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The Bolshevik Russian’s Hollow Victory Celebrations.

Despite claiming to have escaped from the stranglehold of the Zionist Bankers, the Russians, are seventy-three years on, still pushing the tale of ‘The Great Patriotic War’, while presenting the Germans to be the aggressors and the Russian People, ten million of whom, had been recently starved to death and the remnants of those starving people of Ukraine were still being banished to the Siberian killing fields, even as the Germans entered Ukraine and saved them, from the Bolshevik Terror Machine, as having been the victims of the Germans.

This continuation of the lies about World War Two, by the Russian State, is giving me a queasy feeling in my stomach. When will the so-called ‘free media’ be prepared to admit that the Russians were in the loop, with Britain, France and America, not to forget the City of London and Washington’s Shadow Governments, to attack Germany, with strict instructions to completely destroy Germany, along with all of its people.

In return the Zionist Bankers donated to themselves, control of Eastern Europe, and Part of Germany, the British and American Armies were deliberately stalled, for long enough to allow the Red Army to ‘take’ Eastern Germany and Berlin, before continuing their advance into the heartland of Germany, in their lovable ‘have, cock, will rape, travel mode’, raping a german woman or child, to their heart’s content with the acquiescence of the Officer Class.

The nastiest little secret of World War Two, is what was done to the Germans after The Fall. Take my word for it, the Allies have nothing of which to be proud, in terms of the lies told and brutality used, against the proud people of Germany. Virtually every German Prisoner of War, simple soldiers, were sterile for the rest of their lives, having had their testicles crushed by the Allies, before they were released.

This is the reality of The Great Patriotic War, in which the brutal deaths, carried out by the Bolsheviks, against Russian Christians, were calmly laid at the door of the Germans. There is no way the Germans could possibly have killed twenty-six-million Russians, with limited air power and shortages of supplies, as claimed by the Russians, whom had deliberately starved the people of Stalingrad, using the stored food of Stalingrad to feed their troops, as Churchill was doing in Bengal, where untold millions died as a result. I suppose Churchill would have blamed those Japs, had his action ever have been reported.

All the talk of ‘The Road of Life’ across a frozen lake, to relieve Leningrad and the heroism of the defenders, whom were, no doubt, still in a state shock from the brutal purges, so recently, carried out by the Bolsheviks, against any group which was perceived to be a threat to the coup d’etat, rings hollow in the ears of those whom have come to understand, that like the British, the Russian people were duped into believing that they were under threat when in reality there was nothing whatsoever to fear from Germany, that in fact the opposite was the case and the result was no more than was to be expected, when one small country is attacked by a bunch of Banker funded, fully armed and prepared, blood-thirsty States, with the stated aim, of carrying out a total genocide of the German people. After which they conditioned us all to believe that it was the Germans who carried out a genocide, when in fact a whole bunch of Jews had supported the idea of a complete annihilation of the German people. The Germany Must Perish Syndrome.

The Red Army systematically executed any Germans military whom surrendered, many of them after they had been brutally tortured, while millions more were either starved to death or worked to death in the Gulags of Siberia, after the Wars end.





On ‘Crosstalk’ RT’s Flagship discussion program, which claims to give us all the News which cannot be found elsewhere, is today giving us all the clap-trap about how wonderful was the collusion between Russia, Britain and America, to fight Fascism, a cooperation which has now disappeared, and we are descending into a new Cold War, when in fact there was no such thing as the Cold War it was no more than more collusion to create cash for the Weapon Shops just as have Putin’s latest bragging about Supersonic Missiles and Torpedoes excused the Americans rush to create their own, none of which, like the old models, will ever be used. All of this without a word from the other side of the story.

RT, is not too accepting of criticism, I have myself been forced to remove something of which they disapproved. However, in view of the fact that it was Germany which was ambushed into war, by a gaggle of Jews, with the collusion of a whole swathe of Jews whom had been inveigled into power in the United States, Britain and France, along with the Bolshevik Jews, whom had carried out the Coup d’Etat in Russia a mere two decades before the Second World War against Germany kicked off, having polished off sixty-five million Christians in the meantime, so one might well ask, what makes the Germans any worse than the other band of filth against whom they were forced to fight?

I have never heard the cry of Nazism, or Fascism shouted out with such venom and frequency, as during the festival of celebration which has gripped Russia all day long today the 9th May, marking the victory of the deceived Russian people over the Germans, since I last listened to a speech from Netanyahu.

Have we not just a speck of mercy and respect for those twenty million Germans whom lost their lives fighting overwhelming opposition, or indeed for the young girls and women whom were raped to death by the advancing ‘good guys’ by whom they were sometimes carelessly crucified on barn doors, or chopped to pieces with garden spades. No mention during these celebrations of the great deception, of the young German girls whom had their breasts sliced off by these brave Russians, wearing rubber aprons drenched in the blood of children and these are the folk whom won the war? May God help us all!

In view of all of the above, would it not have been a kindness, much appreciated by the cowed German people, had the Russians not chosen to parade their brutal victory in the streets of Berlin, where they raped so many Fräulein to death and where the people are not allowed to honour their own dead, out of consideration for the feelings of the Bolshevik Jews.


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