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Slave Trade Myths And Lies

Buddy Silver comment on youtube




Slavery is a bad thing that happened to Black people in America before the Civil War.


Black slavery in America was pretty bad, but it wasn’t anything special. Throughout history, every color of the rainbow has owned slaves and been enslaved. The dictionary tells us that the root word of “slave” is “Slav,” because Slavic peoples—who are REALLY pale and white—were the primary slave population throughout the Middle Ages. And though your teachers will never tell you this, there have been long stretches of history where AFRICANS have owned WHITE people as slaves! How do you like THEM apples? The empire of Carthage transported WHITE slaves to Africa. The African Moors ruled Spain for 500 years and sent WHITE Christian slaves to Egypt. And poor, defenseless WHITE kids were kidnapped by Muslims during the Children’s Crusade and sold into Egyptian slavery.


White European Christians were solely responsible for the African Slave Trade.



BLACKS: The president of an African country called Benin recently apologized to American blacks for his country’s role in the slave trade. Slavery was common throughout Africa, with entire tribes becoming enslaved after losing battles. Tribal chieftains often sold their defeated foes to white slave-traders. In the late 1700s, a freed black American slave named Ottobah Cugoano wrote,

“I was first kidnapped and betrayed by my own complexion, who were the first cause of my exile and slavery.”

ARABS: The word “Abed” means “slave” in Arabic. It also means “black.” The “Holy Land” of the Middle East has hosted far more African slaves than North America ever did. MUHAMMAD OWNED & SOLD BLACK SLAVES

Muhammad owned several black slaves. Muslim scholar Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya relies heavily on the prophet’s biographies written by great early Islamic scholars. He is regarded by Muslims as an authority, a primary source and a leader amongst Islamic scholars. He tells us in his book, “Zad al-Ma’ad” (part 1, pp. 114-116), the following:

“These are the names of Muhammad’s male slaves: Yakan Abu Sharh, Aflah, ‘Ubayd, Dhakwan, Tahman, Mirwan, Hunayn, Sanad, Fadala Yamamin, Anjasha al-Hadi, Mad’am, Karkara, Abu Rafi’, Thawban, Ab Kabsha, Salih, Rabah, Yara Nubyan, Fadila, Waqid, Mabur, Abu Waqid, Kasam, Abu’ Ayb, Abu Muwayhiba, Zayd Ibn Haritha, and also a black slave called Mahran.”

JEWS: The oldest synagogue in America was built by Aaron Lopez, a Jewish slave trader. Jewish writers such as Cecil Roth, Wilfred Samuels, Seymour B. Liebman, and Moshe Kahan acknowledge that Jews were involved in all levels of the African slave trade. The traditional daily reminder of slavery and the supposed fact that thousands of years ago Jews were held in bondage is all the more peculiar when one tries to imagine what thoughts went through the minds of the many Jewish slave traders throughout history, merchants who were instrumental even in the slave trading of Europeans. These are the words of James Parkes, a respected philosemitic scholar, extremely sympathetic to Jews in his many volumes about their history:

“In the period from the fifth to eight centuries [Jews] gradually took the place previously occupied by the Syrians as ‘international’ traders; and they continued, and perhaps, developed, the trade in slaves.” [PARKES, p. 17]

“While the Jews were… never… the only traders, it is possible that the slave trade through north-eastern Europe to the Slav countries and the land trades to the East were for practical purposes Jewish monopolies. ” [PARKES, p. 25]

“It would appear that Jews had little difficulty in obtaining slaves in the eastern provinces of the empire and Poland, in spite of the protection which acceptance of Christianity in those regions should have given the inhabitants. References to this traffic in Christian slaves are not infrequent”. [PARKES, p. 45]

“The evidence is thus enough to show that the Church possessed a genuine grievance against the section of the Jewish population involved in the slave trade. But the misdeeds of slave traders did not cease at the purchase of Christians in Eastern Europe. Agobard quotes cases — and there is no reason to refute his evidence — of the theft of children in France for sale to the Moors of Spain; and a chronicler of the middle of the tenth century brings an even more unpleasant story of the castration of boys in eastern France for their sale as eunuchs to the Moorish harems, a trade which was, apparently, extremely profitable.” [PARKES, p. 46]

In fact, WHITE Christians were the first group to make a concerted effort to ABOLISH slavery.


America’s an uniquely evil place because it imported all those slaves from Africa.


Of the 10 to 15 million Africans who were transplanted to the New World, no more than 6 % — around 400,000 — went to the Northern Hemisphere. Almost all of them went to South America, but you don’t see your teachers giving Brazil a hard time, do you?


Most Whites owned Black Slaves, so every White person shares guilt for American Slavery.


