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Still Vexed Over Vegas!

I have been trawling through endless, clips of the October event in Las Vegas, desperately seeking anything, no matter what, which would in some way or other prove the ever-changing ‘reality’ of the tale, which has been peddled, by the mainstream media, since long before there was any evidence in support of those claims, evidence which stubbornly, refuses to show its face on any of the clips filmed during the attack.

With the sound turned down, there is no sign of panic in the arena, as the shots ring out, a calm voice can be heard on one clip, claiming there to be no sign of hits, despite the sound of gunfire, claiming it was all coming from the sound system. This was being said even as the mainstream media, would have us believe that many people had already been killed or seriously wounded.

Despite massive efforts, by those studying the dozens of clips of the attack, nobody has actually been able to pinpoint the position of the shooter, just as no matter how deeply you look into those same clips, there is no sign of a victim.

On the occasions when one or two people ‘went down,’ for some reason or other, as far as I could see they all got straight back up again. Right from the word go I have been nonplussed by the whole scenario in Vegas. Not least because I found it hard to believe that twenty-two-thousand people had turned up , from all over the States and Canada to watch a load of twaddle from a Z-List performer like Jason Aldean.

It was much the same thing in Paris, at the Bataclan concert, which was ‘starring’ The Eagles of Death Metal, a group which was totally unknown in France, despite which, like Jason Aldean, they had received millions of hits on YouTube. I have friends whom are devotees of Death Metal and Motörhead and stuff like that, who found the Eagles of Death Metal to be rubbish, just as the Country Boy Aldean and his ‘little rap crap ‘ in a pathetic ‘country’ ditty, was seen as a joke, in bad taste, that is not even modern Country Music, that was an attempt to ‘make it’ sound modern and ‘current.’ There are even rumours floating around that the same impresarios organised both the Bataclan and the Vegas concerts.

The Sheriff of Vegas certainly inspires little confidence in his worryingly stupid press conferences. This is reminiscent of the Sandy Hook Coroner explaining to a group of Journalists, that he had no idea how many of the children, whom had been murdered by the strange character Adam Lanza, were boys and how many were girls and that he was clocking off for the night and he would continue his inspections the next day.

I will admit to being a strange sort of imbecile, but had anyone told me that they would be leaving one of my dead children, lying in a pool of blood, while he went home for his supper, I would take that maggot by the throat and demand he opened up that school and gave me access to my child on the spot. Yet at Sandy Hook nobody took any notice of Wayne Carver.

The same scenario is playing out in Las Vegas. Evidence is a meaningless concept. All that matters is the script. Filmed evidence which shows in graphic reality, that as the shots, which we are assured were coming from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, through broken windows, rang out,  there is no sign of gunfire, on the various film clips available, from either of the two broken windows, in the Mandalay Bay, which apparently proves nothing. This truly is beyond belief.

911 was bad enough, when teams of experts explained in simple language that a steel framed building cannot collapse at free-fall speed, all to no avail, simply because people saw it fall on television. They also saw images of an aluminium aircraft, cut a clean hole in solid steel beams and reinforced concrete, which then ploughed all the way to the other side of the Trade Centre with its nose cone intact.

Now in Vegas, the same sort of fabulous tale is being told, about a sixty-four year old man, who it is being claimed carried out superhuman feats of strength and finesse, by shooting with incredible accuracy over six-hundred people at a music festival.

Unless of course, it turns out that the music festival was the target of a controlled ‘False Flag’ attack, with a group of ‘professional victims’ in place, while the real attack was taking place all across Las Vegas, which would be more in keeping with the numerous reports of attacks against several targets, which have been reported by many witnesses but ignored by the mainstream media and the cops.

Should these reports prove to be true, it would be a nightmare for the Las Vegas Mafia Dons,  should news leak out that there had been a concerted attack, either by ISIS or more worryingly, by a group of ‘real’ Muslim terrorists, intent on introducing America to a dose of what they have been doing with impunity all across the Muslim World. Chertoff’s X-Ray scanners would be of little use against such a group.

The FBI are pressurising the local Sheriff to maintain the original tale of the Lone Gunman, despite the fact that only a fool could be convinced by that tale, which now includes two-hundred rounds being loosed off in the corridors of the Mandalay Bay, wounding a Security man, who not only turns out to be an illegal alien, but who has already vanished.


In my very first report on this tale, my verdict was that all of the guns found scattered around the dead Paddock, were the guns of the gang which had carried out the ‘real’ attack, having already killed the patsy Paddock, an idea which is rapidly becoming ever more likely.

There appears to be dozens of Muslims on the Mandalay Bay payroll, whom could have provided all of the necessary cover for a group of terrorists, which some witnesses claim to have confronted as they were about to start a shoot-out in the Mandalay Bay Casino.

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