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Take Another Look At Some Past Tragedies?


Right now we are going through the motions of showing pity for the poor Grenfell Tower immigrants, sympathy for the wounded survivors of the Bata’clan in Paris and the Manchester Arena’s weird suicide bomb attack and hardly a word about the murdered and wounded in Palestine and most certainly no mention of the Jew inspired Genocide in South Africa, two genuine events, which are never given proper coverage in the Western Free Press.

Thanks to the passage of time, it sounds just a shade curmudgeonly, to re-open the holes in these tales, in London, Manchester and  Paris, which have now become set in stone as genuine events, when in fact all three events were extremely dubious.

In Grenfell Tower, we were told that there were some six-hundred people known to be living in the tower, along with an unknown number of illegals and yet despite the fact that there was adequate time available to evacuate, very few did make it out. It was later suggested that people had been told to ‘stay where they were’.

Even so, despite the small number of people, whom made it out, only seventy people were unaccounted for, while the rest of the six-hundred, whom had lost everything, failed to turn up in search of clothes and other things which had been collected to help them out.

I would prefer to believe that very few people lost their lives, as a result of a scheme, to force the inhabitants to accept being re-housed elsewhere, so that the site of the Tower, which is in a ‘posh’ area could be grabbed for re-development, but something went tragically wrong.


The Tower, like the World Trade Centre, where very few people were seen leaving, yet the claim of a massive number of deaths is maintained, evidence of which was never found in the rubble, was most probably kept virtually empty, by quietly refusing to re-let empty offices. Should it be shown, that the same sort of Insurance scam, proves  to be a possibility in the tale of Grenfell Tower, it would implicate City Hall.

Let it not be forgotten that the ‘gentrification of London kicked off in the auspicious year 1666, with a fire, which was blamed on a Baker, in Pudding Lane and continued, years later with the ‘Blitz’ which hit the poorer parts of the East End and now after another fire, there is mounting pressure to make sure that Grenfell Tower is not itself ‘gentrified’, an aim which will not suit the Friends of Israel.

The Manchester Arena affaire was even more bizarre, there have been endless attempts, made by the Media, including through the use of film, taken on smart-phones inside the Arena itself, as the audience was leaving, to give the impression that a bomb had exploded in the Arena, during the concert, when no such thing happened.

The people were simply walking out, after the concert was over, the bomb exploded in an area which was outside the Arena, in a place which was actually closed off by a line of security men and nobody who attended the concert was in any way affected by the bomb.

The injured were in a waiting room, where those whom had attended the concert would be collected by their parents to be taken home. Other than that, there were some people clearly seen running back and forth, in an entry hall, for no apparent reason, while others stood around watching it all take place. It is perfectly clear, that the only image available of the site of the explosion, clearly shows that it was not inside the arena, so one can only ask the question, where were the tearful, breathless witnesses at the time of the explosion and how did they get past the Security men?

The Paris attacks, were even more blatant rubbish, when it was exposed that all of the emergency forces were already in place, having spent the day practicing what would occur later that evening.

The Bloomberg reported that:“”

During Friday’s exercise, trauma specialists used a centralized dispatch system to set priorities and direct victims to the ER best equipped to treat their injuries. Ambulance services made sure they were ready to roll, and hospitals verified that surgeons and staff could be quickly summoned to treat arriving victims. “We tested every link in the chain,” Raux said. Because Paris emergency physicians work 24-hour shifts, virtually every ER doctor on duty in the city Friday night had already taken part in the exercise earlier that day.”


If you can believe the above quote from Bloomberg, that an exercise was taking place in Paris, just as exercises, were taking place all over London on 7-7 and in New York on 911, on the very days of the events and in Manchester a couple of days before the event, and that the Fire Brigade was actually at Grenfell Tower, even as the Tower was burning, sadly you will believe anything.





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