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Mind Control: Does It Take Marijuana To Control The Sheep?




This idea of legalising the planting of a wild plant, is weird enough in itself, however it is also demonstrative of the cowed down reality, of the vast majority of people, whom having had no experience whatsoever of marijuana, have been in full support of the banning of this innocent wild herb and have supported the gaoling of their children should they be caught smoking it.

So having conditioned the man and others in the street, to believe it to be responsible for whatever crime may spring to mind, why has it suddenly, become acceptable, to legalise it?

My suspicion is, having watched the interesting above video clip, that the seeds are more than likely to be genetically modified, thus becoming the property of Monsanto. ‘Legalise’ should mean, available for public use, when it is a ‘freedom,’ surrounded by fences with no doubt several levels of taxes already calculated, which will be slapped on its use, it is destined, like alcohol, tobacco and Big Pharma drugs, to fall into the hands of the ‘Big Boys’ whom are then free to add whatever hidden ingredient they so choose, while raking in the dough.

I have recently become interested in the increasing number of accusations, which appear to arrive out of the blue, without the slightest sign of evidence, against Adolf Hitler and the German people. If like me, you start to think along the lines of, marijuana bad, Moon Landings real, Gadaffi bad, Churchill good and all that stuff which is passed as unquestionable truth, until you arrive at the claim that Hitler, amongst all of his other crimes, ordered that all male dogs should have one of their back legs amputated, so that they could not piss against trees, which should surely wake up the tosh detector in most people brains. Sadly, til the end of time, Hitler is destined to be labelled as the most brutal Dictator in World History.

Hot on his heels, comes the Japanese, whom have also been lambasted with claims of brutal crimes against the Chinese and others. The Japs are accused of the usual nonsense like pressurising people until their eyes pop out and other such nonsense, which is corroborated with tales of Mengele in Auschwitz as evidence of the cruelty of the Axis Forces,in Europe, while of course the ‘Allies’ mainly under the control of Jews, fought a dignified war and obeyed all of the Rules of War, which forbade torture and the deliberate killing of civilians, which in Europe alone accounted for more than twenty million civilian deaths at the hands of the various Allied Air-forces.

Even in friendly France, the Allied Bombers managed to kill 65 thousand French people during D-Day, and many more seriously injured, with more than a million people left homeless. The French retaliated, by shortly after the end of hostilities, starving thousands of German Prisoners of War to death, while the Swedish Jew, Eisenhower changed the status of Prisoner of War to that of unarmed enemy combatant, or some such crap, as an excuse to starve one and a half million German prisoners to death, this even as the horrific rape and killing of the German people and others, was gathering speed.

None of these Russian crimes are ever mentioned in isolation, they are all automatically linked to claims made against the Germans. We are expected to accept that at the same moment in history, Europe was jam-packed with brutal leaders, whom one and all just happened to be doing the same brutal things.

Closer inspection leads to a very different reality, that of the collusion of the West, that is the United States and Britain, in the Bolshevik coup d’etat in Russia in 1917 and their knowledge of what was taking place, after the murder of the Tzar and his family. It has already been understood that Lenin, would not have dared to murder the Tzar, without the approval of the City of London.

A religious British man, Malcolm Muggeridge, visited Russia and was appalled at what he found there, even as International World Jewry, which controlled Russia, was organising the war against Germany.

After the end of World War Two, the Allies and Russia maintained a monopoly of brutality and slaughter, which continued in Korea, where yet another barbaric war was being generated, which was under the control of the United Nations, which was itself under the control of International Jewry, which was pitting itself against the latest member of the Bolshevik Stable, China, where yet another Bolshevik coup d’etat had been initiated, which involved the use of armaments, which the British and Americans had provided to Stalin, to fight Hitler. So can you figure out exactly who was fighting whom and to what purpose?

Korea suffered all of the same type of atrocities, of which Hitler had been blamed, during the recently fought war, without anyone around to carry the can, which was overflowing with the blood of innocent civilians, whom were actually machine-gunned to death by the United Nations Forces. With no Hitler to blame and no excuse at hand, it was plain murder. Korea, we are being told, now has a crazy Dictator. No Shit!

So having arrived at this point, it has become clear that we are under the control of a group of accomplished liars with many things to conceal, which is why the sudden ‘liberal’ decision legalise ‘pot’ needs to be swallowed like a spoonful of Castor Oil.

These things do not happen for no reason. Perhaps the fact that drug running and is in the hands of the various Intelligence organisations, such as the CIA and Mossad, suggesting that as a huge number of Americans and Europeans, have allowed themselves to become addicted to miracle medical drugs, all of which contain the magic, addictive ingredients, Cocaine or Opium/Heroin,making the expensive illegal variety unnecessary, the drug companies now want control of the most innocent of all illegal drugs, in order to use it to pacify the groups of people whom refuse to conform.

Perloff, in the above clip, refers to the Korean War, as a ‘very strange war’ when in fact there was nothing at all strange about it, the build-up to the ‘domino effect’ was being generated in Asia, where the West were supposedly in fear of the spread of Communism, which they had in fact funded in Russia, China and had attempted to impose in Spain and Germany, without success. The fact that the British were prepared to fight alongside the blood-thirsty Stalin, to destroy Germany, using Bolshevik style lies to justify their aggression, in a war declared by Bolshevik Jews, is evidence enough that the West has been a pillar of support for International Jewry’s aim of World domination, during the past hundred years.

The ability of the White Christian people, to obstruct the aims of Bolshevik Communism, was deliberately undermined in 1914, when the White Christian youth of Europe was decimated as was the White Christian youth of Russia from 1917 until 1989.

The Second World Cull, kicked off a mere twenty years after the previous war and once again White Christian People were the main target. We Whites have been duped by Democracy.




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