A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

This Is Christmas And Even Bethlehem Is Being Held Hostage.




Our New Years Resolution for 2018, must be to wake up to the plight of our Muslim friends. We, of the White Christian World, have been tricked into destroying the Muslim homelands, driving them towards our shores, with hate in their hearts. This is a classic divide and conquer strategy, which is being used by the gloating enemy. The above clip shows the genesis of the accusations against The Muslim World.

                      “The Supreme Art of War, is to subdue the enemy

                            without fighting.” – Sun Tzu. The Art of War.

We, have been tricked into fighting a war, while those whom are responsible for the war, deny us the right to even call their name. These nameless curs, have infiltrated their agents into our midst, where they have taken control of our ‘Democracy’ through a combination of lies, deceit and blackmail.

They now have Arabs fighting Arabs, Sunni fighting Shiite, Saudi Arabia destroying Yemen and Christian Armies fighting all across the planet, nobody, of whatever colour, Race or religion, is safe from the curse of these people.

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War


Once we accept that the Christians and the Muslims have a common enemy, the next step is to identify that enemy and to stand in an alliance against him. Solidarity is the winning strategy, division is the enemies greatest friend.

Do not be fooled by the cosmetic changes which have been taking place in recent European Elections, the ultimate aim of our common enemy is a Religious Civil War in Europe, which will involve the Middle Eastern Peoples, whom are no longer ‘welcome’ in their traditional homelands.

All Western Governments have been infiltrated by the enemy. The two Party system of control has proven to be a total success. The good Cop bad Cop stupidity in the United States, Democrat, Republican set up, has been exposed, by the surprise election of Donald Trump, for the game that it is, a rigged system, which has excluded entry to those whom search change.

It has also ‘outed’ the part played by the ‘good Cops’ from the FBI, whom have, since 1993, to the present day, have been involved in the setting up of Muslims as being potential terrorists.

The first attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre, in 1993, was a one-hundred-percent FBI operation. The Muslim,who was referred to as the Blind Sheikh, became suspicious of the FBI agent who had assured him and his friends, that they were taking part in an exercise, so he recorded all of the conversations he had with the FBI, leading up the placing of the ‘fake’ truck bomb in the basement parking of the WTC.

The Muslims deliberately parked the truck well away from the spot chosen by the FBI agent, which would have placed it against a supporting pillar, just in case it turned out to real a real bomb. This act probably saved many lives.

After the explosion, back then as now, the culprits were ‘known’ to the FBI, arrested and charged with the FBI inspired crime. In Court, despite the recorded evidence of the major part played in the ‘sting’ by the FBI, the Blind Sheikh, was found guilty and gaoled for life. In a ‘Free’ Country

The same FBI has set up all of the so-called Muslim Terrorist attacks in the United States, in a cynical, disgusting manner as justification for the ‘legal’, terrorism which has swept the World for the past sixteen years, all of it carried out under the control of governments totally controlled by the same hidden hand.

This attack was part of the propaganda against Muslims and despite a total lack of evidence and by ignoring all other possibilities, the finger of blame was, pointed at the Muslims.

In 1967, the USS Liberty, an unarmed spy ship, was attacked by, dare I say it, Jews, who were intent on blaming Egypt for the attack, in keeping with a deal made with President Lyndon Baynes Johnson, that the USA would attack Egypt in retaliation, which would have helped Israel to steal even more land, than they finally managed to steal in 1967.

The deal depended on the slaughter of the crew and the sinking of the ship, to hide the evidence. Johnson refused to send help despite receiving SOS calls. The Jews were forced to call off the attack, when a Russian ship arrived on the scene.

The ‘Muslim’ terrorist attacks in London, had all the usual ingredients, with drills going on all over the place, with crisis actors everywhere, dressed as wounded civilians, making it difficult to see the difference between a ‘real’ victim and an actor and of course thousands of CCTV cameras were out of action and the four young ‘Patsies’ were known to the Security Forces. A Classic False Flag in fact.