Blacks were never close to a majority in America, so it’s mathematically impossible for most WHITES to have owned BLACK SLAVES. At the peak of Black slavery in the South, only 6% of Southern WHITES owned slaves. If you include the WHITE people in the North, it means that only 1.4% of WHITE Americans owned BLACK SLAVES at the HEIGHT of slavery.

Jews were 200% more likely to own Black Slaves than Whites. Jews were primary Black Slave owners in America.


Blacks never owned slaves in America.


An estimated 3,000 BLACKS owned a total of 20,000 BLACK SLAVES in the year 1860. One study concluded that 28% of free BLACKS owned slaves, which is a far higher percentage than that of free WHITES who owned slaves.


There were no White Slaves in America.


Although your textbooks are silent about it, most historians agree that two-thirds of ALL WHITES came to the colonies in some form of bondage. Legal papers on both sides of the ocean referred to them as “slaves.” WHITE SLAVES outnumbered BLACK SLAVES in America throughout the 1600s.


White “indentured Servants” chose to come to America and weren’t treated as badly as Black Slaves.


Hundreds of thousands of WHITE SLAVES were kidnapped and brought to America; their middle-passage death rates were comparable to those of BLACK SLAVES; they were sold at auction and traded for livestock, they were routinely beaten—sometimes to death—and an estimated one half of them died before gaining freedom. It’s possible that more WHITES came to America against their will than BLACKS. Historians from both ends of the political spectrum say that WHITE SLAVES were treated worse than BLACK SLAVES.


England only sent convict laborers to Australia.


England only started sending convicts to Australia in 1776— when the American Revolution made it impossible for them to continue sending their convicts here. By 1776, more than 50,000 convict slave laborers had already been sent to America. That’s a lot of criminals!



In this strange modern world, in which we now find ourselves, the Slave Traders, whom were mainly Jews, are now claiming that the slave trade was in some way controlled by White Christians, when in fact only a tiny number of White people had any slaves, while a huge number of the Jews made use of slaves and were therefore responsible for most of the alleged mistreatment of those slaves.

Making full use of the controlled world-wide media, those slave-owning Jews are now financing bought and paid for Black leaders, to take to the streets of the United States, under the banner “Black Lives Matter” in an attempt to further undermine the generosity of White people, whom have actually paid for the excellent quality of life, enjoyed by the descendents of those slaves, who were in fact given their freedom as a result of White Christian pressure.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the same clique of Jews, whom having used the Great War as a means of slaughtering millions of those White Christian, European youngsters, did, while crouching behind the cover of that war, massacre millions of Christians in Russia, after a coup d’etat, which they call a revolution and then declared war on the Christian people of Germany, twenty million of whom were brutally tortured and murdered in an animalistic fashion.

Russia, which throughout most of my life was an atheistic State, in which religion was suppressed, is now supposedly, once more a Christian country, under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, however, Russia Today, the “voice of truth and reason” standing up for “True News” is experiencing a slight degree of difficulty in facing up to the dark past of the Soviet Union.

Max Keiser, the man who tells it like it is, in the world of high finance, still refers to what the Russians call “The Great Patriotic War” against Germany, in a manner which continues the fable of the brutality of the Germans, while at the same time totally ignoring the monumental crimes of the Jew Soviets. I was gob-smacked, as they say, while listening to Max deliver the following statement, on Russia Today;

As a regular listener to Russia Today, I have, along with others heard the News presenters and talk-show host, giggling away at the exposure of the Western Medias use of what has become known as Fake News and Donald Trump exposing the lies of CNN and others, so imagine my surprise when Max, a ‘trusted’ voice, presented the above nonsense, it calls into question RT’s objection to being called the ‘Bull-Horn of Russian Propaganda’ by the likes of John Kerry.

RT also recently replayed a documentary about the discovery of a bundle of letters, which were apparently written by a member of the family of the RT News Team’s, Paula Slier, the Jew who is RT’s correspondent in Israel, from where we are expected to believe, she delivers the unbiased truth.

So for a journalist to allow herself to be used in what can only be described as total garbage, in a manner suggestive of the worst kind of ‘crisis acting’ is to say the least, slightly disconcerting and as far as I am concerned calls into question the validity of her reporting.

Take note of how Slier, calmly transformed thousands are dying – most probably, from typhus – into gassed, while making no mention of the fact that the letters were written and delivered to the home address of the camp inmates, which in itself suggests that they had not been killed the moment they arrived and yet they failed to talk of any ongoing mass genocide.

In view of the conservative number, of sixty-five-million Christians whom were murdered in Russia, it is slightly strange to find that the now ‘free’ Russian government, is prepared to spend so much time reinforcing the claims of the Jews, while maintaining a total silence about the Jew massacres of the Christians. The Russian stance is in lock-step with the Jew version of history, which includes the building of a ‘false’ gas chamber at Auschwitz, after the war, where Paula Slier, is claiming her family perished.


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