A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Full In Your Face British Hypocrisy


We must all beware of the “Now that they are coming back” lie, which is about to be used to blame Muslims, allegedly returning from the Middle East, where they were allegedly fighting against Bashar al Assad, for the benefit of Israel, for the oncoming terrorist attacks, which will kick off the destruction of Europe, in readiness for the ‘re-design’ of the Peoples of Europe, into an image which conforms with the desires of those ‘Chosen Ones’ and their money-sick leaders. They have decided that they are the only people whom will remain ‘pure’ while the rest of us are to be browned out.

If evidence  of the lie of Muslim Terrorism,was necessary, it has been freely available along the border fence, between Gaza and Israel, where two hundred protestors have been shot dead and fourteen-thousand injured, by sniper fire and stun grenades, from the land stolen by the Chosen Ones, without a smidgen of assistance, for the beleaguered Palestinians, from all of those Holy Muslim ‘terrorists’, fighting to destroy Syria, to make even more land available to be stolen,from the Muslim Arabs,  just down the road from Israel, in Syria. One cannot avoid asking the simple question, “For whom are these Muslims fighting?”

The depth of the hypocrisy of the British, knows no bounds, they firmly believe that Russia, in some way, interfered with the referendum in Crimea, in which the people voted in favour of rejoining Russia, of which Crimea was a part for centuries, before it was presented to Ukraine, on a whim and that Crimea should be given back to Ukraine, at once, against the wishes of the People. How can we ever forget Lord Tennyson’s famous line, “Into the valley of death rode the gallant five hundred” that was the Charge of the Light Brigade, during the Crimean War against Russia.



 That would be the same British, whom on a whim handed Palestine to a British Banker, without any discussion whatsoever with the indigenous people of Palestine, and they have no intention whatsoever of undoing this piece of mischief, or of even recognising the slaughters which were carried out by the Jews, whom stormed into Palestine, with guns blazing, under instructions that they were in a “Free Fire Zone” killing thousands of women and children and driving hundreds of thousands more from their homes.

Those invaders are to this day, seventy years on, still killing innocent Palestinian people, while the British Parliament is packed to the rafters with Members whom refer to themselves as “Friends of Israel.” That is the depth of the British Governments ongoing complicity in Israeli War Crimes. The British Tax Payer has been funding Israel and its War Crimes, with millions of Pounds every year since 1948, without a word to the Tax-Payer.

We must now conclude, that the average British Voter is too stupid to figure out how not to vote, for any candidate in favour of allowing this carnage in Palestine to continue, while allowing the most vicious Government in the Westernised group of ‘democratic’ countries, to continue to deny the Palestinian people, the respect for their homeland, written into the Balfour Declaration, but completely ignored by the Jews, without reprimand from any British Government, whom are supposedly working for the British People.

Yes you British People, you are also unaware of what was done to Ireland in your name. You still cling to the belief that Hitler caused the Second World War, the very notion that your Government was in league with those whom declared the war on Germany, the Day Hitler was elected, is way beyond your comprehension. Your Government has been doing exactly as it has been ordered, since the last invasion of England, which you failed to even notice, when Cromwell invited the Dutch Bankers into the City of London and placed a Dutch Duke and his wife on the throne of England. Even your Great British Empire was a farce, you were simply supplying the security, while the Robbing Bankers and their Corporations stripped the World of its riches, leaving the White Christians to carry the can for their crimes. 

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