A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

There’s A Load Of Tosh, All Over The World, These Days…………….!


There would appear to be certain factors, which play a part in all of the so-called mass murder events, which have been taking place across the United States and Europe.

The events themselves, always seem to present an excuse to impose further ‘fear based’ restrictions onto the activities of ‘We the People, through the propagation of the idea that nobody is safe from the long arm of the ‘terrorist’ nor indeed from some ‘long known to the FBI,’ prescription drug induced ‘psychotic’ schoolboy.

In the recent event in Florida, the sad, little boy lost, Nicolas Cruz, who we are told was expelled from school, when he should have been shown sympathy, having been abandoned by his parents and forced to live with strangers, after the death of both of his Foster Parents, was selected as the ‘patsy, ‘ using the excuse, that he had been prescribed dangerous drugs, which huge numbers of school-children in the United States have also been prescribed, when in reality, for some unknown reason, he was actually in the school, during a drill, which was ongoing, even as he spoke to another child, who herself knew exactly who he was, even as shots were ringing out, in another part of the school, demonstrating that he could not possibly have been a lone ‘mad’ killer kid.

The first question needs to be, what prompted Cruz to go to the school, from which he had been expelled, on the very day that not one but two drills were taking place? Was he late for the first drill, so it had to be repeated, when his arrival had been verified? The Patsy has now entered the building!

The reluctance of the same mainstream media, to look into these anomalies, despite them all having their first airing on the mainstream media itself and later ignored, is indicative of the collusion between the media and the ‘Deep State’ or is theFBI a utility of the Deep State?

As with the reports in the United Kingdom, when the attack on Manchester Arena was reported, the most significant information often slips out in the first, uncensored reports, which are the most important. I was listening to Russia Today UK, at the time and I heard Bill Dod, RT’s UK Daily News anchor, speaking to a women, who on leaving the arena early, was refused access to an exit area, by security men, from where she heard the sound of a muffled explosion, as she turned to leave by another exit. That was quite obviously the proof of a contrived attack scene, entry to which everybody, apart from the ‘Actors’ were refused entry. There was no bomb in the arena itself.

At Sandy Hook the same routine, nobody was allowed to see the inside of the school. No children were seen to evacuate the school. There were no signs of ambulances at the scene and according to certain locals, there were young kids, unattended wandering around all over the place.

I watched the tale unfold at Westminster Bridge in the United Kingdom, the body of a woman, behind the ‘back-wheels of a double-decker bus, intrigued me, as to how anyone could be run over by both sets of wheels on an extremely heavy bus and not have had at least had a trace of blood forced from her squashed body.

Television viewers were then presented with a clip of screaming people, running from Westminster Bridge, out of a fear of being run over by the madman in a car, which would suggest that the attack was ongoing, and yet a policemen, standing alongside the ‘cameraman’, had to raise a plastic crime scene ribbon, to allow the fleeing survivors to pass under it.

So it would appear that the Bridge was already cordoned off in readiness for the attack, where ‘passers by’ were to be seen, treating blood free and missing shoe type victims, while a few of those whom did not flee, stood with hands to mouths, in that typical response to such events of horror. There uninvolved pedestrians,walking past the scene, without even bothering to stop and take a look,  having already decided it to be a staged event. A young lad was actually filmed saying that it was all part of a drill.

We later saw gurney, with victims aboard, being wheeled into the Marriott Hotel, instead of to the hospital which was only a few yards away, even as a whole line of ambulances stood idly by.

These events could not have been staged in a more ridiculous, lackadaisical  manner, if that had been the intention from the start, however, the mainstream media presents all this guff, without a trace of sham, which now called the ‘official tale’, which has never been investigated, apart from by idiots like me, a tale which is now so completely accepted as the honest truth and that, my friends,  is how the media spreads total propaganda for those whom desire to take away our rights.

In all of the above, we have yet to see a real victim, all we see are smiling people cosily wrapped up in a hospital bed giggling at the Queen of England as she is cynically used to emphasise the seriousness of the ‘attack.’

After the Bataclan attack in Paris, I watched a Sky News reporter, talking to a man in a white coat, with a hospital in the background, where severely injured people were supposedly being treated, asking the man whether the injuries were of a serious nature. The “doctor”, with a broad smile on his face mumbled some non-committal  nonsense, when in fact with Kalashnikov being loosed off in a crowded theatre, I have been assured by experts, that arms and legs would most certainly have been blown away and probably a few heads as well and yet the Doctor made no mention of anything in any way as serious as that for some reason.

I have seen scenes of massacres, which have occurred, thanks to ISIS all across the Middle East, scenes which are shown quite openly on television and yet when it comes to these ‘bloody’ attacks on home soil, we are suddenly all too timid and fragile and quite incapable of looking at images of such brutal reality.

In Florida, there are already suggestions that the school involved in the recent attack, should be demolished as was Sandy Hook, even before the lies of the FBI, which was miraculously on the scene like greased shit, almost as if they were expecting something to happen, can be checked out, after all they have themselves been responsible for all of the so-called Muslim terrorist attacks, so perhaps they are now taking control of the ‘Excuse for Gun Grabbing’ events as well.

Even those whom have become frightened to even suggest there to be anomalies in many of these school shootings and concert attacks, having been bad-mouthed as being conspiracy theory idiots, cannot help but throw caution to the wind to ask the simple question, how could there have been a bunch of Military men, prowling around in the Florida school, shooting so-called blank rounds, even as the ‘patsy’ was leaving the building with other kids, whom had been warned to leave the building because there was a drill going on,  as shots were still ringing out and did those Military Men kill all those kids, which is how it appears. A young girl on film saw the Military kill people and cover them with carpets.







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