It takes a mere glance at the available evidence to detect the guilty party in these events. I have yet to see one piece of solid evidence that Muslims carried out any of these attacks. What is more the Muslim people have every right to hit back at their persecutors.

In France they adore the glamorous Maquisards of the Resistance against Germany, another Christian country which was forced into a corner by International Jewry. The Maquisards were themselves infiltrated by Irgun, the Jew terrorist group, which carried out atrocities against the French people, in order to blame the Germans.

There is a shrine, Oradour sur Glane, in which a massacre took place, for which the Germans were blamed and executed, without solid evidence of their guilt. The same Irgun, shortly afterwards, blew up the St Davids Hotel in Jerusalem killing and wounding many British people.

The British in Northern Ireland behaved like terrorists, the Catholics did not even have Civil Rights. These were the controlled British whom have just massacred the Middle East to bestow Democracy upon the people.

A democracy which cost a lot of Irish blood, before the British finally called off their Ulster campaign, in 1997, to clear the ground for the fast approaching day of the Muslim Terrorist. They did not want any confusion as to the identity of the perpetrators of the coming False Flag attacks in the UK, which had previously been blamed on the Irish Republican Army and which would now be laid at the door those of the New Enemy, Islam.

That is a brief summary of what needs to be overcome. The first task must be to prevent Israel from stealing parts of all of those States which have been bombed to extinction by NATO. They should be rebuilt, with international assistance and that way those whom have left can be repatriated in their homelands.

These poor people are guilty of no crime, we in the West are the criminals. The British have been a criminal organisation for Centuries, so if there is anybody on this earth who needs to make a New Years Resolution, it is the British, before they experience a nasty taste of what they have so eagerly bestowed onto other people.

For the British the first step is to vote out of office, all Fabian Society Members, all of those whom profess to be friends of an aggressive foreign country and anybody whom voted in favour of the illegal wars against Muslim countries.

After that take the war criminals to court and make them pay for their crimes. Make no mistake about it Blair and Cameron knew exactly what they were doing. Theres is no need to completely destroy a country in order to get rid of a leader.

Do you honestly believe, that the total destruction of Libya, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, was no more than collateral damage, to save the people from evil Dictators? The British sold arms to Saudi Arabia which are being used to reduce Yemen, the poorest country in the region, to rubble. You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Are you prepared to see the whole Arab World destroyed to save it?

Are you people totally stupid?

Boris Johnson is in Russia, where he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier who died in World War Two and we were piously reminded, that Britain had fought alongside Russia against Nazi Germany. Why not British Jewry, fought alongside The Bolshevik Communist Soviet Union, whom Britain had armed, against Germany?

Why is it always necessary to add-on the smear word Nazi, when in fact it was the British who declared war on Germany, is it not time get rid of the Fake Crap about World War Two? Then it might be possible for the real victims of War, the German people to honour their own War Dead?

We understand that for the British to face up to the truth about the illegality of the Second World War is an impossible hurdle to jump, Hitler was, after all, another one of those dangerous evil Dictators, which obliged the British to fire bomb and massacre, as only the British can, every city and large town in Germany. Burning even babies cuddled in the shelter of their mothers arms, to a cinder.

Fresh from the torture and lynchings of the German High Command, at Nuremberg, the British set about the theft of Palestine for their masters in the City of London, watching as Manachem Begin and his boys drove the Palestinians from their homes, pausing only to explain to any inquisitive passer-by, that his brutality was perfectly justified because the poor Jews had suffered so much during the war, that they could now do anything they liked to others, without fear of criticism.

I could carry on all day about the crimes of the British Empire, however it is a waste of time. The British are still very proud of their Empire and you cannot help but feel sorry for those whom fail to grasp the fact  that their  Dark Star is about to flicker and die.


