A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The French Get Fooled Again By A Blithering Idiot.

I was surprised on reading certain interpretations of the reasons as to why the French people voted for Emmanuel Macron in the recent French election. It has been claimed that ever since Jacques Chirac slipped into his dreams, France has inexplicably voted two idiots, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande, into power. Having come to terms with these mistakes, we are told, that the French people, chose Macron because he was considered to be young enough and eminently capable of reinvigorating a fading French importance in Europe. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Should anyone seek a French voter, prepared to tell the truth about the direction in which they cast their vote, in the last Presidential election, they would be immediately surprised at the shortage of anyone who was prepared to admit to having voted for Macron.

Most French people are fully aware that Macron was the Bankers choice. Another political candidate, the Peoples first choice, François Fillon, was smeared by a Banker friendly newspaper, Le Canard Enchainé and was cast aside, clearing the way for a Macron-Le Pen run off.

When the vote was finally rigged against Le Pen, nobody was surprised, all of the French fully understood, that as they say, ‘If a donkey had been standing in opposition to Le Pen, the donkey would have won.’

Macron immediately set about agreeing to swamp France with hundreds of thousands of Maghrebian, by agreeing with Algerian politicians, to build a political ‘bridge’ to France to facilitate this influx. The French people are aghast at this suggestion, in a country where there are already, more than thirteen million unemployed workers, and thousands of people sleeping in the streets.



Not too long ago, to have mentioned the number of immigrants arriving in France, attracted cries of Racist or Fascist but not any more, the French people have finally realised that charity must start at home. They are now totally opposed to accepting any more of Merkel’s millions of immigrants as a quota, into France, it remains to be seen what Macron will now propose.

Sky News reported on a ‘text-book example of the ethnic cleansing’, of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, failing to mention the even more barbaric ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Palestine or indeed of the ethnic cleansing of White people, in South Africa by Bolshevik controlled Blacks. Perhaps Britain could persuade Saudi Arabia to accept the fleeing Rohingya Muslims and the United Kingdom could well invite the White Christians, under threat in South Africa into the UK.

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