A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Under Every Rock You Can Find A Scorpion.

The ‘failed’ policy of ‘Open Borders’ into Europe, having already allowed entry into most of the member States of the European Union, huge numbers of unvetted immigrants, has now been declared to have been a failure, when in fact it has been a huge success, which has allowed ‘controlled’ puppets like Angela Merkel, to do the dirty work of the Zionists, by allowing a huge number of mainly Black, fighting age men, whom are being taken out of Africa, sitting rigidly, close together, all wearing the same type of orange life-jackets, in large Zodiac type rubber boats, without water to drink or food to eat, with no toilet facility available, making it perfectly clear, that they did not leave Libya, expecting to cross the sea to Italy, sitting in a boat, which could be instantly capsised by a small wave, or by someone taking a quick crap over the side, they knew full well, that the Ferry was waiting to take them to Italy, no more than a couple of kilometres offshore. These Black men are a real and present danger to Europe. The raping has already started even the gang raping of young boys.



 That version of ‘the news’ is a good illustration of how the ‘News’ with which we are presented on a daily basis, is contrived to convince the hard-of-thinking of one thing, while ignoring the most important element of the tale, which is, that no Government, worthy of the name, would calmly pursue such a catastrophic policy, knowing full well that the majority of all of Europe’s Peoples, given free choice, would refuse to allow this mass immigration stupidity. So who gave these ‘servants’ the power to destroy us? Personally I would have never agreed to allow these idiots free rein, to take hold of this power, which they have grabbed out of our hands, by having misled children in school, as to how to make Democracy work for the People and not for the psychopaths. Even in school as children, we were being indoctrinated by traitors and their dupes, whom had also been educated to believe that the status quo was the right way and the only way.

Another hoary old subject, which nobody appears willing to explain in simple language, is the subject of inflation and its causes. ‘Monetizing the debt’ is a mantra which suggests the through the sale of Government Bonds, which are ‘sold’ to Central Banks, which allows those Central Banks, which are all privately owned, to ‘print money’ into the economy, which is without ‘collateral support.’ This allows our Politicians to ‘pretend’ to have created an inflationary debt, which is payable to the Private Bankers, whom created it out of thin air and in order to continue to pay this ‘debt,’ they must increase taxes, which means increasing taxes on beer and cigarettes and causing price rises on other needs by increasing Value Added Taxes.

This form of robbery, is best illustrated through the use of debt incurred by house-buyers, whom had need of a loan from these crooked bankers, whom have used crooked money, to take control of the old-fashioned Building Societies, which made loans to those buying or building their home, Societies which were obliged to loan out no more than the total of the money deposited by members of the Society.

The moment that it became possible for those earning the average wage to consider buying their own home, the price of a home escalated to ridiculous heights, which finally made it necessary for husband and wife to work, in order to pay off the debt, which could once have been paid off using one salary.

This debt was a false debt, printed by a High Street bank, out of nothing, which in simple terms is ‘printing money’ a fact which has never been outed, by those whom claim that printing money has been the cause of inflation, simply because the house price inflation had nothing to do with the money available to buy a house and everything to do with the deliberate shortage of houses to buy.

This fact is well-known to politicians, whom have conspired with Bankers, whom have cynically robbed house-buyers, through the use of excessive interest rates on those loans, interest which in most cases amounted to more than the original value of the home and which allowed the banks to milk the debtor for half of the period of the ‘Mortgage’ and should the debtor fall on hard times, they had the right to seize the home, in payment of this non-existent debt. Houses are now so expensive that to charge a high rate of interest would financially cripple even the moderately rich, which is why interest rates are so low for savers at his time.

This ‘interest’ scam has also meant that the value of a house has increased relentlessly, as it actually cost the buyer an extortionate amount of ‘stolen’ money, which he would need as a deposit to buy his next overvalued  home.

Back in 2008, when the housing debt was used as the excuse to pay untold billions of Dollars to the Bankers, which was the most colossal ‘governmental fraud’ in history, I argued that governments should have given the money to the mortgage holder, which they could have paid to the bank, which could have allowed them to remain in their homes, however the disgusting, controlled politicians, without any form of proof that there was indeed any ‘real’ debt, simply handed over our money to the criminal bankers, for whom they work.

We were all suddenly swamped with terms like ‘Derivatives’ and ‘Credit Default Swaps’ and other such rubbish, in an attempt to conceal this Grand Larceny, by inferring that ‘packages of bad debt’ had been over-sold or that insurance claims, against this debt would be overwhelming, therefore the Governments of the World must pay up. It was all a load of pap. If there had been any debt, it was no more than debt in a game of Poker, there is always someone at the table, who is holding all the money, whether that money is in bank-notes or plastic chips, it is never lost and if the ‘winner’ is found to have cheated, he could have all of his fingers broken, and all of his ‘winnings’ seized.

Only in tiny Iceland, were the Bankers made to pay for their crime, while across Europe, we were introduced to ‘austerity measures’ which was no more than a means of funding all of the illegal wars across the Middle East, by extracting funds from Social needs to pay the Banker controlled Armament Industry, billions of Dollars for the ways and means of murdering ‘their’ enemies, while already concocting the next load of crap, open door immigration, coupled with the fable of the ‘homecoming terrorist’.

In Ireland, from where the people have been forced, through poverty, to seek work abroad, the Irish are now being ordered by an unelected self congratulated sodomite Taoiseach, that they are obliged to plunge themselves into an unimaginable debt of billions of Euros, in order to allow one million Sub-Saharan Blacks, to set up home in Ireland, in free housing and with all other needs on demand, with the promise of a job, which it is already impossible to provide for those whom are already homeless and jobless in Ireland.

These things do not come out of the blue. If this is allowed, it will be the end of Ireland. In this emergency situation, what has become of the Irish Republican Army, which should they be sincere patriots and not tools of the British, should be standing in opposition to this attempt to annihilate the White Irish Cristian Community?  The other dirty little secret in Ireland is the hidden hand of those whom have special laws which apply only to them.




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