A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Las Vegas Shootings.


Here we go again. Without evidence we are being presented with suggestions that the shootings in Las Vegas could be a White Nationalist, then like the accidental death of a woman in Charlottesville, it could all be blamed on the ‘extreme’ Right.

In the Vegas attack there were hundreds of rounds fired into the crowd at a Country Music Festival, which should have resulted in hundreds of hits. It would be more difficult to miss than to score a hit in such a situation, so how could there possibly be so few deaths? Having announced two deaths and several gunmen, a fact which was verified by the sounds of more than one shooter, they then changed their mind, now they tell us that they had failed to notice that there were forty eight other bodies scattered around and that they had already killed the ‘lone’ shooter.

You can almost hear the claims of hoax echoing all around you. Just going by the sounds of gunfire, it was perfectly obvious that bullets should have been ricocheting all over the place, while instead of that, all of the dead suddenly appear in an area closed off to prying eyes, at which point it was ‘safe’ to announce the ‘real’ death toll of now over fifty, once it became clear that the old man in the hotel was dead and the hit-men had left the building.

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