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The Time Of Cholera Is Coming Back.



There is a lot of rubbish being written about Flu-Shots and whether they work or not. When there has been more than enough independent research carried out, showing there to be no worthwhile benefit to be gained from accepting the ‘free’ offered shot, should you be over 65. Here

We are all aware of the proposed ‘Pathway To Death’ for the older members of society. They would the once, well-loved parents, of those ‘modern’ people whom casually condemn useless ‘parents’  into the care of the money hungry private Old Peoples Homes. That situation is about to change, we are all on the same Pathway To Death, these days.

A while back there was a documentary on Channel 4, which appears to be no longer available. A character called Dr. John Oxford, was desperately seeking an example of the Spanish Flu, which some claim, to have brought the Great War to an end, simply because so many of the troops had been struck down by this plague, which it is claimed, killed forty-million people world-wide.

This plague was referred to as the Spanish Flu, however the symptoms of the illness were in no way similar to those of modern Flu symptoms. The aforementioned Dr. John Oxford, set out on expeditions, which involved the gruesome business of tracking down victims of the Spanish Flu, whom had been buried in lead coffins, in the hope of finding traces of the composition of this deadly plague, as part of his research, which chillingly, also involved that other plague on humanity, AIDs and the HIV virus.



He is currently working for a Medical Company, which appears to be more concerned with the value of the company than with clinical results, which demonstrate that while little has been done to control influenza and while antibiotics have been compromised by Nature, their company’s value has sky-rocketed. here

Dr. John Oxford,  found himself in trouble when he claimed to have found an example of the Spanish Flu, in corpses which had been deep frozen in the Polar Circle, somewhere in Norway.

Duncan, who teaches geography at two Canadian universities, flew to London at the last-minute after leaks in the British press suggested another team member, Dr. John Oxford, was being given credit for the discoveries.

“I wanted to get credit for my team members and for Norway,” she said. “The community where these bodies were buried gave something precious to us, and we have not yet given them anything in return.” Here

I wonder what the ‘something precious’ could have been and to what purpose, in view of the fact that influenza vaccines are an absolute waste of time and money, could it serve? I have noticed in some of the blurbs about Dr. John Oxford, that he ‘combines’ certain viral substances, in order to carry out research into possible vaccines against influenza, now why would anyone contaminate a modern laboratory with a virus which has already killed forty-million people and which has lain dormant for one-hundred years?

The hidden secret of modern Chemical treatment, for any illness, is the fact that most things sort themselves out without any treatment whatsoever, in eight days, which is why ‘doctors’ write prescriptions for seven days of treatment and then claim success for the useless drug.

Recently I came across reports of a ‘scientific’, using similar methods of research to those of Dr. John Oxford, this character was investigating Bubonic Plague, he apparently visited Madagascar where there is now a serious ongoing outbreak of Bubonic Plague. There have been several instances of the Plague in Europe, Mozart, was himself a victim of the plague.


With the ongoing stream of immigrants coming to Europe, none of whom are being vetted for disease, there is almost a certainty of trouble ahead, whether by accident or design. Past figures demonstrate how catastrophic an outbreak can be, particularly in overcrowded cities. In recent times in the United Kingdom, there have been outbreaks of diseases which were eradicated decades ago, brought to Europe by refugees and other immigrants. Here Here

The announced aims of certain people, to reduce the population of the world, to a number of around five-hundred-million, is worrying enough but when you find that those whom wish to carry out this cull, to be the very same people, whom have taken control of the Drugs Industry and whom have been pumping their useless vaccines into babies and are the same people whom are even now attempting to make vaccines of all sort, mandatory, one cannot help but be just a little bit worried, to hear that those like Dr. John Oxford and The Gates Foundation are involved in this research.

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