A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Come On Boys Let’s Bomb Them To Kingdom Come, The British Media Urges Theresa May.


Under the headline: Assad Gas Attacks His Own People, Mailonline has already drawn up battle plans for how the ever dangerous British, should take to themselves the right to bomb a member State of the United Nations, sheltering behind yet another pack of lies. With War Criminal Tony Blair lending his full support and instructions on how to avoid asking Parliament.


They have managed to contrive all sorts of allegations against  Assad, who has now joined the ranks of those whom have held the same title of ‘Evil Dictator’ in past times, to justify British savagery.

These are the same British savages whom starved five million Irish people to death, before ordering their cohorts in Bolshevik Russia to inflict the same atrocity onto the people of the Ukraine and later on in Bengal and then stood idly by watching the starvation of over one million German Prisoners of War, by their Friend Ike, who was known at University as the Swedish Jew.

Assad is a mere poodle in comparison to even the most recent crimes of the British in Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and if any place on earth, deserves the treatment the British Press is proposing for Syria, it is the disUnited Kingdom of hypocrites itself.






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