A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

A Blatant Failed False Flag Attack Mounted By The Bankers Deep State

I am sure that the British and American people, can be proud of the huge number of elected politicians, in both countries, whom consider themselves to be ‘friends’ of the cold-blooded scum, whom were prepared to carry out this attack, against a vessel of the United States, in order to implicate Egypt, as justification to then destroy Egypt and allow, Israel to take control of the Suez Canal, after the failure of the British attempt to do the same thing in 1956, without the slightest regard for the death of the crew of the USS Liberty.

The international support bestowed on Israel, by the various, ‘controlled’ Western governments, whom have chosen to ignore this massive War Crime, their part in which, they are all most certainly covering up, should be a wake up call to all those whom choose to ignore, how contrived events in the Sudetenland, were used in a similar fashion, to force Germany into World War Two. Never let us forget the famous words of Winston Churchill, “We will force Hitler into this war, whether he wants it or not.”

A French politician Roland Dumas, was asked by the British, two years before the British funded ‘terrorists’ were unleashed in Syria, whether France would be prepared to lend a hand. That is the measure of what is going on behind the backs of the Peoples of Europe and the United States.



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