A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

British Lies Exposed.

How shallow,  all the British claims that Assad is a brutal Dictator, bombing his own people and Russia is complicit, by vetoing all calls for action to be taken against Syria, which the British and Americans did carry out, despite having no mandate from the UN, sounds now, as the claims of chemical weapon attacks falls apart and British lies are exposed for what they have been all through the barbaric destruction of the Middle East.

On top of which, Sky News reports are in no way fair and balanced, they are quite clearly working to an agenda. Lisa Holland can barely keep the sneer out of her voice, she is a disgrace to journalism.

“As he made his entrance, the specially invited crowd went crazy. I pushed my way to the front, trying to gesture to him to come over to our camera. He knows how to work the crowd and quickly clocked the signals. He grabbed the hand I’d held aloft. He (Gadaffi) clearly thought I was there to cheer him on – as if he had never known anything but orchestrated adulation.”  (A paragraph from a Holland report, during her time in Libya,  in the Daily Mail,  note the dismissive “specially invited” and “Orchestrated adulation.” remarks, without any reference to the hundreds of thousands whom had come out in Gadaffi’s support on many other occasions.


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