A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Whole World Is Racist Including Israel. Get Over It!



There are currently, efforts being made to censor RT, once known as Russia Today. RT has been the only source of News, to present any form of contradiction to the fable about the ‘most likely’ chemical weapon attacks in Salisbury in the United Kingdom and Douma in Syria.

Events which have been handled, by the British, in such a ham-fisted fashion, that I concluded and still believe, them to be a convoluted means of changing the result of the ‘Brexit’ vote in the United Kingdom, by bringing down Theresa May and installing Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street, along with his cunning plan to remain in the EU, by pretending to have left.

I have been flagged by someone on YouTube, because of a clip which I posted, which cast doubt on the veracity of these chemical attacks, which should have been apparent to those very intelligent world leaders, whom did not have a hidden agenda, a desire to change a Democratic Referendum result for example. Such an aim would of course be supported by NATO members and the European Union.

If YouTube has allowed itself to become a part of a political event, either willingly or unwittingly, and is arbitrarily removing News clips, such as mine and threatening to ban those like me, whom post them, we are in serious trouble as far as information is concerned. The British organisation OFCOM, which has already ‘blacklisted’ Press TV is now seeking an excuse to do the same thing to RT.

In recent times, I have been having a go at those whom insert a disclaimer into their remarks about current events. Disclaimers along the lines of, ‘Don’t think for one minute that I am a supporter of the ‘evil dictator’ Assad, but’…….etc. Or maybe I have many Black and Muslim friends, whom I love dearly, but’………, to mention the Jew word would result in an instant ban. We all know how it goes, do we not? 

To do so, according to a previous warning, which I received from YouTube,  could now result in the closure of my channel, which is because I would have apparently passed one of the unknown boundaries,  by using such a clip from RT. This is a denial of not only my Freedom of Speech, but of freedom of information. None of the following would now be allowed by YouTube.


Sadly the time has come to face up to reality. That reality being that Jews in Israel, display a form of ‘racism’ against those, whom Jews assure everyone, across the whole wide world, share the same Semitic origins,  as do the Jews themselves, despite which they display a total disregard for the origins or rights of members of their own Race in Palestine, where they are in fact, carrying out a form of Fratricide. With the full support of Western Governments.

This same adoption of hatred against ones own Race, was used by those hateful Jews, to manipulate the White Christians of Europe, into a brutal ‘Fratricidal’ war, with Germany, in order to gain for the Jews, the right for them, to ‘steal’ their ‘alleged’ land of origin, from their own kinsfolk, by whatever brutal means proved necessary. The necessary means included Genocide.      https://www.bitchute.com/video/QDu3GmKVP0Zu/

In order to carry out this aim, they have condemned and robbed their German victims, of their dignity and honour, whom they forced to pay blood money and continue, to so do to this day, having at the same time carried out a campaign against their other ‘innocent victims’ in Gaza and Palestine, using means which are far more prolonged and vicious, than anything which has ever been ‘proven’ against the Germans, to get what they want.

While their campaigns against Germany and Palestine are ongoing these pleasant Jews, whom claim to have been the victims of the hatred of others, down through the Centuries, for no good reason of course, having already used the tactic of the mass immigration of Blacks into America, where they worked in the cotton fields for a while, only to be given their ‘freedom’, which amounted to little more than expecting Whitey to give them a free lunch, are now using these Blacks, whom are one-hundred-percent Racist, by nature, to call for the Genocide of White Christians, while these hate-filled Jews are giving the Blacks full financial support in their attempted destruction of the very people, whom have given them everything they have gained.

While in South Africa, where the Jews have already succeeded in ousting the White Christians, the Blacks, left to their own devices, have already transformed South Africa into a shit hole, plunging their own people into misery and chaos, while China is already busily preparing Africa for themselves and should those Blacks, whom have been fooled into believing that they will one day live in ‘Wakonda’ they are in for a rude awakening, they are hated by others for their savagery and they are headed for extinction.




The whole notion that these Black folk are good for White European economies, has been exposed for the lie which it is, in South Africa, where a modern, fully functioning, rich country, having fallen under the control of Jews and Blacks, has fallen apart and there are open calls to kill the rest of the White Christian population, even as Europe, is expected to accept millions more of them into its midst. Are we mad?

