A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Wake Up In Any Epoch And You Will Find The Same Problem- Psychopaths.



My earliest memories are ones of Santa Claus and Jesus Christ, the Son of God, coming down to Earth to save us. I was never quite sure as from what he was going to save me, anymore than I understood from where Santa was coming and as to why he gave other kids far more than he ever gave to me.

As time goes by, you come to understand that whether Jesus Christ, who claimed to have been sent by his Father, not by a bearded God, sitting in a big chair, to save us, was a supernatural being or not, his message was a good one. No fault can be found in his plea to ‘love thy neighbour.’

As for Santa Claus, as a school-boy, the original choice, to dress up as Santa, to give the school kids a little present after the Christmas school dinner, was unavailable, the thug of a headmaster, suggested that I should do it. None of the kids thought it was really Santa, but I could see them all trying to figure out who it was, lurking behind the big white beard, as I put on my Santa voice and called out the name written on the parcel.

None of us realised at the time, that we were being introduced to the form of deception, which would plague us for the rest of our lives. Speaking for myself, when confronted with evermore evidence of the lies, with which I have been indoctrinated, I get that strange empty feeling in the stomach, worrying about whether there is anything at all in which I can place my trust. The older I get, the more I realise, that whether it be a good thing or not, to love your neighbour, it is always best never to turn your back on him. History has at least made that much clear.

The same goes for organised religion, which is a construct of our ‘Rulers,’ the Romans took control of Christianity, and we are lead to believe that the Ruler of Arabia, Mohammed himself wrote the Koran, while the Devil was scribbling the Talmud alongside him.

Any investigation into past events, inevitably leads to the blind ally of the ‘two sides of the story,’ position, which in fact, denies the very existence of truth, while making use of the religious term, of Faith instead, to close down the inquisitive.

The ‘take my word for it’ approach, is no more than being shut down by a know all. Even when some folk are presented with strong evidence, which denies the popular position, whether it upsets traditionalists or not, they refuse to so much as look at the evidence, which paints you into a corner and dismisses your opinion as mere speculation, they are too dumb to notice that their own ‘belief’ is no better placed.

The problem being, in a house of cards, one need only disturb one card and the whole structure comes tumbling down but only for certain people, the rest feel more comfortable in the accepted mode of belief, which is the barrier to change, for them the concept of a house of cards, leans nothing.

I believe that for many people, the Internet, which was intended to be used to control us all, has outwitted those whom desire to impose this control, by blowing a breath of fresh air on one of the cards, causing a relatively slow-motion collapse of the long accepted view of the past.

So many lies have now been exposed by our access to the knowledge of those others, whom have been gagged for so long,  by a controlled media, that we are at a modern-day ‘Tower of Babel’ moment, in which diversity, will once again impose its beauty on humanity, and defeat the aims of the ‘homogenisers’ and their desire for a nondescript population of dumbed down serfs, all using an imposed language, while our history will once more be fictionalised in their favour. Be sure there are already moves afoot to restrict the World Wide Web to provide more governmentally ‘approved’ knowledge.

We are quite patently living in the midst of a vast, forgotten civilisation, the presence of which we have been educated to ignore. So-called experts, have attempted to convince us that the incredibly, beautifully carved statues in Egypt, which are as smooth as a baby’s bottom, were hacked out of granite using only rocks as chisels, with which they pummelled the granite, to create sculptures, of such beauty and of a quality, which we are still incapable repeating, without the use of laser technology.








There is mounting evidence that the most extraordinary features, of what we refer to as having been constructed by one Egyptian dynasty or another, actually predates the Pharaohs, by many centuries, that the vestiges are actually the creation of an ancient civilisation, knowledge of which we have been quite deliberately denied.

One or other of the four great civilisations, of recorded history, Babylon, Rome, Greece and Egypt, are sure to have found relevant records of what went on before they arrived on the scene.

All of those ‘Empires’ found themselves living in the ruins of the other. The Egyptians left behind them a mountain of information, as did the Sumerians, information which has been deciphered by those with an interest in keeping for themselves, the most important features of these records.

