A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Forgive Them McCarthy, Now They’ll Be Laughing No More



The justice of Karma, demands of the people of Europe and the United States, that should they wonder why it is here, with the aim of bringing a taste of pain into the lives those whom have apparently been quite unaware of what they were condoning and that having watched, as a form of entertainment, the total destruction of a large part of the world, the slaughter of millions of people, the crippling of millions more and the creation of untold thousands of orphans and are now puzzled by why they should find themselves confronted by the Karma Assessor, who will decide the weight, of a no doubt heavy price, which they will have to pay, in return for their unforgivable thoughtlessness and silence, as it is they whom financed these crimes against humanity, to be the ominous answer.

When that Karmic vengeance takes hold, against the guilty, it will be too late to use ignorance, you have long been educated to understand that ignorance, is no excuse, yet another piece of advice which you chose to ignore.

I should imagine there to be many amongst you, whom will scoff at the idea of Karma, as being nothing more than Buddhist bullshit, however, history does not support such claims. When the whole world fell into disgrace, the Karmic Flood redressed the balance. During more recent times, many once great empires have simply disappeared.

There is strong evidence that Greece, Rome, Egypt and many other Empires, were constructed on the vestiges of the Greatest Empire of them all, the only signs of which, are the massive monuments, which were claimed by later Empires as their own.

The final construct of this Great Empire, was the Firmament, which was slowly closing, even as the waters from the outer darkness, poured down on the plains and mountains below, wiping out those whom had desired to be God. Wise men now suggest that we are once more being controlled by those whom believe themselves to be of more importance than are the rest of us, and that another day of retribution is fast approaching.

Life is after all, just a game of Tennis, the players must accept the rules otherwise there would be total confusion on the courts. Real life is no different, nature decided how things work. I have cats and there is not a homosexual amongst them. Nor a transgender, as far as I can figure out. To avoid an incestuous mix, the Top Cat drives all of those cats whom are at risk, out of the band.

Life for people should be the same, the fact that it is no longer the same, suggests there to be a problem with our ‘Human’ Genes, a problem, which does not appear to affect any of the other species. Which itself suggests that the most ‘intelligent’ of the land creatures, have been breaking the hereditary rules.

We have been here before in the not too distant past. This occurs at times when there is a limited choice of partner perhaps, which has often lead to a state of sterility within certain groups, which encouraged the adoption of fertility dances and other special Rites in an attempt to resolve the problem.

The modern Witch Doctors have managed to deliberately make modern man virtually sterile and conception for many women,  a long and arduous business, while at the same time, fertile women murder their babies. All of these problems generate profits for the Witch Doctors, whom never heal but only treat, their patients.

In the middle of all this bloodshed and destruction of morality,  there stands a small stolen State, not too far away from Sodom and Gomorrah. The people of this land of Israel, believe themselves to be safe from attack, despite poking around in a hornets nest with a stick, encouraging the decent of the modern hedonist into a cess-pit of filth, such as that destroyed by fire and brimstone in times past.

This small State of Israel has been responsible, one way or another, for all of the carnage in the region for the past one hundred years, and they have been totally without pity for those whom have been driven out of their homeland, by the arrival of the ‘special ones.’ So I wonder what Karma has stored up against such people?

We should now consider ourselves to be in need of redemption. The first step down this road, should be to promise never to vote again for any politician who voted in favour of any of the illegal wars, which have been fought in the name of the Peoples of Europe and America, by The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, against those innocent Muslim States which have all been destroyed, in recent times.

Should any voter, claiming to be on the side of the Just and the Good, fail live up to this claim, by actually voting for one of these scum-bags, they should consider themselves to be a part of the problem. A simple ‘Not In My Name’ sticker, plastered all over your local township, should give impetus to the anti-war movement, that is should such a thing actually exist and is not simply another myth, to make people feel better.

Political Parties should be completely discounted, they have all been gui!lty  of War Crimes in recent times. It is quite possible to govern without need of people whom have been selected by their Party, because they agree with the Party line. A disparate group is perfectly capable of running a Government, whatever you may have been educated to believe. Political Parties are the trap of Democracy.

Where has all our gold gone you might ask? The answer being that Leading Politicians across the world, including in Germany, France, The United Kingdom and The United States, have all slyly sold their country’s gold reserves and they refuse to tell us to whom, while other elected, though slightly less leading politicians, in various ‘Parliaments’ simply ignore this fact. I think we can all guess as to the hidden identity of the receiver, can we not?

I should imagine that such richness would most probably place that man, who could afford to buy the gold, amongst the eighty others whom have accumulated ninety-percent of the wealth of the world, into their own deep pockets, while the other six-billion-nine-hundred and ninety-nine-million nine-hundred and ninety-nine-hundred-thousand nine-hundred and twenty of us have to muddle along with whatever is left over, and they are now telling us that we have to share our portion with all those ‘poor’ people, while they keep their share, in secret bank accounts. Does that seem fair to you?

What is totally unfair, is the huge amount of Dollars, Euros and Pounds, which are handed over to subsidise the State of Israel, which is a privately owned State, in the hands of the richest man in the world. Why is he not under pressure to subsidise his own ‘subjects?’ Why is he allowed to tell me, a relatively poor man, that I have to pay his illegal encroachers into Israel. He wanted the place, why is it not his responsibility to pay the rent? Would the people of Europe agree to this charity to Israel,  if given the chance to vote on it? If they would not, why are elected politicians doing so without our agreement?

Back in the nineteen fifties, Joe McCarthy was prowling around, looking for the infiltrators into the American Dream. What he found was aired once more today on RT,during a segment about the claims of Russian interference in US presidential Elections and other things.

McCarthy had got it right,  Hollywood was promoting propaganda but it was all against the Germans and the Japanese, the one word missing from McCarthy’s claims was Jew.

The same Jews whom had colluded to declare the Second World War against the Jews two main enemies Germany and Japan. As McCarthy explained Jew/Communists had taken control of all of the main media outlets of the day and they produced dozens of total propaganda films in Hollywood, including after the War the, use of Jew Directors like Billy Wilder and Alfred Hitchcock, to implant the lies about the holocaust, into the minds of the unwary, using false images of shrunken heads and lampshades made of human skin to shock the public into a state of fury against the Germans and later the Japanese.

Everything that McCarthy warned us about is now in place, all around us. We are all, about to be brought down to Third World level. This has always been the aim of the Bolshevik Communists and in furtherance of this aim, they have been allowed, even encouraged, to take control of every aspect of our lives. All of it hidden behind the false mantra that Private Business is more effective at running things than Nationalised Industries, so we must it all at cheap prices.

There is not a single ‘Free’ Government in any of the so-called Democratic Free States, they are one and all controlled by a traitorous bureaucracy and complicit, carefully placed politicians, all of whom are cheerfully handing over every penny paid in income tax to the Bankers, with which these shady, criminal bankers, have bought everything, lock stock and barrel.


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