A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Our Lives Have Been Determined By Known Unknowns, I Think.

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We are living in a dream, a dream which has been quietly and patiently fed into our minds, in the classrooms and University lecture halls, throughout the years of our education.

It is inconceivable, that the current state of “knowledge” has been achieved by accident, it has been so well embedded, into our brains, that to so much as suggest that a firmly held belief, is exactly that, a “belief” as in a “belief” in heaven or hell, that fuses are blown in the minds of “believers” should their widely held “dogma” be called into question, oft-times resulting in the death, of the infidel.

There are very few historical events, which can be supported by verifiable facts, despite which, most people are loath to alter their received version of any particular tale. In a recent post, I mentioned that I am often invited to eat with friends, with strict instructions to call into question some the strongly held beliefs, of other invited guests, which gives everybody the opportunity to voice their own particular approach to life and their right to speak freely.

It can also spark off the habitual response of calling up another “belief” in order to demonstrate that the very suggestion which you have just voiced, for example, that the Earth may be flat, with a remark, along the lines of, “And I suppose you do not believe, that men have walked on the Moon either? as if that proves the stupidity of your previous remark.

Why would an advanced educational system, persist in the anti-educational contamination of young minds, with the lies and disinformation, which most assuredly the lecturers in our Universities do not themselves believe? The very fact, that without a shred of evidence, the unverified suggestion that the Earth is a globe, has been so wholeheartedly accepted, without question, to such a degree, that to even search the supporting evidence of this claim, is somehow, a sign of stupidity and ignorance, which does in effect destroy any form of intelligent research, forcing children, into the frame of mind, that you must believe,  whatever Big Brother tells you is true, instead of advice to believe nothing, unless you can prove it for yourself.

The internet has exposed many of the false claims, which we have been educated to accept as truth, when in fact we might just as well have been presented with a Hollywood film, which in some cases we probably have been. It was a famous Hollywood film, Inherit the Wind,  which was used to  reinforce the acceptance of the theory of Evolution being taught as fact in schools,  all across the Western World, a theory which has not presented a jot of supporting evidence since the day it was dreamt up.



The recent announcement from NASA, that all of the many hours of film of astronauts playing golf and driving around on the Moon in a dune buggy, which were “filmed” on the Moon, in full Technicolor, have been destroyed, when due to a shortage of VHS tapes, it was all wiped off, making the tapes available to record other ” more important”events. However we have been promised better versions of the remaining black and white rubbish, which was presented on television at the time, which can be “cleaned up” by a laboratory in Hollywood, which is capable of revealing the hidden beauty in those grainy images. I am lost for words.

Any man, immediately on landing on the Moon would have automatically taken a look at his “Home Planet” the “Globe Earth” big and bright in the sky above and yet not one them took any images, whatsoever of the Earth from the Moon.

If all those men on the moon, whom spent their time hitting golf balls, had no interest in bringing back proof of the “Globe” and the verification that the Earth did indeed rotate, verifying the truth of both theories, they must have been total idiots without a functioning brain, yet we were never, never, never, presented with any such images or filmed footage on television, during any of the trips to the Moon, why would that be, I wonder?

The same thing can be said of the Flat Earth, we can all make up our on minds about that subject, because there is no proof whatsoever either way. Believe it or not, that despite all of those trips to the Moon, we still, to this day, lack images of the Earth from Space, apart from the “composed” images, put together using a system involving rather a lot of cloud cover, making sure we are given no clear images of the Earth, which could well be contradicted, should a “real” image be provided, from Space at a future date.

The tale of the “Memo” is indicative of how we are being misled by our political representatives. The Democratic Party, which while under the leadership of Barack Obama, was in league with the FBI and several other Agencies, with the direct intention of making sure that the ‘maverick’ Donald Trump, did not get elected in the 2016 Presidential Election. This is an indication of the total failure of the system, when both of the Political Parties were intent on denying the people their preferred President.

We have all become aware that elections were rigged and that usually it made no difference which Party was voted into power in the White House, Senate or Congress, however this spits it into our faces, the elections count for nothing.

The representatives of the people,  were all desperate, out of a fear of the exposure of their complicity in crimes, all the way from sexual peccadilloes involving the Pizza-gate affair and the murder of LaVoy Finicum, by the FBI and the use of brutal forced against the Bundy Family, in order to clear the ground, having sold the rights to the Uranium beneath the surface of the Ranchers grazing lands, to Russia.  While Robert Mueller, the man who pretended to investigate 911, was, with clear knowledge that it was a mere diversion, carried on with a ten million dollar inquiry into Donald Trumps alleged collusion with the Russians, to distract the people from the criminality of the FBI and Hillary Clinton and others.

The complicity was so widespread, that even members of the Republican Party, who were in principle, on the same side as Trump, were conspiring with others to take him down. This is the measure of the human filth, which is elected time after time in the United States, while the “people” do not want to be made aware of any of this, choosing instead to ignore and accept it.

The notion that Democracy means rule by the people for the people is yet another of those hoary old theories, which falls flat on its face when the result is the wrong result, an ever-increasing phenomenon in these turbulent days. Very soon, all elections will be done away with altogether, when the brand new apolitical system is put in place, which will be under the control of a faceless International Politburo,  which will be “wholly owned” by huge, monopolistic corporations, with Admiralty Law firmly in place, which will find you guilty until proven innocent.


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