A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Wherefore Art Thou Prince Charming? Cometh, Awaken The Sleeping Idiots.



Should the sleeping masses of the world, be in any doubt, that those whom sit in government, in all Western countries are working for the Bolshevik Communists, take a good hard look at the above clip. The massive destruction and millions of deaths, all across the Middle East have been carried out, under orders from those Jews whom cannot be criticised in case it makes them cry.

Throughout the last fifteen years, the only country in the region which has not been touched by the War Criminals in NATO, is of course the illegal State of Israel. They have provided the leadership of ISIS, which is the tool being used to kill the maximum number of civilians and to destroy as many of the humble homes of innocent people as possible, in order to encourage the people of the region to pack their bags and head off to Europe.

While the Bolshevik Jews have been slaughtering at will, for over one-hundred-years they have never missed an opportunity, to remind us all of their own sufferings. Oh how they have suffered and of course, we must never forget, it has never been their fault. I would be ashamed to be a Jew, even more ashamed than I am while watching the continuing crimes of the so-called Democrats, willfully murdering and destroying an entire region to satisfy the greed of those Jews.

Donald Trump, having recently promised to release all of the ‘secret’ documents, concerning the death of John Kennedy in Dallas, changed his mind at the last-minute, no doubt laughing up his sleeve, knowing, that just to mention the killing of an American President, in strange circumstances and a secret dossier, in the same sentence, would send a shiver of fear down the spine of a bunch of still living criminals, whom were involved in the crime.

Jim Garrison, a District Attorney, had already figured out exactly who those guilty people were decades ago. Their identities have been deliberately concealed by the Democratically elected criminals in the White House and Senate. Which means that they are in full support of the actions of those whom did the dirty deed.

The same fingerprints are to be found all over that other officially hidden dossier, containing the truth about the 911 event, from which a Jew called Silverstein, made billions of dollars and which provided the excuse to kick off the slaughter, which was necessary to make the International Jews lust for ever more land in the Middle East possible.

Everything about Jew control is based on sheer, unadulterated greed or a fear of the disclosure of their aberrant sexual preferences and quite possibly the eating of children having sipped their blood, in a desperate search for rejuvenation.

The Jews are, to this day, covering up the part they played in two World Wars. Their total destruction of Germany was planned at the end of the nineteenth century. They thought that they had succeeded after the Great War, when the Zionist controlled Weimar Republic, destroyed the German economy, reducing the value of the Mark to zero and reduced Berlin to the state of a City of Filth and degenerates, while quietly buying everything of value for a few American Dollars.

The Jews Nemesis, Adolf Hitler, spoilt their plans and the Jews have been using their ill-gotten, Usury, which still provides their vast wealth and their control of the Media and the education of ‘our’ children, to instil into their minds of ‘innocent children’ a belief in the suffering of Jews, at the hands of those ‘wicked’ Germans, bolstered by a surfeit of Jews, both on-screen Film Stars and the men behind the camera, in Jew controlled Hollywood films, which are being used to destroy any sort of respect for religion, the sanctity of families and the Christian disapproval of practices, which are harmful to society. Jews hate Christians and they are determined to wipe us out.

When I hear ‘Gay’ men, proclaiming it to be a ‘spiritual’ moment, when they announce, themselves to be one of those types whom gain sexual pleasure from bonking the bum of Bob or Bill, I am sorry to have to admit, that even though I could not give damn what they choose to do amongst themselves, that to teach children, while young and very impressionable, to know which is the best type of Vaseline to use to facilitate this practice, is an abomination.

The next step will be an acceptance of Bestiality and after that the only remaining barrier to a state of total lechery, will be paedophilia and the freedom to bonk babies, which has been practiced in certain circles forever.

This has been the aim of International Jewry /Zionism for at least a Century. That will signal the complete destruction of Christian Morality and it will remove the last remnants of self-respect from humanity.