When I was a lad at school, I read the story of the Kon Tiki, I was intrigued by the similarity of some of the stone-work on the lost Easter Island, which was so similar to that which I had seen in photographs of Egyptian constructions, that I found it hard to believe that there had been no collusion between those whom had built this stonework.


The extraordinarily clean-cut stone at the bottom is the example from Easter Island.




It is becoming clearer by the day, that there are in fact, more examples of the constructs, of the most ancient Lost Empire than of all of the later dynasty’s of Sumer, Egypt, Greece and Rome combined, which have been totally ignored by modern historians.

While we are being fed, right now, claims of ‘Peak Oil’ which apparently formed as a result of rotting dinosaur pooh and ‘Man-Made Climate Change’, based on information which is being provided by those with a vested interest in deception and the introduction of a Tax which will ‘Save the Planet’. University lecturers are content to allow such garbage to be presented as being truthful and educational.

Private investigators, are discovering thousands of ancient artifacts, including pyramids and underground cities on every continent, with evidence which proves that we have been quite deliberately deceived for centuries but they are being silenced by the current group of schemers, whom have themselves, grandiose ideas of constructing a World Empire, an aim of which they are so fond of accusing their greatest enemy Adolf Hitler, to have been intent on constructing. To solve this problem, they completely destroyed Hitler and are even now attempting to wipe out all remaining trace of his people.

Right in the middle of the era of the Roman Empire, a man, now called Jesus Christ, appeared on the scene and immediately set about chastising the ‘Money Lenders’ in the Temple.

The history of this man has been added to an ancient history book, called The Bible, a book which has been seized by an itinerant group of thieves, as ‘their’ history. There is not a trace of evidence that they are in any way connected to the history recorded in the Bible.

Indeed many of the claims which the Jews have made, such as their Exodus from Egypt and their subsequent wanderings, until the day ‘God’ gave them Palestine, were totally false and that whoever did leave Egypt at that time, it was most certainly not them, there being absolutely no record, of them ever having been in Egypt,  in Egyptian records, so the identity of those people, remains a mystery.

The followers of Jesus Christ, have been hunted down like dogs, throughout the Centuries following his appearance in the Middle East. There have been desperate attempts made to silence those whom preached certain forbidden beliefs. The spiritual beliefs of the Cathars, proved to be unacceptable to Rome, which was already controlled by heathens. They ordered the total massacre of the Cathars’ in the south of France. The Knights Templar suffered exactly the same fate. Later, after the reformation, the Protestants and Catholics were set against one another.

Carthage is a prime example of taking at face value the offers of the powerful Empire of Rome and so they calmly handed over their weapons and many hostages as a guarantee that they would keep their word, only to find that whomsoever spoke for Rome, could not themselves be trusted. Like certain modern States, Carthage was quickly destroyed and like many States in the Middle East today, was completely flattened, as if by a ‘Atomic Bomb’, having handed over their own weapons

The history of the period of Carthage is vague, much of it recorded by a certain Cato the Elder, a citizen of Rome, a man who sensed that Rome was becoming infected with a certain philosophy which had been introduced by certain supporters of Greek philosophers, whom he did not trust. He believed them to be undermining the philosophy which had made Rome Great and set about having them deported.

As for Carthage, having been defeated, during one of the Punic Wars, they were forced to pay reparations to Rome and were stripped of all of their Colonies and thrown into desperate times, when out of the blue came Hannibal, who immediately introduced all of the necessary economic changes, which inspired the resurrection of the economy of Carthage, allowing the possibility of paying off immediately, the war reparations demanded by Rome. Rome of course refused the offer, which made a Third Punic war necessary.

