A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Take No Notice Of The Media, Be Very Wary On The Multi-cultured Streets.




The need of the number of schools or hospitals in certain areas, or the upgrading of a highway or whatever, is based on the statistics of the number of vehicles using the highway or perhaps the increase in the number of children seeking a place in a local school. The statistics can be misleading, for example, we have been informed that ninety-seven percent of scientists are convinced that ‘people,’ are responsible for Global Warming. In strict terms that means bugger all should the group of scientists consist of half-a-dozen determined liars.


A mere cursory glance at the above statistics, which were compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, would suggest that their efficacy or otherwise, has been turned on its head, following a questionable “massacre” in a Florida School, which has provoked hysterical calls for the disarmament of all Americans, the majority of whom are involved in an extremely small proportion of murders.


The unreported statistics suggest that the majority of what are loosely called “mass killings” are carried out by Black killers, this is reflected in the above FBI statistics. So to avoid having to pretend that any White person, who recently visited a therapy centre, under the advice of his doctor, could well find himself on a “no gun” list, while the ‘elephant in the room’ the mass murdering elephant, could be quickly pinpointed without need of expensive inquiries and psychological reports and all that nonsense and that way the number of killings would be cut in half overnight, according to the ‘gun-grabbers’ by simply taking away Black gun rights.


All of the never properly investigated, mass killings, like Sandy Hook, where the school was summarily demolished, to destroy the “Non Existent Evidence” apparently leaving six-hundred and fifty children without a school to attend, a shortage which was coped with immediately, without need of another school, almost as if there were no children in the Sandy Hook school, which many claim had been closed for two years or more, are cunningly presented as the worst mass murders in American history, when we have yet to see a single body or a trace of blood at any of them.

All of this ‘school massacre’ nonsense would stop in an instant on the day that guns in the USA were banned and claims, that it was stopped because of the gun seizure, would be made all over the media, while for the rest of time, the ensuing increase in robbery and murder would have to be shrouded in mystery. 



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