There are no depths, to which Jewry, whoever controls it, will not sink,to get what it wants. A long time ago, when my doctor, having listened to my symptoms, started to write a prescription. I asked him why he was doing so as I never use prescription drugs. He had forgotten, he went on to say that there was nothing else he could do for me, if I refused to take his drug. I have not visited a General Practitioner, ever since.

That was at a time when women, in the main, had suddenly found themselves to be addicted to antidepressants and they were finding it extremely difficult to break the habit. 

Since then I came to realise, that the drug companies were nothing more than ‘Dealers’ and that Doctors’ were their Pushers. It was when I found evidence that American Troops in Afghanistan, were guarding the Poppy fields that it came home to me, they would not be doing so for the benefit of the locals but for benefit the Zionist Drug companies.

I quickly deduced that the drug laboratories had in fact been adding a dose of opium or cocaine into their prescription drugs, which would give an immediate ‘high’, suggesting the drugs to be ‘working’. Others have now come to the same conclusion and that we are actually, in a new Opium War and this time around the Zionists are targeting White Christians and Blacks in the manner in which they once treated the Chinese.

Suddenly, the drugs coming out of the Zionist Factories are no longer working. antibiotics, which have been so useful in curing so many of the bacterial illnesses which infect, millions of people, which have been dished out like sweeties for banal problems, will now not work, just as we are being warned that the Bubonic Plague is on its way, being carried to our shores by those, carefully selected, sub-Saharan Black African immigrants.

A while back, I was bitten by one of my cats. I suffered from all of the symptoms described in the above clip. My Naturopath Doctor, told me it was Cat Scratch Fever. I had to stay in bed for three days, because I was dizzy while standing upright and I could hardly lower my arms because my glands were so swollen and my fingers and toes were painful though not black. Having watched the above clip I am glad I did not go near a hospital, I was fully recovered after a few days.

The point being, I am always being bitten by cats as are others, it happens all the time, but with Bubonic Plague about to fall on top of us, while the Medicine Men will be helpless without a dedicated drug or vaccine, perhaps it would be good idea. to take my daily tonic, which may possibly have given me protection. Either way it is good for you.

To finish this tale, Jews immediately evict any Black who arrives in Israel. Why would that be so? Immigrants from Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia or Libya, have been forced to exist in such a poverty-stricken manner, that they could be infected with any number of dangerous illnesses, Leprosy has already turned up in the United States.

The European Union is controlled by Jews, be sure of that. They are now starting to force Member States to accept hundreds of thousands of Blacks, from Africa and Muslims from the Middle East and Somalia into Europe.

The Jew controlled government in the United States has announced its intention of allowing millions of Black Africans into the States, it is being suggested there to be forty million Blacks prepared to make the trip.

How stupid,  is it possible,  for people to be? Is there no little voice in their drug addled brains asking the simple question as to wherein lies the benefit, to the United States or Europe, should such a policy be enforced?

Wake-Up Whitey. Take another look at all of those unmentionables. The Black on White ‘rape’ score, percentage by Race of murders and other crimes of violence. Black on White Racist crimes, all of them against Whites, while it is always the Blacks who complain that Black Lives ‘Should’ Matter to Whites but not to the Blacks whom do most of the killing of both races.

Is it too difficult for you to comprehend that the massive immigration into Europe and The United States, might just possibly be connected to the desire of Israel to steal a vast amount of land, including parts of all of those places which have been devastated by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation? NATO, which was set up as a ‘defence’ against outside attack, has aggressively attacked any State which will not bow down to Bolshevik Rule, whether ‘outside’ or not.

Greater Israel demands parts of Egypt, the part which contains the Suez Canal, of course, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey and that will be only the beginning,  during the future Water Wars, they will grab the rest. They are psychopaths, which is the result of inbreeding amongst a relatively small group of people. They simply cannot help themselves. They even accept the idea of an adult having sexual intercourse with a three-year old child, in some of their Holy Books.

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