in a democratic State, when in fact, it is exactly this sort of mindless violence, which Merkel encourages, when it is carried out by the Bolshevik Jews in Israel, whom employ such methods against the people of Gaza and the West Bank, when in fact she funds the violence of the Jews, which I suppose is only to be expected, as she is herself a Jew.

Merkel is a cynical hypocrite, as are the rest of the attendees at this G20 waste of time, who calmly ignore the plight of the innocent people in the lands which they have so eagerly laid to waste in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Merkel is now called the “Leader” of the European Union, which is fitting, as she heads the German Government, which has itself been under the control of Jews ever since the Jews from Russia, under Stalin, laid Germany to waste, during World War Two.

Her Government in Germany, are responsible for the ongoing immigrant crisis in Europe, which was announced in the European Parliament, by a Jew called Timmermans, long before the Jew funded immigrants strode on to the waiting Ferry-Boats, for the voyage to Europe. She did exactly what she was instructed to do.

There have been no mistakes made during the destruction of the Middle East and now, of the mass immigration into Europe, by mainly Black youths from Africa and a tiny number of real refugees from the Middle East itself. Everything is going according to plan and Merkel and all of the other controlled characters at the G20 are fully aware of the intended bleak future for Europe.



     Wanted: ForBlatant  Calls For A White Genocide In Europe Or War? 





Merkel herself as did David Cameron, admit that multiculturalism does not work. When all else fails, religious differences are used to provoke unrest, even amongst those of the same culture, as in Ulster and now amongst Sunni and Shiite Muslims. Not to mention those whom are responsible for the forced mixing of Races, the Zionist/Bolshevik/Jews and their lackeys,’ whom while they are themselves,infesting Christian countries, they hypocritically want to resist any immigration into Israel, apart that is of Jews, not Black ones of course  So what is going on?

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