Right now, all across Europe, where millions of Muslims, from what are basically Third World countries, have installed themselves, where eighty-percent of them have never worked, are now in the process of doing to Europe what has already been done in South Africa. No White woman is now safe, after dark, in Europe or in the United States. Rape figures are so alarming that they are never presented in the controlled media.

Muslims whom have shown themselves to be capable of Crucifying, beheading and torturing to death, those of whom they disapprove, are now swarming all over Europe, with thoughts of revenge for what the White Man has done to their homelands. They are being spoon-fed hate for Christians by controlled Imams, in Wahhabi controlled Mosques, which are already stocked, to the rafters with the necessary arms to carry out terrorist attacks, in Europe. While none of them show any inclination to go home to Arabia to help in the reconstruction.

There are alarming reports coming out of the United States, where the Obama regime, was flying into the USA, thousands of Africans, whom have been quietly installed, in small towns all across the States, while ‘business men’ with millions of Dollars at their disposal, are quietly establishing training camps for these men, in readiness for the total collapse of the American economy, which is not far off.

This is why the war against the ownership of fire-arms, which could be used to fight these heavily armed Black Mercenaries, is hotting up. In many States and Counties, fire-arms are already being confiscated, in readiness, for the total annihilation of White Christian Americans. Rest assured, history tells us that White Christians have been the ultimate target of Zion for more than one hundred years.

Back to Racism, it is time to get over the inferred criticism of Whites, whom do not seek anything which others do not claim by right. We are guilty of nothing which does not apply to all other Races. WE, whatever our faults, have given to the World, the lifestyle which everybody else now seek for themselves.

Listen to the hypocrisy, which is daily broadcasted by the mainstream media, where even this morning, the people whom have destroyed vast tracts of the Planet, are attempting to take away from North Korea, a land where they have already murdered thirty-percent of the population, in an illegal war, their Nuclear arms deterrent, which they claim to be a threat to the Free World, while of course leaving those weapons in the hands of those whom are actually, incrementally, destroying the Free World.

Both Libya and Iraq have already fallen into this trap and are lying in ruins as a result. Hitler was also lulled into this position by the Jews, whom declared war against Germany on the day Hitler was elected. The same Germany which has been bad-mouthed for several generations, by being blamed for one of those ‘more than likely’ events.

If Racism means a ‘love of your own Race’ then I am a proud Racist. I do not want my people to be ‘bastardised’ to suit the aims of certain Jew/Zionists, whom fear a backlash from the White people, whom have been the unwitting tools of hidden money-sick people for Centuries.

South Africa was not ‘liberated’ out of any feelings of compassion for the Blacks, it was liberated to make diamonds and gold available, for the covert Jew/Zionists whom organised the coup d’etat, all of whom cynically watch as South African Blacks slither back into a swamp of Rape, Murder and Cannibalism.

Africa should be warned, when the next famine comes over the horizon, the White Christians whom once brought in water and food for the dying, will no longer be around to help them, because Black African and Muslim Africans, will be doing the work of the Jew/Zionists and introducing Europe to a dose of African economic improvement. Africans will soon find themselves in a position which has affected many others in past times, at the hands of Bolsheviks, by whatever cover name was used at the time, that of death through the medium of starvation.

No White person, should be ashamed to claim for White people, what other Races claim for themselves without criticism. Why should there be any need for White people to whimper about ‘Don’t White Lives Matter’? when faced with a bunch of Blacks, whom are daily, killing themselves in huge numbers, even the ‘Cops’ whom kill Blacks are frequently themselves Black. White Lives Matter Just As Much As Do All Other Lives.

What is this game that justifies Blacks tearing down statues of White men, when there would be an uproar if a statue of the vile and disgusting character Martin Luther King, should be targeted by Whites? I could come up with a dozen good reasons why there should be no monuments to a cynical pervert like King, whatever Blacks claim him to have done for them.

King was a traitor to Blacks, working for the same hidden hand as that other piece of Black crap, Nelson Mandela, who actually lead the South African Blacks to disaster and ruin and the American Blacks are on their way to the same thing, they can be sure of that. No people in history have gained from an association with Jews, which is why they were booted out of whichever State they have previously inhabited. Happily Israel is now available for them.


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