9 responses

  1. Indeed! I am equally angry about all the same issues as you are, which was why I decided to write to you with my opinion. I had a feeling that I might get a well thought out and even researched response.
    We live in interesting times and I am happy that you and I are, ultimately, agreed that morality is sorely missed and family matters.
    Screw the feminists……… or perhaps not? lol


    Dec 26, 2017 at 15:10

  2. I agreed with everything in that article right to the last few paragraphs.
    You recognise the wrong enemy, you in fact recognise another fall guy!
    You seem to want to blame the Jews and in particular, the British Jews!
    I have been researching the source of hatred for Islam, because, like you, I am deeply concerned for the muslims all around the world.
    It may come as a massive surprise to you to learn that the actual enemy is far larger, far cleverer than the British or the Jews.
    The first call to arms against the Arab world came from the Popes of the Roman Catholic Church. We remember them as the Crusades and basically since 1302 all of Cristendom has been trying to implement the Papal Bull known as the Unum Sanctum.
    This odious document claims full ownership of the entire world and all souls upon it for and on behalf of God and a Papal Bull cannot be rescinded.
    Let that sink in.
    The Roman Empire never died, it simply went clandestine and retired from overt aggression, preferring instead to manipulate others into perpetual slavery under the control of the Roman Catholic Church, its Inquisition and its Jesuit military.
    The British Isles are its greatest acquisition, being the Number One Slave Colony, oblivious for the most part of the viper in its nest, the one square mile of the City of London, which you should know is not in the UK or the EU or even the UN.
    The British Empire, as we have been brainwashed to think of it, was simply an army of plebs doing the Roman Empire’s dirty work and our nation will forever bear the stain of blood that our ancestors exacted from the free world for and on behalf of our overlords.
    Nowadays the City grips the purse strings while Washington DC (another independent city) provides the cannon fodder, and vast imperialist global force via its 900+ bases worldwide.
    Yes, the Jews appear to have benefited from the plan, their most trusted banker families like the Rothschilds and the Oppenheimers, Rockefellers and Warburgs rising to become the apparent financial elite.
    But look closely…. who first invented banking? Where were the first banks?
    It was the Roman Catholic Church and the place was, of course, Italy.
    The Jews have been kept very sweet, their natural enjoyment of wealth has been satiated and the carrot of Palestine has manifested into their dream of Israel but they have been cruelly used as pawns in a much wider and more deadly game.
    Now there are more than 6 million Jews living in Israel, surrounded on all sides by displaced and disaffected Muslims and still the Jews of Europe and America are encouraged to claim their “right of return”.
    They, in their egotistical self absorption, and believing that they are God’s Chosen people have eagerly gone along with the shocking scheme that has been pulled on them by far more devious minds than they could ever have imagined.
    Remember that the original Aramaic Bible texts did not include the strange and highly distinctive Book of Revelations?
    Would it not seem possible that this book was added as an afterthought and as a diabolical blueprint for the final solution?
    Armageddon is a place, a valley that borders Israel and Syria.
    Israel has been permitted, even encouraged by omission of objection, to accumulate weapons of mass destruction. Nuclear weapons.
    How easy would it be to completely bypass their complex security systems and war defenses…… and detonate one or several of those munitions, right there on their own turf?
    Of course, there would be the customary knee jerk reaction and Iran would immediately become the accused and detested terrorist nation, precisely as all the hysteria from Israel has predicted.
    The next stage of the Revelation “blueprint” calls for Christians and Muslims to fight to the death, quite literally.
    All the while, the Black Nobility of the original Roman Empire, ruling from their many hideaways all over the world would asset strip everything of value and retire to their bunkers until the dust settles……
    This Roman Catholic Church is a sham and a stain on the memory of Jesus, whose birth we celebrate today.
    It is the Old World Order and it considers everyone of us to be heretics, deserving to be judged by their God as feeble and wanting.
    The irony, of course, is that they, in their effort to be holier than us all and claim this world for their God, have actually become the most evil-minded exploiters that this world has ever seen.
    They believe that their plan will totally destroy nature itself.
    They believe that they possess the technocracy to rebuild nature, to their own controlled design.
    They are, of course, utterly insane but the plan has worked very well so far because it is so insane that very few people have seen it in its entirety and that is why it will remain unopposed and will reach fruition very soon.