All of this nonsense begs the question, as to who or whom was actually controlling events back then? These days we are constantly being told, after a brutal attack, which achieved the ‘desired’ result, which did correspond, in any way with the claimed aim of the attack, quickly followed by a similar attack against another ‘enemy’, which delivered the same catastrophic result for the targeted people, by those, whom claimed to ‘have learned nothing from their previous ‘mistakes.’ It would appear, that this lack of learning from past mistakes goes back a long way.

However, of one thing we can be sure, the ‘Big Boys’ are always the ‘Good Guys’ so we are told, and even today to question this notion is rapidly becoming a criminal offence.

The pertinent question for today’s generation, should be ‘is there currently, any group, which is desirous of setting up their own World Wide Empire and if so, are we prepared to bow down to these psychopaths, or should we be looking for another Hannibal, if you see where I am going?

Cato believed that Rome was being undermined, through the use of certain destructive philosophies. That notion should set alarm bells ringing all across the civilised world, which should by now be able to live in peace were it not for certain kinds of interference.

The deliberate introduction of devious philosophies, one of which is encouraging children into the belief that male and female genders are not a natural situation for human beings, frightening very young children into the belief that they could suddenly change from one sex to the other, is totally destructive.

What sort of mentality is allowing this rubbish to continue? I would have been appalled should any creature, with the responsibility of taking care of any of my children, had explained to them at five years of age, that it is normal to attempt to alter your sex, I would have raised hell in response,  while todays single mother families, appear to be onboard with this nonsense, women having themselves been convinced that they themselves, can replace men.

Cato, in Roman times, was aware of the encroachment of such nonsense into the Roman way of life, he was opposed to all of the licentious sexuality of the Roman Senate, preferring a more dignified life-style.

What we now see happening around us in the modern world, lacks only one of the World’s Leaders, marrying a horse, to finish off this picture of depravity, we will then find ourselves, in modern Europe, living in an exact copy of the latter days of the Roman Empire.

In the Berlin of the inter-war years, which was an abomination of filth, where mothers and daughters together, sold their bodies on the streets. Where virtually every homosexual from the United States and Europe had set-up camp, with hard sex show theatres on every street, it took Hitler no time at all to put a stop to that nonsense and managed to introduce the young of Germany to a more ‘heroic’ vision of their country.

Hitler’s Germany did of course find itself up against the same hard place as had Hannibal and Carthage, for exactly the same reasons, in order to retain world trade firmly in the grip of the Roman businessmen, which Churchill explained, was the same reason, as to why Germany and Japan had been destroyed, to create a bigger market for the UK and USA. The question being, all of this, under orders from whom?

In South America, where the ruins of past times are everywhere, there have already been several groups, Incas or Aztecs or whatever,  which have made use of these relics of the past, to entertain the locals with spectacles which included eating babies, drinking blood and eating the still beating heart, ripped from the breast of a young virgin, we are almost there I fear and not yet a word from the huddled masses.

Very soon the news will be announced from South Africa, that the ‘White’ problem has been solved, from the barrel of a gun, while the ‘Whites’ in the States are out in the streets screaming that Black Lives Matter, when their own young women are 33,000 times more likely to be raped by one of those Blacks whose life matters, than Black women are likely to be raped by a White man. In South Africa Whites are raped and murdered on a daily basis.

We Whites in Europe, now find ourselves caught in a cross-fire, of belligerent Blacks, being brought in from Sub-Saharan Africa by the tens of thousands and Muslims from the Middle East, whom have been driven from their homes by War Criminals, under the control of Jews, whom have the intention of setting up the Capital of their New World Order in the captured territory.

Europe already has its back to the wall and it is evident that any hope that people will wake up and see what is being done to them, with the connivance of politicians of all Parties’, is a forlorn hope, most people are apparently already brain-dead.

With the blood in the streets of Russia, Germany, China, Vietnam and many other places, hardly dry in the gutters, the Peoples of Europe strangely believe it will not happen to them, ignoring the fact that ‘Our Boys’ are quite deliberately, even now,  bombing homes in Syria and Iraq, knowing that they are murdering the very people they claim to be saving. When the time comes there will be many people prepared to do the same thing to Europe.


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