A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

White People Have At Last Found Their Voice. We Whites Matter.

Robert E. Lee was the South’s leading General. Not only had he freed the slaves under his control, but also he had declared that slavery was “a moral and political evil.” It was his view that “the best men in the South” opposed the system, and that they would welcome a sane movement to be rid of it. He was convinced that, in time, “the mild and melting influence of Christianity”, rather than war, would solve the problem.

Stonewall Jackson agreed with Lee’s view. He wished to see the shackles struck from every slave.

So, clearly, these great leaders of the Confederates were not fighting to retain a system, which they hated.

These are the facts, so why does Sky News tell us that General Robert E Lee fought the American Civil War, in order to retain slavery?

They also used the term ‘White Supremacist’ several times, to vilify and thus deny the White people of the South, the right to retain the statue of one of their heroes from the past.

When the Hindus in Great? Britain demand the destruction of the statue of the mass murdering, puppet of the bankers, Winston Churchill, the drunken fool, who allowed himself to be used as the means to start the Second World War, in furtherance of which, he quite deliberately starved millions of Bengali people to death, will the bankers mouth-piece, Sky News, refer to the duped, protesting, British Patriots, as White Supremacists?



To have aired the view that Robert E Lee fought in support of slavery, must have been a view supplied to the Sky News fake journalist by a Black Supremacist, ‘legally’ protesting in favour of the destruction of White History in the Southern States and to make the remark that the Alt-Right protestors were demanding the ‘right to be racist’ is disgusting, the Blacks are the Racists along with their financiers the Jews.

Sky News, even during the Sunday Newspaper Review, continued the slurs against the White demonstrators in the USA, using the terms Fascist, Nazi, Racist and Bigot without restraint, while ignoring the Black Supremacists, who infer that the Blacks are being attacked by Whites, when in actual fact they are murdering themselves in huge numbers.

Why no Black Demonstrations in support of the persecuted White people in South Africa, where the real Racist slaughters are taking place. A now Black State,  where the Blacks have already murdered almost as many Whites as they have in The United States. I suppose those White Lives do not matter.

Even those Blacks, whom are all apparently innocent, whom have been killed by the Police, half of them have been killed by Black Police, a fact which is never reported by Sky News, where the rhetoric, against any White man who stands up, crying out, enough is enough, is relentless.


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