    Dec 25, 2017 at 01:29

    • I am familiar with your ideas. There are many others whom like you have managed to connect Hitler himself, to this conspiracy. Sadly it does nothing to help us sort out our current problem, it merely suggests other ephemeral characters, whom have, down through the centuries, been doing exactly what the Jews appeared to have been doing.

      I do not claim that all Jews are responsible for our current problems any more than I claim that all Arab leaders are Muslims. There are however, a group of people in high places, who believe themselves to be Jews. If they are in fact as you suggest, mere pawns in the game, that is their problem.

      I spent some time in a Dominican Monastery and I am fully aware of the Jesuit connection however, I am also aware that the Papal throne fell into the hands of criminals a long time ago, I am also aware of the many attempts made, to wrest the control of Gold and Silver, out of the hands of the Pharisees, who may have been Jews or indeed just another group of criminals.

      I have been warning the Jews in Israel for some time, that they are being set up as a sacrifice, by those whom refer to themselves as Jews. Every ‘Jew’ in Israel is in fact, just as responsible for what has been done to the Palestinian people as they have claimed Hitler to have been for what they claim happened to them. In other words, whether we all know ‘nice’ Jews or not, they seem to be totally unaware of the fact that they are no better than was Hitler. So why do we have to make excuses for them?

      Rome is another story altogether. There are those whom Believe that even Rome was infiltrated. The Caligula affair is reminiscent of modern day events, with a man marrying his horse and other obscenities, all of them similar to events in Weimar Germany, which Hitler corrected all of which, right up to the current state of morality ‘appears’ to have been controlled by Jews.

      These problems apparently originated in Sodom and Gomorra, which God corrected. Are you suggesting that the group which is now in control in Rome, has connections all the way back to Sodom and Gomorra?

      If so which of the Bankers, whom allow themselves to be called Jews, are actually Jews and which of them are from Sodom? Apart from calling the Pope, who is a Jesuit, to be yet another ‘patsy’ go ahead and name the guilty apart from, the Mafia, CIA, MI6, Mossad and the Knights of Malta, all of which ‘appear’ to be controlled by Jews.

      Until we expose the real enemy, let us accept that their front men are just as guilty. Hundreds of people were hanged at Nuremberg, simply for being foot-soldiers, by very visible Jews.

      These days all of the lies are floating to the surface. Catholics now claim themselves to be Christians and they disavow the Old Testament, just as they now disavow Roman Paganism, which was stuck onto Christianity as a means of control.

      Even the claims of Atomic Bombs are being contested, as the evidence mounts that they simply will not work. Hiroshima and Nagasaki it is now claimed were firebombed and the destruction is indistinguishable from what the British Jews did to Dresden, with Napalm and White Phosphorus and it goes without saying that we never went to the moon.

      So you see, all is illusion, apart from what happens right in front of our own eyes, all else has to be taken on trust. You may well experience the same phenomenon as do I, that what we write, was composed elsewhere and we are merely outlets, which suggests that in these dangerous times we cannot even trust our personal beliefs.

      As for the hidden Black Nobility, gathering up the wealth of the World for themselves, there is little left for them to gather, they took control of most things long ago.

      As an optimist, I do not go along with all this nonsense about the secret powers of prats like Aleister Crowley and his magical rituals which have enabled the ‘secret ones’ to rule over us. These people are no more than a bunch of petty criminals, whom through the use of the ‘magic’ called greed, have managed to buy their way into positions of control and they can be taken out, quite simply by We The People. They are small in number and they now know themselves to be vulnerable.

