A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Free Oskar Groening!



Oskar Groening, a 94-year-old man, who when as a soldier during World WarTwo – which it should always be remembered, was declared by International Jews, against Germany – had served in the Auschwitz Camp.  He has been sent to gaol for four years, having been accused of being an accessory to the murder of 300,000 Jews in that Auschwitz work Camp. A number which is almost twice the total number of Jews, whom could not be accounted for by the Red Cross, after the war’s end.

That number included those Jews whom had left Europe before the war had even started and those said to have died, in other camps according to Red Cross figures, which also included those Jews whom had been killed by Allied bombings, all Jews were not in Camps.

Oskar was accused of taking money and jewellery from the clothing of inmates at Auschwitz, which was sent to Berlin to help in the war effort.The same thing is currently being done to immigrants and refugees coming into Europe to help pay for the cost of housing and feeding them.

The first question needs to be, on what data was this figure of 300,000 based? There is no data apart from the German death lists, of inmates and those of the Red Cross, both of which correspond with the 1948 Jews own census figure, showing the number of Jews alive on Earth in 1948, which clearly shows an increase in the Jew population. This was Fake Justice. Justice demands evidence of guilt more noteworthy than mere gossip and figures pulled out of thin air.

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