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More Problems With The Globe Earth Model.




There is a lot of dispute about the shape of the Earth these days. Is it a Globe or, as many idiots appear to believe Flat? I set out to prove it to be a Globe and believe me there is less evidence of it being a Globe than there is against the idea that Michelle Obama is a man.

The first problem is the question of the curve. While considering that little problem,  I sought and found a belief that a ship, gradually vanished over the Horizon, with the mast top being the last visible trace, which would mean that within six miles, the distance to the horizon, the curvature of the Earth was already evident.

I then sought an example of a railway track, which ran along a straight six-mile stretch, which would prove the existence of the curvature of the Earth, should the train vanish from sight, down over the curve, after six miles, as did the boats. The French railway system welds the rail together in lengths of up to five hundred metres, which prompted me to wonder about the necessity of manufacturing a very slight curve into each rail, because in fact each rail is made Flat. I was assured by those whom know better than me, that on the one hand, even during casting when a rail is tested for straightness and flatness, that at whatever point it was tested along the rail, as it was being tested, in the foundry, or when being laid, the spirit level bubble would always be pulled by gravity, towards the centre of the Earth, meaning that every flat surface was ever so slightly curved.

I found this explanation to be totally unsatisfactory, and I posed the question is there any such thing as Dead Flat on a Globe Earth? Simply because a railway track is as flat as it is possible to lay it, slopes are either cut through or a tunnel is pierced through hills and mountains to maintain a level track. I have never received a good answer to my question.

This has provoked me into suggesting that on a Globe Earth (see above image) should a railway track, be laid around the Equator, the builders would actually, unknowingly, according to the Globe Earth model, be laying a hoop around the world, similar to the one around the above image. What am I missing? Is such a thing even possible?


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