A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

I Suppose The Next Step Will Be The Distribution Of Smallpox Infected Blankets Against The Cold.

The other side of the British political coin, the Labour Party, is being prepared to give the people of Britain, what they really wanted, when they accidentally voted for Brexit. Fabian Man, Jeremy Corbyn, the face on the other side of that coin, who is even being described as anti-Semitic, to generate an idea that he is anti-establishment,  when in fact he has never uttered a word about the disproportionate number of Jews in Parliament, never mind the part they played in the destruction of British Industry, when Corbyn’s predecessors Blair and Brown, helped them to export all of the industries which had once made Britain into the workshop of the world, to China and also to carry out the greatest barefaced robbery in the history of Britain, by bailing out the Jew bankers.

At their annual conference, the Labour Party are talking about their plans to carry out another heist, that of reversing the democratic decision of the British people to leave the European Union, claiming that now that the British idiots, had been presented with the “insurmountable” problems of leaving the Union, they will not be at all surprised to find that following the proposed “Peoples Vote” which I suppose is completely different from a democratic one, that they have changed their minds and now want to leave the EU, which is of course the correct decision..

The European Union was nothing more than a tool to destroy Europe. It is not only Britain which has been denuded of industry, the same thing has happened all across the Union. Part of the excuse to carry out this crime, was the claim that it was to save the planet from “Global Warming” which was a total lie. Now that it is becoming ever more evident that the Earth is cooling, the lie has been adjusted and is now called “Climate Change” with the inference that ‘change’ whatever that change is, will be bad for us all, so we must be prepared to allow the theft of our private homes and land and relinquish our private transport and most of the other freedoms which remain available to us and of course allow entry to millions of immigrants, from the lands for which the “bankers” have other plans. Corbyn is so out of touch he is promising to reduce British Carbon emissions to zero, which will deprive British nature of its single most important nourishment.

Socialism has been the preferred tool of the Globalists to destroy Europe. Communism, which was Socialism by another name, was used for the initiation of the take-down of the entire world, which was used in China and Russia and after that Europe became “Socialist” with a system of Social Security, which is now giving everything to immigrants, while there are millions of indigenous Europeans, whom are homeless, jobless and sleeping rough in the streets. Despite which politicians like Corbyn are calling for ever more immigrants to be brought into the bankrupt United Kingdom, while condemning those like the ‘Cocknies’ of the East End of London, should they make the slightest protest for the loss of their centuries old communities, as racists.

The professional politicians, whom are allowing this betrayal, of those whom they pretend to be taking care of, should now be condemned, out of hand, for their treachery. Across certain European countries, namely those which have installed this system of Social Security, there are millions of mostly unemployed parasitic immigrants leaching off a system, for which those whom have worked for the funding of the system ere being denied the benefits of that system, to the point where in order to finance the well-being of immigrants even the funds of the retirement pensions are being raided.

I happen to live in an area where there is virtually no industry whatsoever but hundreds of thousands of unemployed. That is not an exaggeration it is the reality. Even the Vendange is now carried out by machines, simply because even the illegal immigrants did not find work like picking grapes to be agreeable. Around Paris it is estimated that there are a million unemployed young Muslims. That would be the Muslims whom daily inform us that they will soon be taking control of France through the means of their superior ability to make babies, without explaining how they will be able to feed and clothe those children when they have this control.

An estimated one million immigrants, mostly young Black immigrants, poured into Europe in recent times, unless they are all going to be living on the pavements of Europe, they will have to be provided with accommodation, health care, education and food, in countries which have shown themselves to be quite incapable of providing these services for those whom already reside in Europe, so what is the point of bringing immigrants, by the boatload, into Europe, if it is not being used as a means of destroying Europe?

We are living in a world, which has become so overpopulated, in countries like India and China, Mexico and Bangladesh, that to even attempt to provide all of those people with a lifestyle similar to that of a few European countries is totally impossible, it is becoming unsustainable in Europe. agglos1.pps

In past times Europeans were forced from Europe, either as were the Irish as a means of making Ireland available to the City of London or by invitation into the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, where they set about wiping out the Red Indians, Maoris, Aborigines, in many cases simply to save their own lives, having found themselves in life or death situations. Well Europe is now being destroyed in exactly the same manner by immigrants and the Peoples of Europe, whom have never left their homelands are going to find that the incomers will be provided with arms while the indigenous Peoples will be, as is usual, like sitting ducks, waiting for the slaughter to begin,  armed with nothing but a few pebbles to throw at the tanks.

Europeans would do well to remember that they still celebrate the destruction of Germany, which stood against the aims of the Globalists, just as they have recently laid the Middle East to waste “to save it” from evil dictators, while all the time they were being themselves destroyed and they still to this day, fail to spot what is going on.

In Britain they are being guided to destruction by a loyal employee of the City of London while, in France another employee of the same Banking family is doing the same thing, while in Germany, the government is under the control of former members of the Politburo of Communist East Germany, whom have been placed in power under Angela Merkel who is a lifelong Communist, still doing her best to set up a world-wide Communist Privatised system of control. Yes indeed my friends we are approaching the end game.

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