A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

After The Fall Is Over.





If you need to know which countries will not come out well after the coming financial collapse, you need look no farther than those countries, which have been forced into accepting mass immigration, which will result in disaster, when all the various tribes gang up to fight it out to find which of them will be the supreme rulers. Immigration is no different from invasion and there is little evidence that any group of indigenous people has fared well as a result of invasion.

In the United States, where the people, have a few guns in their possession, they will at least, be able to go down fighting, that is if those whom demand the banning of guns, after the latest, ‘ result of having a drill’ inevitable school attack, in Texas, do not get their way.

In response to the question they ask, “ Why is there no way to prevent this,from happening in the only Nation where this regularly happens ?” the desired response being, like the desired response to the threat of Global Warming, which will quickly vanish and that temperatures, we will be informed, are actually now plummeting and there is as was expected, an instant drop in sea levels, just as soon as cars are banned and the Carbon Tax imposed, and so it will be with school shootings, which will vanish, just as soon as the guns are banned, with no discernible reduction whatsoever in the overall number of deaths, because despite all of the ‘after the drill’ massacres, we have yet to see a real dead body. It is all a load of tosh!

I was surprised and disappointed, when Ann Coulter, delivered a list of alleged crimes against Muslims, in support of her claims that Muslims were a threat to the people of the United States. I am totally against the immigration of those whom bring all of their baggage along with them and demand that Christians change their ways in order to suit their Islamic, ingrained notions from the Medieval past. I would prefer that Christians decide the rules at the point of entry, where for example, a woman arriving in a Burqa, should be turned away, should she declare her intention of continuing to so do. If a guest in my home, warned me that they wanted to use my lawn as a toilet, I would most probably not even suggest that they changed their habits of a lifetime, I would simply refuse to accept them and so should all Christian countries, when faced with similar threats, why should we be the ones to change? However none of my quirks are an excuse to blame Muslims for the crimes of others. ISIS fighters whom are now coming home, are exactly the same as any uniformed military killer coming home, they are all doing the same job for basically the same people. ISIS are in fact no more of a threat than any other ex-military man.

For Ann Coulter, to hang the blame for all the so-called ‘Islamic’ attacks in the United States, onto the Muslim community, is either evidence of her lack of knowledge of the ‘truth’ that 911 for example, was a Mossad operation, that Building Seven, which contained all sorts of secret documents, for various official departments, had been ‘wired’, which is an operation which takes time, as it did in the Twin Towers, where Mossad was actually ‘camped out’ calling themselves ‘Israeli artists’, and that Building Seven, was under strict security, where permission must, most certainly have been given for the ‘wiring’ to take place, all of which points the finger of culpability at the Shadow Government, which has benefitted, enormously, from the results of blaming Muslims, by getting their desired result of the destruction of those parts of the Middle East, which opposed their aims.

Ann Coulter forgets to mention the fact that a deal was done in Iran, where having arranged an agreement, with the Mullahs’,  to keep the American hostages locked up, until after Ronald Reagan was elected, which accentuated Jimmy Carter’s failure and announced the dawn of the Poppy Bush, New World Order, they did so in exchange for weapons, has Ann forgotten the Iran-Contra affair?

Coulter is in danger of presenting herself as a bigot. She did the same thing with the ‘dupes’ whom killed nobody, in ‘fake school shootings’ and other staged events, thereby suggesting them all to be true. Many of the ‘victims’ of these events ‘still live’. Why does she not demand the hard evidence of these events before coming down on one side or the other?

What is the job of the Alternative Media, if not to question the word of those whom have lied us all, into dozens of illegal wars and whom still control, Drugs, Organ Harvesting, Prostitution, Gambling and Paedophilia? All of these things are operations of the Shadow Government, who else has the clout to order the US Military to guard the Poppy Fields in Afghanistan?



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