A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Origins Of War.

As the world is being driven towards yet another egregious, unnecessary war, ‘professional’ commentators make their usual banal statements about how our politicians, even as they mourn the loss of millions of their own people in past wars and as they fund several current wars all over the Middle East and Africa, appear to have learned nothing from past mistakes.

This is the usual sermon from the professional media, which is the version of reality which calms the fears of the idiots in the street, when in reality there are no accidental wars. From where do you think the term “Cannon Fodder” originated? That would be in the Court of your rulers, whom do not give a shit about you and they never have.

Worse than that, if you think that your politicians have any say in what happens to you, think again, their job is to do exactly as they are told, by a higher authority, whom have bought the ownership of all and everything, including the very souls of “We The People”.

The only way to put a stop to these wars is for the people to refuse to fight them. What sort of British and French men, did in the recent past, fly fighter bombers over Libya, a country which posed no threat whatsoever to either Britain or France to drop bombs which killed an unknown number of civilians, to “save them” and then calmly attacked the superstructure of Libya, from who do you suppose they received their disgraceful orders? This act was one of cold-blooded murder. Does anybody believe that David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy had the power to order such a thing? The trail of the money, my friends, goes all the way back to the City of London.


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