A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Aggressive Anti Free Speech Laws Are Stifling Europe.




The Hate-Speech rubbish is spiraling into a method of concealment for the European Union. They are attempting to interfere with our right to pass an opinion on the subject of immigration, Gay marriage, Rape, Murder and many other subjects which could involve outing the level of crime committed by Blacks and immigrants.

The United States, which for some time has relied on its Fake News outlets to dupe the public into a docile state of ignorance,with such deceptions as the actual murder rate in the USA and by who it was committed. Who amongst us is aware that eighty percent of mass gun killings in the States, are carried out by Blacks, all we ever hear about are those of Whites.

The murder rate for the Blacks, depending on how you do the sums, is astounding, it is more than that, it is terrifying. We are told that Blacks are twelve percent of the population of the States. Fifty-Fifty Male-Female. Fifty-Fifty Adult-Infant, which equals six percent Male, who commit most of the murders cut in half to allow for the children, which leaves a massive number of three percent of Blacks, who are responsible for fifty-two percent of murders and other violent crimes in the United States. No wonder our leaders are attempting to hide such figures, as they have the intention of bringing in tens of millions of Blacks direct from Africa to Europe and to the United States.



There are not too many women and children amongst that bunch. Europe has already been swamped by these Blacks. While we still have to cope with the bad-mouthing of the non-ex-slaves, those who were forced to come to America and Europe, millions of others are dying to get here to share in the cosseted good life of those ‘lucky’ descendants of slaves. Don’t worry there are plenty more on the way.


In South Africa, where there is a total media silence about the seventy-five-thousand White people, whom have been murdered by Blacks, in a land where the Whites represent ten per cent of the population. This enormous number of murders, have been committed in the few short years since the death of Saint Nelson Mandela. This number is already far in excess of the number of Blacks whom have been murdered by Whites, during several hundred years. Imagine the reaction of the rest of the world, had it been the White Boers, whom were resonsible for these deaths.

The British, still celebrate the so-called Battle of Rourke’s Drift, where men with guns, slaughtered several thousand Zulus’ armed with spears and shields. The surviving Whites were decorated with The Victoria Cross for their gallantry.

The Trading Companies have now stolen all and everything for themselves in South Africa, reducing the Blacks to an inferior lifestyle, to that during the ‘good old days’ under the Boers. We are now watching Blacks, claim Africa as a Black Continent, where they can kill old Whitey without criticism because he deserves it, while European Whitey, ignores the remaining Whites,trapped, in South Africa, by savages, whom are calling for their genocidal murder, while we are expected to be concerned about the dangers for the poor Africans whom are currently streaming into White Europe,while we are encouraging refugees from the Middle East to come to Europe, so why no concern for the endangered White Christians, under siege by Blacks in South Africa?  Could it be because they are White and Christian?


2 responses

  1. Regarding “No wonder our leaders are attempting to hide such figures, as they have the intention of bringing in tens of millions of Blacks direct from Africa to Europe and to the United States.”,
    — please explain why ‘our leaders’ want to bring in ‘millions of Blacks direct from Africa ‘ ?

    Thank you, J.


    December 17, 2017 at 15:53

    • Hello Jim. This is an old tale, which first popped up in a book by Richard Coudenhove Kalergi, back in the 1920’s he is the man credited with the construction of the European Union. There is still a Kalergi prize those who do the most to further the aim of a European super-state.

      More recently Nicoas Sarkozy warned French women that if they did not voluntarily breed with Blacks he would have to change the law to force them to.

      On the RT.com website, there is an even more serious suggestion of thirty million Africans.

      On top of all that, Peter Sutherland The United Nations Immigration head honcho, who has already flooded Ireland with Nigerians is calling for even greater numbers.


      There is a lot more online,its all in plain sight but never mentioned. See you.


      December 17, 2017 at 17:41

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