A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Immigration Caravan Heading For The USA Is A Calculated Weapon Of Destruction.



When the blame game starts it is We the People whom are expected to carry the can and not the ones whom deliberately initiated one hundred years of slaughter, they must never be mentioned and they are allowed to use our alleged “guilt” to impose, the most brutal blood-thirsty form of control which has ever been attempted, onto a world which Bolshevik Zionists have every intention of controlling.

A while back, while I was scribbling something about events following World WarTwo, It came into my mind that the idea of a Welfare State, could not have accidentally been put in place, at exactly the right moment to facilitate the in rush of thousands of West Indians into the United Kingdom.

Once that thought comes into your head, it will never go away and you suddenly realise that the Welfare State, was not for the benefit of the British, whom back then were living in abject poverty, while the incoming Blacks were immediately housed, fed, given health care and education, whether they worked or not. While the British unemployed were called “Dole Mongers” or “Scroungers” while no criticism was ever made of the Blacks, whom it is humorously claimed “Built Britain” after the war, while in reality a huge numbers of them never did a days work.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that the idea of a Welfare State, really was a quite deliberate attempt to destroy White Christian Communities, all across the world, by using the medium of massive numbers of immigrants, to overwhelm the capacity of this “beneficial” Welfare system, to take care of all these incomers, which would ultimately lead to a catastrophic breakdown in all of the Western economic systems, because of the debt, which was built up, using phony money, provided by criminal bankers, which was simply printed out of nowhere and interest added to the sum, which can never be repaid, but which will be used as an excuse, to impose a new economic system, which our criminal politicians will willingly accept, as being the only solution to save us all from disaster.

The Western Christian World has been turned into an enormous “honey-pot” to facilitate this aim and millions of people are being funded and shipped to our shores, with the promise of a free home and all other necessities when they arrive.

I’m just an ordinary, run of the mill bloke without any particular ability to suss out these sort of things, so if I just happened to think about it, and it then turns out that it was all part of a conspiracy to bring down the West and to install Bolshevik Communism, an aim which was well-known to the American Political classes, those like Jeremy Corbyn and his delightful ex-lover Diane Abbott, both of whom promote “open-door” immigration, cannot be unaware of the fact that what is going on, will destroy the United Kingdom, which is already dangerously over-populated.

I was amazed to find that Glenn Beck had already exposed this conspiracy, years ago and yet it is only now being discussed. I was going to post a short YouTube clip, with this post, which laid out the bare bones of the conspiracy, when alongside it was a group of clips on the same subject, which was presented by Beck in his annoying, but this time interesting manner.


This is incredibly serious stuff, we have all seen the huge stream of migrants coming into a bankrupt Europe and the United States is so ‘broke,’ to the tune of trillions of Dollars, that to accept thousands more immigrants, while ninety million Americans are out of work, is crazy beyond belief. To claim that there should be open Borders does not correspond very well with the idea that someone else should be obliged to take care of the upkeep of all those whom choose to come.

In Germany, older people are being driven out of their homes to make room illegal immigrants. Open borders fine, if that is what the people want, anybody who feels so inclined, is perfectly free to take into their home, enough immigrants to stack their house to the rafters and feed and clothe them, I have no problem with that and should there be three-hundred-thousand Americans in the crowd whom welcome all immigrants, willing to take care of those thousands, in the fast arriving caravan, let them get on with it.

When this financial crisis hits, it will be a total fraud, it has been deliberately constructed by those whom will be “lending” the money which will destroy us all. These “loans” were the most essential ingredient in the whole deal, without the money to offer to these incomers, they could never have been allowed into our midst. We have been lied to by politicians, into the belief that all this mass immigration business is being finance by austerity measures or some such nonsense, while like all the wars in which we are engaged, it is being funded by poisoned loans from Mafia Bankers, whose aim is to destroy us. These loans are beyond criminality, The same people are funding both sides in all the ongoing wars. From where do you think the Taliban and Daech are getting their bombs and bullets? Our politicians are complicit partners in all of it. We have all been sucked dry by the Weapon Shops and Private Central Bankers and our politicians know it. Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron both worked for the same Private Central Bankers.

It is being suggested, in some quarters, that a borderless world is an essential, anything other than the complete freedom of movement is against our Human Rights. I would suggest that should a group of people, set up an insurance scheme to help each other out, should illness or accident strike, they should not be obliged to insure those whom had never contributed to the scheme. The same thing applies to work, should ten men turn to fill a vacant job, nine of them are going to be disappointed, why should I care if one them happens to be a Black immigrant, who insists that he should have the job because he is Black and should he  get that job , it would entitle him to all the benefits which have been funded by the indigenous people’s Insurance schemes, at least until he has contributed at least a certain amount.

In South Africa incoming Blacks are being murdered by other Blacks whom claim that the incomers were taking their jobs. White People are simply stupid and they deserve everything they get. The woman on the clip failed to mention the 85 thousand Whites whom have been slaughtered since the death of Mandela. The Boers in South Africa, unlike the Jews in Palestine did not arrive armed to the teeth, woth guns blazing and start a general slaughter.




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