A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

International Black Savagery Against Whites.

78,000 White Christians Killed By Black Savages In South Africa, How many deaths does it take before sanctions are imposed against the Black Apartheid Government?

The appalling level of Black Racism, in South Africa, which is being ignored by the Western Media, which is busy reminding us Whites of our alleged bad treatment of Blacks, in past times, wild claims which have now become a veritable witch hunt against White people, orchestrated by the Jew controlled media and voiced by Jew academics in Universities in the United States and even by Jew politicians in the European Parliament, while the savage crimes of Black people are being totally ignored, when in fact they are behaving like barbarians, not only in Africa but in the United States, where a small number of Blacks are responsible for most of the murders and rapes which have become a part of daily life. Blacks have even introduced torture and dismemberment into their murders of Whites, in the civilised United States.


The agenda demands that we should consider these Black savages, when caught and found guilty, to have been imprisoned, for being Black and not for the disgusting crimes for which they have been convicted. It is almost at the point where it is becoming a racist act to even mention the depth of depravity of some of these crimes. Little children being tortured to death with blow-lamps by Black women and handicapped boys tortured and taunted live on Facebook.




In South Africa, the true depth of savagery of the Blacks, whom are raping babies in front of their parents and women in front of their husbands, before murdering them all, is being totally ignored in the West, which back in the day, told a totally distorted tale of events in South Africa, when it was under White control, in order to justify the imposition of sanctions against the Whites, where are the sanctions against the Blacks, or are they free to murder Whites with impunity?




Who gives a shit about whether these poor, while well cared for, American Blacks, get upset by statues, while ignoring crime statistics which are beyond anything which they suffered at the hands of Whites, there is no Affirmative Action for the White minority in South Africa, quite the opposite in fact, Whites come the bottom of the heap every time. No Obamacare for them. While this is what Black Lives Matter demand of Whites:


The Blacks have come to believe some fairy-tale of their own innocence in past and current atrocities, when one need look no further than the Congo or Rwanda, to see of what the Blacks are capable, when left to their own devices. They are now being left to their own devices in South Africa.

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