A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Freedom Of Speech Is In The Hands Of Those With The Most To Hide.

We are being corralled into disparate groups of unconnected populations, without a shared history, with the intention of creating numerous tribal factions, designed to create a modern Dark Age, during which we will be culled, through the medium of a killer plague, while the survivors will be collected into City States, beneath domes, a situation in which many people believe, we have lived for thousands of years, quite unable to perceive the reality of life.

Part of our bright new future, will include the introduction of a brand new religion, which will involve the worship of Parent Earth, (please note how politically correct I have become.) This religion will of course be under the control of a Government Minister. Before this aim can be achieved, it will be necessary to dismantle all existing religions.

Part of my aim throughout my time as a pamphleteer blogger, has been to point out the violent, murderous attacks against Christian Peoples throughout the last Century. In Europe more than two-hundred-million Christians have been slaughtered in barbaric wars of attrition, for no apparent reason other than to get rid of them.

This great loss of Christian life, has been given hardly a mention in recent history, having been suffocated beneath a barrage of unproven claims about certain events, made by Jews, a number of whom died while in captivity, during the Second World War and it seems,  on many other occasions, when they claim to have suffered  exactly the same unfortunate fate. I was astonished to hear the so-called intellectual, the late Christopher Hitchens, a Jew, reel off a totally bogus list of the crimes of Christianity, for which he was roundly applauded. You can find the full debate here:



This debate included Stephen Fry, another Jew, who in his attempt to dismiss God, used whatever came to mind to bad-mouth the very idea of a God, all clever people still grimly cling onto their own particular notion that evolution is the real answer, to a creation out of nothing. He suggested that no ‘Good God’ would create a fly, which crept into children’s eyes and caused them to go blind. It is perfectly possible Stephen, that God is not good but simply more interested in his overall handiwork, without bothering about side effects. Fry blathered on and on about Priests and Monks whom abused children, which was a good enough reason to get rid of the Roman Catholic Church.

As soon as I came across this debate, I knew I was on to a loser. My first comment was to complain that two Jews had been selected to discuss Christianity, for which I was admonished for changing the subject. For me the subject had already become one of refuting the claims made against Christianity by two members of the tribe, which had single-handedly wiped out more than one-hundred-million Christians during the Twentieth Century. None of which was mentioned by either of the Jews.

Back in the day, men like Stephen Fry, would have joined a religious organisation, where he would have found as much ‘man-love’ as his heart desired. Ever since the legalisation of Sodomy, there has been a dramatic fall in the numbers of young boys being buggered by ‘Priests, they are now prey for predatory ‘Faggots’ – as Hitchens called them – on the modern streets of shame, while the Monasteries are empty. Draw your own conclusions.

On the other side of the coin, the one which I was criticised for mentioning, Judaism, things are rattling along for the perverted Rabbis’. I am posting several clips because they have already started to vanish before I even publish the post.


The mere mention of the fact that both Hitchens and Fry are Jews had red flags flying up all over the place and the ‘duty Jew’ was made ‘operational,’ to sort me out.

Powell’s opening comment, above, was about Ann Widdicombe a devout Catholic, while the last sentence visible of my response, posed the question, while Jews can deny crucifying Christ have you any idea what happens to a German Christian who denies the Holocaust, an idea which the intellectual Hitchens made sure was laid specifically at the door of Christians, while certain folk claim Hitler to have been a Jew, to suit another story.

Hitchens laid out every past Jew crime against Christianity –  including the Jews almost total monopoly of the Slave Trade –  which is of course, a White Man’s religion. Jews are themselves transforming into something other than White, right in front of our eyes, even though they can accept all the benefits which come with being White, from those whom ‘perceive’ them as White and all that insufferable nonsense which is intended to exonerate Jews from their own past crimes. When asked to explain their real colour, they make use of terms like non-white, which is a bit like the rest of us, off White people.

I suggested to the duty Jew, that it was difficult for a Christian to use the same sort of language about Jews, while this pair can say what they like about Christianity without fear, while I have been banned all over the place for making the most innocuous remarks about Jews and I have also suffered at the hands of YouTube.


This duty Jew, who appears to be quite new at the game, appears to have set up a phoney channel on YouTube to have a go at me. Needless to say the comment section on the debate, has now been closed against me. So the Jews win again.

When I uploaded the short clip of Hitchens, I was very careful not to use any keywords, I have recently posted certain paragraphs of script, about the Florida School shooting which have been censored out, along with my innocuous short clips, taken direct from mainstream media sources, I might add.

I make an effort to remind the  world of the crimes of Jews  and they are numerous, TheJew controlled media is constantly censoring me, on the radio talk-in shows, in several British Daily Newspapers, some of which have threatened me, and all across the internet.  While Bad-Mouthing White Christians is considered fair game, wherever and whenever it shows its ugly face. Well not for me.

Right now, in the United States and Europe, hundreds of thousands of Third World immigrants are being deliberately imported,  for no apparent reason, even as the rhetoric is building up for a Third World War, should the West lose that war, can anyone imagine the consequences for the White People, whom find themselves in a devastated region, having allowed themselves to be blamed for the problems of all the immigrants? 

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