A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Great Victory Of Feminism Over Common Sense.

Kate Millett, a ‘feminist’ who was said to have been responsible for convincing women, that the only way to fulfill themselves was to join the ‘rat-race,’ has died. She was in the vanguard of those whom set about destroying the family unit. She lived long enough to see the total success of her efforts. Her ‘feminism’ was the model for all of the ‘ism’s’ from which we are now suffering, including the ‘women’s health’ issue, abortion on demand.

The very premise of the term ‘feminist’ which is used as a slur against men, whom, it has been decided, have always ‘had it better’ than women, is insulting. No exceptions are made, all men are firmly placed in the same corral, while all women are therefore, in some way, victims of men.

Like the term ‘Women’s Lib,’ liberated from what, one might ask, the dreary business of having children to look after, I suppose? Is any career of more importance than that? The women whom do take care of children, while the liberated mothers sit behind a cash-register, call it a career, of which they are proud.

I was a single father with children for many years, and my first discovery, having been ‘liberated’ was how easy it was to get all the housework done, make the beds and prepare a meal in the oven, regulated to switch on, a while before the children came home from school, so that they were greeted by the smell of cooking when they walked in the door, all before I went off to work. It was no hassle at all. Work, on the other hand, was a pain in the arse. I managed all that despite being a man, i.e. a total bastard.

We are now being told that White women are destined to become the ‘property’ of Black or Muslim man, with the express aim of breeding the White Race out of existence, they will have no choice, this has all been decided for them by a pack of Jews.

Women will of course be totally unaware of this grim near future, that would demand a degree of awareness of what is happening around them, which would reduce the time available to take care of more important matters, like the brand name on their hand-bag.

At a time when they should be going out of their way to produce the next generation of White European children, women are instead demanding their right, as a matter of women’s health,’ to abort, at will, any unwanted baby, without a care for the future.

This situation could be referred to as the last battle to destroy the European White Race and it was won with ease, by simply giving young women, the right to an unbridled sex life and the joy of vomiting in the gutter on a Friday night, all of which is now irreversible.

Fraulein in Germany, whom were already frolicking around with GI Joe,  just after Wars end, even as young boys and older German men were still being starved to death in the Rhine Meadows Death Camps or being used as slaves, by the French, did, without a care about the recent past, which had slaughtered twenty million or more Germans, during a prolonged period of ‘Carpet Bombing’ which turned Germany into a wasteland, were along with their British and French counterparts, declaring themselves to be “in love” with these murdering Americans, that would be the Americans whom had so recently bombed Northern France, killing sixty-five thousand French people and leaving another million or so homeless, were busily preparing themselves for the voyage to America.


In England, the ‘GI Brides’ were scuttling out of the country, like a pack of rats deserting a sinking ship, greedily thinking about their own well-being, without a care for the men they had dumped in the process.

This ‘treason’ was treated as a wonderful ‘Love Story’ without a word of criticism of the seriously disgusting behaviour of the women involved in this cold-blooded treachery.



In France, where ‘l’epuration’ heroes were busily shaving the heads of the prostitutes, whom had served German Officers, during the years of occupation, ignored the women whom were being raped and slaughtered by the new American occupiers in Paris and made hardly a mention of their own GI Brides. While in Germany, where the ‘liberators’ were exhausting themselves, in their efforts to rape every female in the country, some of them raped to death, many other women were totally unconcerned about such things, concentrating their efforts on finding an escape route for themselves towards the ‘freedom’ of the United States, with any available GI. During the years between 1944-50 over 200,000 women deserted Europe for the United States.

Ten years later, these same duplicitous women, were taking to the streets, burning their bras, calling for ‘liberation’ and abortion on demand, under the guidance of the likes of Kate Millet and Germaine Greer, while ‘Planned Parenthood’ were rubbing their hands together, already planning the total destruction of the Black Peoples, and the soon to be reduced numbers of Whites, making room for those whom breed like rats, from the overcrowded Third World.

These highly intelligent, capable women, were actually too stupid to understand the notion of ‘Collateral Damage’, which presented itself, a few years later, as a shortfall in the numbers of capable White people, allowing the traitors in Government, to import millions of non-Whites into the United States and Europe, to replace the lost generations of White people. Womens’ personal greed has actually made possible, a silent coup d’etat of the White World, where ‘Our Leaders’ are already telling these women that they must now marry Black Men.

Women have no need to worry about a thing, because the last nail in the coffin of White Europe is on its way, it is called the ‘Universal Salary’ which will be available for everyone, banishing the idea of a ‘family’ to the graveyard of history. With adequate pocket-money, these glorious creatures of ‘Sugar and Spice and all Things Nice’ will be able to fatten themselves up, to their heart’s content, in front of the television, all day long should they so choose, thanks to the victories of those ‘Feminists.’


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