A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Fatal Grip Of Secret Societies.


There are two-hundred Members of Parliament, sitting in the House of Commons, in the United Kingdom, whom first and foremost, swear allegiance to a subversive, unelected organisation, which while disingenuously presenting itself as the ‘champion’ of the ‘working man,’ through its association with the Labour Party, a group which was and is, fully funded by the Central Banking Community, in both Britain and the United States, that organisation would be The Fabian Society.

The Fabians are a little known and group, which in its guise as an educator, educated the Queen of England and a certain David Rockefeller, in the London School of Economics, with the Fabian’s full support the Labour Party, along with its alleged Opposition, in the House of Commons, the Conservative Party, happily place themselves, in the International Control Central Parliament, referred to as The Friends of Israel, which is itself the front office of World Zionism.

The aim of the Fabian Society was to achieve the installation of the European Sector of the so-called New World Order. Both of the two subversive groupings in the British Parliament, Labour and Conservative, are currently working together, to deny the British People their “Democratic Right,” to tell their elected representatives, what they are obliged to do, having instructed them, through the medium of a referendum, to leave the European Union. Instead of which the ‘elected’ are one and all, scratching around, desperately seeking any excuse to remain in the EU, by claiming that a wholly biased Parliament, knows better than do the Voters, what is best for them.

Both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party, have played their part in the deliberate swamping of the United Kingdom with immigrants, whom are now raping and murdering their way to infamy across Britain and Europe, while the controlled Police fudge the real crime figures, to hide reality from the indigenous British, whom are no longer safe on the streets of England. This is Europe’s first taste of the coming dystopia.

The Fabian Socialists kicked off the ridiculous scheme to destroy the integrity of Britain at the end of the Second World War, when for no good reason, through the use of the newly elected Labour Party, they imported thousands of Blacks from the West Indies, quickly followed by millions of Muslims and Hindus, thereby creating an unsupportable mass of people, the care of whom would involve ever more immigrants to do the work, which the Friends of Israel controlled media, continues to assure us, that the British refuse to do.

The result has been, that despite importing millions of immigrants, there is to this day, a persistent shortage of Nurses in the National Health Service, involving the need of ever more immigrants, to simply look after the needs of previous immigrants, all of whom quickly discover that you are far better off in the UK by having a few babies, than you will ever be working for the ‘minimum’ wage, a lifestyle which will suit those coming from the Third World, very well indeed.

The Conservative Party, which for many years controlled Britain, during which time they eagerly, under the leadership of the alleged paedophile, Edward Heath and then Margaret Thatcher, destroyed the Trades Union Movement and without mercy, turned the controlled Police against striking Miners.

Having rendered the Miners jobless, without a trace of shame, Thatcher, then set about selling the riches of the British to the highest bidder, using the media to instil the idea, into the empty-headed British, that Private ownership, was best for Britain. This allowed the Oil Barons to buy BP, British Petroleum, which would supply Natural Gas, from the privatised reserves in the North Sea, to generate electricity, which was traditionally generated using coal. Do you begin to get the picture

The investment in coal had ceased, in readiness for the next lie, that of CO2 being a ‘green-house gas,’which was a tale totally rejected by thirty-seven thousand scientists, while the European Unions head office, the United Nations, claimed that the ‘science was settled’ and that the Earth was warming at an alarming rate.

This claim, which curiously coincided with, calls to initiate, a still virtually unknown document, which has been surreptitiously put in place, by complicit politicians, both regional and national, without a ‘democratic’ word to the voter, Agenda 21, using as an excuse, figures which were so blatantly false, that when the Emails of a British University group called the Climate Research Unit, were put online, a Pop Song entitled ‘Hide the Decline’ gave us all a good laugh, but was ignored by the government, and at a Global Warming meeting, a journalist was evicted from the meeting, by security guards, for daring to mention the incriminating Emails. This is, after all,  the same democracy which we are so keen to force others to accept, under the barrel of a gun.





All of these decisions are in the hands of traitors and when events came to a head, after Thatcher’s term as Prime Minister was brought to an abrupt end, by Geoffrey Howe, a senior member of her cabinet, the Fabian Society replaced her after a short stint by John Major, with New Labour Party, which came into power, lead by Tony Blair, which continued the policies of Thatcher, they were indistinguishable from the Conservatives, Blair considered himself to be the progeny of Thatcher.

Blair had a Cabinet, composed of Fabian Society Members. His first task, having cynically watched the wholesale starvation of the Iraqi People, through the use of sanctions and knowing full well that Iraq had been ‘softened-up’ to make invasion a simple matter, he was obliged put an end to the British Terrorist activities, which had been ongoing in Northern Ireland for a generation, so he duly performed the ‘miracle’ of the ‘Good Friday Agreement’ which was dutifully signed by all of the controlled elements in the ‘Troubles,’ in Ulster.

This act cleared the way, for the introduction to the British, of the New Terrorists on the Block, the Muslim Boys, whom would now find themselves, as had been the Irish Republican Army, held responsible for the coming acts of MI6 and SAS as they set about ‘softening-up’ the British for the ‘inevitable’ Muslim backlash.

In an already overcrowded Britain, Jeremy Corbyn, who is a member of the Fabian Society, who frequently addresses the members but who is attempting to disguise this fact, to avoid being associated with the hidden agenda of the Fabian Society, which is to create a “Neo-Englishman’ through the introduction of Black and Brown people into the UK, in order to force the White British, to copulate uniquely with Black or Brown people. Nicolas Sarkozy, the once French President, has already promised to change the law, to oblige French women to have babies with Blacks.

Corbyn and his team have resolutely refused to give a maximum figure to the number of immigrants which a future Corbyn government would allow to enter Britain, his old flame Diane Abbott, is in favour of unlimited immigration, she claims that Blacks built the British Empire and London and that they are a huge benefit to Britain.

Needless to say statistics tell another tale. They show that wherever statistics are collected, across Europe and the United States, they clearly show that at least, sixty percent of immigrants never work. Why would they, a Somali with four kids would be a millionaire, while living on the UK Welfare system, which is why immigration is cynically being deliberately used to destroy White Christian Countries.

Jeremy Corbyn CANNOT be unaware of this fact, No country is safe, when there is not enough agricultural land to feed its population, Britain has long passed this point and France is getting there, having already stood by watching the greedy take control of the World’s Food, Water and Power production, one begins to understand the meaning of consolidate, all of the most important utilities into the hands of the People.


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