A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Dream Appears To Be Over.

Once upon a time, it was necessary for the names of all voters to be on a register for the area in which the voter was domiciled. A voting form with the name of the entitled voter attached, arrived by post, which included an explanation of at which Polling Station the voter was obliged to cast their vote. On arriving at the Polling Station, the list was checked to make sure that the holder of the voting form was indeed entitled to vote at that particular Station and the name was duly crossed off the list, making sure that nobody else could vote under the same name and address.

When the Polling Stations closed, the votes were counted, signed and sealed into a box, which was then taken to the main counting centre. How things have changed in America, the land which stuffs something called democracy down the throats of those whom have been softened up with a few fire bombs, while in the land of the free, bus loads of voters are taken from one polling station to the next where they can vote  as many times as they so choose, with a simple piece of identity in their wallets, a reality which is well-known to one and all and yet it is simply ignored by all political parties. It is in this manner that Politicians are now selected in the USA.

Hundreds of thousands of ordinary voters, whom have been thrilled by the arrival of the charismatic figure of Donald Trump, onto the political scene, a man who took the system by the throat and gave us all the most exciting era of political adventure ever experienced, not only in the United States but across the entire world, have sadly just witnessed the ambush of their hero, who has been openly sneered at by the entire media, from the day he announced his intention to run for the Presidency.Trump is the Man of the People par excellence.

Well America can breathe a sigh of relief, they are now well and truly back on track to the end of the road, with the likes of plastic Nancy back in charge, thanks to the votes of millions of illegal immigrants, whom were flown into the USA under Obama, and sprinkled in every small town and village across the United States. The big losers are of course the Blacks whom are already being driven out of their old hunting grounds in Chicago and the Deep South, both of which will very soon be indistinguishable from Mexico.

White America is finished, the last glimmer of hope for the White Race in America, has just been extinguished, the next step is chaos. Donald Trump, was intent on bringing industry back to America. Without products to sell to the rest of the world America is no longer a trading country, you cannot rely on Soya beans as your top export for long.. It is not only America but all White European countries on earth have been destroyed and deliberately denuded of Industry. We are being sacrificed by our own elected politicians, whom actually funded the reinstallation of European Industry to China and India, where it remains in the hands of the same Corporations, using our tax money to fund the transfer of the Corporations to the lands of cheap labour.

The next cynical step was to destroy the Middle East, an act of pure evil, which was carried out with a psychopathic alacrity, not seen since the cold-blooded destruction and carnage of Russia and Germany, by the merry band of Christian Soldiers, whom have been used by the Bolshevik, Zionist, Communists, to do their dirty work, throughout the past one hundred years.




The same White Christians are now standing by watching the end of their own Race, without so much as a whimper, it is simply their turn to die, even as the “hooded” replicas of the thousands of unidentified British soldiers, are being lovingly laid out, in memory of those whom lost their lives during the first great culling of the White Christian people, during the Great War, even as the Russians were being slaughtered by the million in Russia, by those whom would soon be fighting alongside the British to slaughter the Germans. Slaughter, slaughter everywhere and hardly a moment to cry.




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