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French Pensioners Criticised For Buying Treats For Their Grand Children.



France, which is preparing to allow entry to hundreds of thousands of immigrants, from the Maghreb, not because they have any need of a large number of manual labourers but simply because Emmanuel Macron, feels it to be “the right thing to do” while at the same time, his magnificent new Political Party, La Republique en Marche, is in the process of putting a stop to the little treats given by Old Age Pensioners to their grand-children. Talk about Scrooges, may God help them!

“If they spoiled their grandchildren a little less, many more Pensioners would “have a greater capacity” to make the government’s effort on pensions work.

The member of La Republique en Marche (LREM) for Yvelines, Aurore Bergee, was “amazed at the debate on pensions”, believing that the Pensioners “could make a greater effort” to help restore the public accounts, believing that pensioners who have Grandchildren often spoil them too much.

“We cannot say, that restoring public accounts and reducing debt is essential and, at the same time, have Pensioners continue to spoil their grandchildren when asked to make greater efforts,” said the spokesperson of the LREM group in the National Assembly, annoyed by criticism of the measures announced on Sunday by Edouard Philippe for the 2019 budget.

The French are sometimes “schizophrenic”, she felt. “We have the impression that the French have forgotten our model of pensions, that is, that you and I are working and paying today for those who are currently retired. We are paying for our seniors ‘ retirement’, said  the MP. “It’s not so that they can spend everything on chocolate, toys and cultural outings for their grandchildren, who in addition to being more and more lazy and also cost a huge amount of money”

This is the same old tale, for whom exactly, were those whom paid, their full share of charges, all of their working lives, into the pension fund paying?  For the Social Welfare payments of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants whom are well looked after by the State perhaps?

There are millions of Maghrebian in France whom have been claiming Welfare all of their lives, while not contributing a cent towards the Pension they will receive. Perhaps En Marche need to ask them, to spend a little less on the large number of kids they claim for, whom have been extremely well taken care of by the “working French” whom are now retired and being asked to tighten their belts, while living shorter and shorter lives, on their pensions, which is already reducing the total amount which they will be paid. These folk paid for fifty or more years for perhaps ten years of pension and could soon find themselves on the “Pathway to Death” in a hospital which is too busy looking after the needs of those whom stream into France, than to take care of those whom paid for it all.

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