A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Happy Days Will Soon Be Here.

Vince Cable, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party in the United Kingdom, assures us that to bring into the UK, during the past ten years, three-million immigrants, whom on arrival found a shortage of homes, a Health Service on its knees, an education system in crisis and where virtually all of the available work was too complicated for uneducated immigrants to handle, to have been ‘good’ for the UK. This was claimed in his closing speech, to the gathered luminaries, at the Liberal Democrat Party’s Conference, which he claimed was because “he” had married an immigrant, so therefore immigration must be supported or some such nonsense.

The sad and taboo reality being, that the majority of immigrants from the Third World, never work. The same experience can be confirmed all over Europe, which is being exposed to be  a deliberate White Genocide. The UK already has a population of sixty-six million people, which makes it  the most densely,  populated, per square kilometre, European Country. Be sure, when the hunger comes it will not be pretty.

These ‘politicians’ whom make choices which can affect us all, appear to be blind to the issues which cause the most distress, to those by whom they are elected. I have never heard a politician, who was seeking re-election, standing in front of his voters, explaining to them, that should he be elected, he has every intention of importing several million more Black people from Africa into the country. They know full well that nobody, apart from other immigrants from Africa, would vote for such an idea, so it is never mentioned. That is Democracy in action. There are moves afoot to bring in a quite fantastic number of Blacks, 250,000,000, yes that is million, an idea which Emmanuel Macron is prepared to go along with, which would mean,  thereabout ten million Blacks for every member of the European Union. Something to look forward too I suppose, well worth remaining in the EU with such a desirable future in prospect. 

These same people, while allowing the idea to be propagated, that White women prefer Black men, without questioning this supposition, ignore the attacks being made against White Men, under the guise of “Toxic Masculinity” or “White Supremacy” or any other form of attack, which is only permitted to be made against Whites.

Cries of ‘only White People can be racist,’ are being whined out by Blacks without any problem, even Jews are permitted to make the same claim. It is in fact as a result of the widespread use of this racist smear by Jews, the likes of, Noel Ignatiev or Time Wise and others, which has encouraged the use of this idea by Black Racists of whom there are millions and they all appear to hate Whitey, while being more than eager to take handouts from them, having failed miserably to construct any comparable State of their own, which offers such support for all and everybody.

In South Africa, the forty-million Blacks do nothing for the paltry few Whites, whom waiting around for the final slaughter to commence, all of it as a result of the mass immigration of Blacks from all over Africa, a fact which was completely ignored by those whom believe that the Blacks, in South Africa have some sort of divine right to steal everything from the Indigenous Whites.

Very soon, immigrants will be claiming that too much of Europe is in the hands of Whites. In the first clip above, George Galloway lists the Jews whom fermented this false idea of Apartheid in South Africa, which was in fact an invasion of Blacks holding out a begging bowl, which the Jews named by Galloway helped them fill. South Africa is now run by a covert group of Jews, whom have “Privatised’ the Gold and Diamond mines into their own hands, just as they have already privatised Europe, where the indigenous European will soon find themselves living in squalor, while immigrants take control.

While all that was going on in South Africa, the Jews in Israel, having managed as did the Blacks in South Africa, to steal the land of others, they blackmailed the White German people into funding everything, which has since their invasion, been built in Israel, while still to this day, they make use of other compliant White politicians, to give them charity, because they are unable to exist without it, while cheering the act of Donald Trump, who has announced billions of dollars of support for Israel, while cutting off the miserable amount of cash, the USA donates to the Prisoners of Gaza.

White people have funded all of the above. There are no calls for the Chinese to be bred out of existence, or the Japanese, Algerians, Malaysians or any other Peoples, these ideas are being forced uniquely onto White Christian Countries. Jews claim to be of another sort of White, so these rules do not apply to them and I have yet to hear a politician ask the question as to why Israel, which is a White country, is allowed to refuse immigrants, from the war-torn countries by which they are surrounded, without question. A Jew who was asked this question, replied by saying, if too many immigrants arrived, the Jews would lose their majority control. And there you have it, always thinking about themselves, while being in the forefront of the attacks against White Christian Countries.

The Blacks and others, fail to understand, that when Whitey has vanished, they will quickly find themselves up against the wall for a rapid extermination, in order to make space for the Orientals, whom will very quickly move into Africa, a vast land which has never even been properly cultivated or modernised by the indigenous Blacks, whom we are told built the UK and USA.

The true depth of the criminality of Blacks, whether in European Countries or in Africa is never discussed, All of their brutality is excused by claims that White People deserve it because of past behaviour, which is simply not true, as most of these violent Blacks in Europe, have ever been subjected to any form of ill-treatment by the Whites, they are the ones whom have kicked off the riots in Britain, the USA and now all across Europe, along with controlled ISIS whom are engaged in building up problems for the Muslim immigrants, whom do have a grievance against Whites.

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