A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

White Genocide In South Africa.

Despite the evidence of the ongoing bad behaviour of Blacks in South Africa, without a word from our ‘leaders’ it is those like me, who come under attack, for daring to suggest that the importation of Black people, from Africa, even as the ‘lucky’ Blacks whom escaped from Africa, in past times, are already calling for the death of Whitey in the United States, to be a risk not worth taking.

White people need to wake up to reality, even back in the days of slavery, the so-called slaves, were better off than were many White working ‘slave’ immigrants. We never hear that side of the story, of course, now that the Blacks have discovered the art of biting the hand that feeds them.

In Zimbabwe they are already trying to bring back the victimised White Farmers, whom were robbed of their farms, and without whom, those Black ‘Wakanda’ geniuses have seen their country fall into ruin.



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