A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The “World” View Is A Myth In Every Way.


The “Democratic” world view, is one of total trust and belief in the instructions, with which the masses have been educated to accept, during a process in “school” which presents conjecture and theory as truth. A truth, which if accepted by the “majority” of those whom have no reason to doubt what they are being taught, is quickly accepted as “The Real and Only Truth” for millions of people and as being the only view possible of the “reality” of whatever subject is under discussion.

Should any doubt creep into the “supported by those majority” arguments, for example, should the Jew claims of a deliberate attempt to gas them out of existence, come under discussion, the “Law,” which we have also been educated to believe to be working for the good of us all, is used to close down any discussion of these unsupported claims, under threat of prison, without presenting any proof at all, demonstrating that those ‘claims’, are in fact true. So the “Law” is working in favour of those whom have a vested interest in maintaining their version of the tale. This is called “Justice”.



During the past couple of years, the “delusion of the masses” has been blatantly exposed for what it is, by the massive number of those whom have been influenced by the idea of the “Flat Earth.” An idea, which was resurrected on YouTube by a guy called Eric Dubay, along with a massive catalogue of evidence in support of his claim.



Even the biggest dunce in the school laughed out loud about such a crazy idea. Good friends of mine, were not even prepared to consider the evidence provided by Dubay, because it was such a “ridiculous idea,” while at the same time accepting the notion that seven, minus six equals six, or some such nonsense, without any problem.

I was myself amazed at the sparsity of evidence of the Globe, while huge numbers of intelligent people, were so convinced of the Globe Earth theory, that they simply refused to make their own research on-line, preferring to believe that this ‘globe’ idea was supported by evidence, when in fact it was, as was Evolution, no more than a form of religious belief.



When it is taken into account, that everything which we were educated to believe, about how the universe works, depends on the rotation of the “Globe Earth” a “theory,” which personally speaking, I was never educated to understand, that this claim of the Earth’s rotation, had never been proven, a situation which should provoke at least a modicum of doubt, into the rest of the argument about the workings of the Universe. The same thing applies to the “Theory of Evolution.”

There are extraordinary efforts, currently being made to convince us all that there is no “God,” that all and everything came from nowhere out of nothing, as if that is a plausible explanation, for the complexity of even the tiniest of molecules. I grew up in a religious atmosphere, which  caused me no problem and yet hardly anybody practices any form of Christianity these days, which denies them the pleasure of the participation in Church events. I do not know anybody who has suffered as a result of going to Mass and singing out, at the top of their lungs, the Sunday morning hymns.

All of this “mis-education” is of great importance because it is ongoing and it shows no sign of slowing down. We believe in stupidities, for example, there is no such thing as a National Debt, that is, in terms of the People owing money to a Central Bank. Ask yourself, how can that be true? We are lead to believe that the “Bank” has sold a “Debt” into private hands, in the form of Bonds, and at this moment, America is said to have a debt of twenty-trillion dollars.

Does anybody seriously believe that there are people “out there” waiting around for this “debt” of twenty-trillion dollars to be honoured? This is a nonsense, there is no “debt” how could genuine value, to the tune of twenty trillion of dollars be generated by the work of the proletariat? But who is going to believe anything I say?

In reality, there is collusion between elected politicians and private bankers, which allows the scam of wholly controlled, private Central Banks, making pretend loans, using fake money, to governments, which in turn, pretend to owe this non-existent debt of money to those bankers, whom demanded the Income Tax, paid by the workers as ‘interest and thereby “steal’ the labour of the workers, whom generate all of the wealth of Nations, under the cover of this word, “interest” which is code for Grand Larceny, while using this stolen ‘money’ to steal the superstructure and resources of every country on Earth, including the water we drink and soon the air that we breathe, while our Leaders are too frightened to stand up to these people, out of fear for their lives. Only the people can sort this mess out.

The reasons which were offered, which lead to the bankers destruction of the Middle East, were yet another pack of lies, which was swallowed hook, line and sinker by the well ‘mis-educated’ Peoples of NATO countries. After the cynical destruction of Libya, who on earth, with half a brain, would vote for those responsible for this crime, in future elections, after all, the lie of 911 was already floating to the surface, a lie which was the fake excuse to destroy Iraq and Afghanistan? Well sadly, it would seem, all and everybody, in the United States, the ‘Friends of Killary’ are still stamping their feet in protest at the election of Donald Trump, while those Clinton supporters in “The House” are blocking Trumps every attempt to “Stop the Wars.” Makes a lot of sense that!

While in the United Kingdom the Fabian Society is poised to win the next General Election, which will result in the final nail being driven into the coffin of the White British Christian people, by basically the same team which gave us the spiel about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction.

This time, despite the fact that the bulk of the wholly controlled Labour Party remains unchanged, the covert Communist Jeremy Corbyn and his sidekick Diane Abbot, will proudly open the door to those millions of immigrants whom will build an even better Britain than did the last few million whom arrived on Britain’s shores and never even managed to find a job or provide themselves with a home.




The newly elected “La Lega” Party in Italy, is being condemned for daring to suggest it to be perfectly possible, to encourage White Italian Catholic women to have more babies, to avoid the necessity of importing all those Black and Brown ones. Gee Whiz! I wonder why nobody else thought of that one?



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