A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Why Are Whites So Frightened By Jews And Blacks?

A simple glance at the devastation meted out in Gaza by Israel, which alongside the total destruction of the surrounding States, by The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, using private companies, with Guns for Hire, to hide their own part in the atrocities, would give even the most casual of observer, the idea that there must be some connection between these events.

It should come as no surprise to find that one of the most notorious of the For Hire, military machines, G4S is owned and controlled by Israel. The very same G4S which was caught with its hand in the cookie jar, at the 2012 London Illuminati Olympic Games.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 10.01.22



There is clear evidence that Israel has been treating wounded ISIS/Daech fighters in Syria, while much of the oil, stolen from Syrian and Iraqi oilfields, by the same ISIS/Daech, has mysteriously found its way to Israel, which is the only country in the region which has not felt the wrath of ISIS/Daech. These things can only make you wonder.

Alongside G4S, we find Serco, allegedly the biggest company you have never heard of:

There are many groups, which are used to hide the names of those whom have an interest in Serco, such as Blackrock and Vanguard, which when they themselves are researched, throw up names like Goldman Sachs and Lloyds PLC, which is part of Corporation Britain and Serco itself holds a twelve percent interest in the aforementioned G4S.

Serco is also lobbying governments all across the Western World, to ‘privatise’ ever more control of Public Holdings into Corporative hands. Serco have already taken control of the Police in Australia and Prisons across Europe, so it should come as no surprise to find that our Military Machines are also being sneakily ‘Privatised’ into the hands of, shall we say, Israeli Billionaires.

Serco also has holdings in a Biological Research Company Intertek, which is researching ‘novel’ means of treating disease, which includes the use of ‘Nano’ particles, which can pass directly into the body through the skin and a new generation of vaccines

I am sure we can all be relieved to find that the safety of our foodstuffs and medicine, is in the hands of Goldman Sachs as is the Bank of England and through his other Holdings, Baron Rothschild himself is keeping a caring eye on our welfare.

Blackwater, now called Academi was set-up by a Jew Eric Prince. Members of Blackwater were spotted fighting against the people of Eastern Ukraine, after the brutal coup d’etat, which was carried out by ‘unknown’ snipers.

Prince is calling for the Afghan War to be ‘privatised’ into the hands of his killing machine and an American Viceroy put in charge.

The above clip is already a year old and yet the strange deaths continue. Psoriasis suggested that the hand of Big Pharma could be implicated and when it is discovered that Big Pharma, which is owned in part by the Rothschild’s and the Rockefeller’s, both of whom have control of The Trilateral Commission, The CFR and The Royal Institute of International Affaires, plus a quasi legal private killing machine, at their disposal, one can not be sure that he is too far removed from the truth.

These ‘Big Boys’ with their Corporations, have also been given control of education, through the means of, on the one hand, the destruction of the Public education system, by the introduction of ‘dumbing-down lessons, which produced a population incapable of doing the hard jobs, they then offer the solution to the problem, that being of course privately funded Academies, wherein our children are being fed crap, suggesting that the main problem in the world, is the current resistance to the mantra of ‘Transgenderism,’ and will teacher make a tit of himself by calling a transgender by the wrong pronoun?’

There are still no end of references to Hitler and his book burning, which is referred to as a diabolical attempt to deny the German people access to the truth. This reference is made repeatedly, even on the ‘Alternative News’ radio channels as a reminder of that old devil Hitler. The reality being, that Hitler burnt the Jew textbooks, which had been used to pervert the truth, during the Jew controlled Weimar Republic, we now need to carry out the very same purge.

The dumbing down in the United Kingdom started way back in the 1970’s, when it was decided that ‘new’ skills had to learned in order for children to be able to cope with the arrival of the decimal system, when the UK joined the Common Market.

So children were introduced to Martian Arithmetic, which explained to the children that as Martians’ had only three fingers, this ‘disability, somehow or other, made it impossible for them to count to ten. I kid you not.

The children of those children whom lived through the age of Martian Arithmetic, are now quite unconcerned about the massive slaughters, which have just been carried out across the Middle East, they are far too busy trying to figure out ‘how many to carry forward’, for all that political nonsense, they are instead, taking to the streets, supporting the mass murdering Blacks, whom lacking any form of self-control can hardly keep their hands off any White woman in sight, and Antifa, a typically aggressive organ of the destroyers of the Middle East, that is an example of acute dumbing down.

The White people in California and Texas have already thrown in the towel and surrendered to the illegal immigrants from Mexico and Africa. They should now join forces with those Whites, whom are calling for the Southern States of the USA, to be handed over to Blacks and other immigrants, where they can be left to their own devices, while the Whites can organise their own refuge in the rest of the US, without responsibility for the welfare of the scroungers.

That way it would be possible to protect the vulnerable White women whom are ritually raped and often murdered by immigrants, crimes which are in the main ignored by the Police. It would also protect them from the massive gun crime which is inflicted on the whole community by the Blacks but which is reported as if it is carried out by Whites.

Along with the rest of the European Peoples, I have been given no choice in the destruction of my homeland, through the medium of immigration. That was decided for me and my family, by two Jews, who were allowed to inflict this burden onto my people, by a traitorous group of politicians, which had also ignored the Peoples decision on several other matters.

We now stand confronted by the teeming hordes from Africa, from where a billion people are being encouraged, by the same Jews, to head off to Europe. While we are not even permitted to mention the name of those by whom we are being destroyed.

There is a man called Soros, with pockets full of cash, who is stirring up trouble all across the United States, Europe and now Africa. His destructive behaviour, which has already cost many lives,  is simply being ignored by the Police and politicians, because he is a Jew, who is quite clearly working for a hidden hand.

I am not quite sure why Jews should decide that I must become multicultural, while Israel ‘must’ remain pure Jew. On top of which I am never offered an explanation as to why European politicians have failed to notice that they appear to be doing exactly what these numerous Jews are telling me that I have to accept, otherwise it will be the end of my people. Whatever that means?

Am I supposed to be so stupid, as to be incapable of spotting the link between the destruction of every trace of Islamic Culture from the face of the Middle East, and the urging of Jews, for the Peoples of Europe to open the floodgates of immigration, to make shelter for those whom have been, ‘accidentally’ made destitute by the brave forces from a few Jew controlled countries, who were claiming to have been saving them?

The world has not seen such needless, malicious destruction of an area, on such a scale, since the Hay-Day of Churchill and Bomber Harris and those diligent Brylcreem Boys of the RAF, who murdered millions of German civilians in a gruesome manner and carpet bombed every town and City in Germany, in an attempt to obliterate German culture, from the face of the Earth.

Well Hitler is no longer available to carry the can for the War Crimes of the Jews and it is about time they were called to book. How much longer are we prepared to put up with this violence against the innocent?


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