A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

British Governments Master-Class Of Fakery.



The British Parliament, which is so keen to censor the merchants of truth online, yesterday, presented us with a master class of disinformation, which was a clear reminder of the lies and slander which was unleashed against Adolf Hitler and Germany, in the build-up to International Jewry’s bloodbath, which cost the lives of millions of White Christian people all across the Western World.

We are obliged to remind ourselves of this fact occasionally, a sad fact, which has been smothered into insignificance by the tumultuous shrieking of the Jews, about their own losses, as if we are supposed to care more about the casualties, of the very filth whom forced us to fight this war,  for their own gain and by God did they gain, while forgetting about the vast majority of the dead, whom were not Jews.

The House of Commons had a large bunch of the fully paid up Friends of Israel, in attendance, during the debate on the new ‘enemy of the Jews, Putin and Russia, all with carefully prepared, barbed questions, every one of which was aimed at Russia and its ‘evil dictator’ friend Bashar al Assad in Syria. Evidence was superfluous for this rabid bunch of morons, whom demonstrated their total indifference to the basic rules of justice. It was a clear case of, we think it’s so meaning it must be so.

There was unanimity between all sides of the House, the only sign of dissension came from Jeremy Corbyn, who did not quite find the courage,  to dismiss the rantings of Theresa May for what they were, pure bilge. This was so reminiscent of the Second World War Coalition which sacked Chamberlain the ‘appeaser,’ replacing him with the drunken Jew bum, Winston Churchill, the man who sent the Anzacs into the jaws of hell in Gallipoli, during the Great War, to tie up Turkish Forces, to assist in the defeat of the Ottoman Empire,  in order to enable the City of London to take control of Palestine, for the Jews. Churchill was the puppet in place when the invasion of Palestine kicked off.

The attitude of the Americans, to claims that Russia had taken action against a traitor, harboured abroad, was the most distasteful, they were conveniently ignoring The National Defence Authorisation Act, which allows the American Government to kill whomsoever they choose, in whichever country that killing is carried out, as they called it appalling should the Russians do the same thing.

As for the Brits? They kill opponents like Doctor David Kelly, a weapons inspector in Iraq, on a whim and it took thirty years to force them to admit that they murdered dozens of Irish Catholics in Derry, on Bloody Sunday. Not to mention the original Bloody Sunday massacre in Croke Park in Dublin, when an armoured car came into the stadium and fired indiscriminately into the crowd. Britain is a land ruled by bastards. They needed the whole world to help them defeat Germany and they are now picking on the people who did all the fighting for them, the Russians. (Check out the comments for an interesting link)





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  1. Jamie Wade


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    I enjoyed this and thought you may too!



    Mar 14, 2018 at 00:47

    • Thank you for that Jamie. I think we can all agree, What’s not to like about Jesus Christ? It could be irreligiously said, that the Jews made the same mistake again over Hitler and it keeps coming back to haunt them.

      Liked by 1 person

      Mar 14, 2018 at 08:28

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