      You yourself appear to be totally unaware of the savagery of the Muslims in past centuries. They were just like the Zionists/Jews and Catholics, intent on World Domination. They were also intent on over running Europe and they almost suceeded and their slaughters were greater even than those of the Bolshevik Jews. So there was good reason to try and keep them out of the Holy Land. Have you any idea how many Hindus they slaughtered in the Sub-Continent?

      Have you studied the origins of the House of Saud? I write what I do, having learned some of the lessons of History. Sadly we are still in the grip of this ridiculous’Blood-Line’ which has now been taken over by Rothschild. All the heirs, to the throne of Britain are Jews. Or in your terms Jesuits, that is the measure of the problem. France was taken down long ago, Macron is a ‘hidden what’ in your terms?

      Thanks for your your comment which went to my spam box, they do not like too many links. I hope you appreciate the fact that I bashed out this long response on Christmas Day in the Morning!


      Dec 25, 2017 at 10:20

      • I do really appreciate your extensive remarks and especially today! Thanks for taking me seriously enough to augment my theory with further food for thought. I will make a point of looking at “the savagery” of Muslims although, having lived and taught in Madrid I have learned from the Spanish to have a certain respect for Arabs due to the 9 centuries that they were in occupation and the hefty mark that they left on the architecture, place names and culture.
        Your question about Macron amused me. He is not hidden at all is he? He has made no secret of his banking connections and his behaviour speaks volumes. Especially with his repeated insistence upon the removal of Assad from Syria.
        The arrogance of European and US politicians does give me much amusement, actually!
        I mean, does ANYONE take any of them seriously any more?
        They are all so obviously puppets whose strings are clearly visible.
        The same can also be said of our royalty surely?


        Dec 25, 2017 at 22:16

        • I’m glad you didn’t take offence. I no longer go along with the tale of, ‘it’s not all Jews is it?’ routine and the same goes for the whining of Blacks about slavery and women about men, as in ‘Feminism’. So some time ago I decided to respond in kind.

          All of those three subjects are the mainstay of the attacks against White people. Feminists have allowed the idea of Planned Parenthood’ to become free Durex, then abortion on demand, which has become a perilous shortage of babies, so we must import reinforcements from Black Africa.

          They also encouraged the introduction of the idea of women ‘shagging themselves to death’ with whomsoever they chose to do so. This released men from the prison of marriage, which in earlier times was a life sentence for the sake of the sex. This has destroyed families and handed children over to hostile ideas like “transgenderism’ and the ‘normality’ of homosexuality, with lessons,in classrooms, for those kids as young as five years old. All of which those intelligent women accept without too much problem.

          While talk of reparations for those poor old Blacks, who were in many cases no worse off than their White neighbours, who also worked for peanuts and had to pay for their own life, is encouraging Blacks to deliver a lot of loose talk about getting rid of those, dirt poor White Supremacists and all that guff.

          While those innocent, lovely, Jews have been trained to wake-up and run to the nearest TV studio to make sure that the News is spread far and wide, about a dream they had, that Ken Livingstone said the hated word Hitler in the same sentence as the holy word Zion, which resulted in grown men screeching ‘you’ve lost it mate,’ at Livingstone, with no word from anyone, who could suggest Livingstone to be correct.All of the above, while I am being told by Jews,that I am hardly human and should done away with.

          While over in occupied Palestine, the loveable old Jews get early morning calls to grab the six-pack and armchairs and get to the nearest hillside to cheer on the upcoming bombardment of Gaza.

          Does that give you any idea as to how angry I have become?


          Dec 26, 2017 at 09:30

          • Is that you in the video?


            Dec 26, 2017 at 15:14

            • No, of course it is not! That man is too weird.


              Dec 26, 2017 at 15:22

            • Like

              Dec 27, 2017 at 09:37

            • I stick this video up quite frequently, to demonstrate the complicity of YouTube in this White Genocide. I have been wrned by Youtube for simply using the word Jew which now considered to be a hate word. Can you believe that? As a result I always use it.


              Dec 26, 2017 at 17:25

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