A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Europe Awakes To The Danger At Last.



The revolt of the Gilets jaunes has been a shot in the arm for the oppressed Peoples of Europe. Quite suddenly the excuses used to destroy Iraq, Libya and Syria are coming home to roost Will the NATO bombs soon be raining down on a town near you in France or Belgium? Or maybe a White Knight from Russia or China, will come storming to the rescue.

Rothschild’s man Macron will soon be able to call on the European Union Army to come to his aid, a fact which has not been lost on the Heroes of the Gilets jaunes revolution. The Media has carefully avoided the underlying bone of contention, of which, the French are quite suddenly no longer too frightened to discuss, immigration.

One of my friends, who is a member of a small town group of Gilets jaunes, has found himself in a slightly uncomfortable position, because at the same time as attacking Macron’s’ attempts to destroy the living standards of the French, including the taxing of Old Age Pensioners, he is also a supporter of Black immigration into a small village, where he has personally installed and takes care of a dozen young Black Men.

A young woman was telling me in no uncertain terms that White people were a disgrace and she would be happy to see the end of them. I asked her why she felt that way. Well apparently because we White People and yes she was white with two very young, very White children and she had parents whom were also very White and in fact I also knew her Parents-in -Law, also very White, as I was saying, we White People, apparently inherit the badness of our ancestors. That is akin to saying that the children of murderers, should be sent to the guillotine.

She was unmoved by the explanation which I offered, explaining that should she be in some way supporting Black people, thousands of whom are invading France and of course they come without so much as the price of a cup of coffee in their pocket, with need of housing and food, which those like me are expected to pay for and should we quibble, we can expect a “do-gooder” like her to turn up and deliver a sermon about our duty, to do the maximum for these poor folk, whom have never themselves done any good for any one and to boot they have left their families to rot, “over there” while they live like kings on French charity.

It goes without saying that having received a response such as that, these folk become almost unhinged. This is blasphemy. It’s the total truth but nevertheless blasphemy. Why do we have to accept these people into our countries and pay for them to boot, without question? I have been paying all my charges for years and I receive very little in return, the incomers are simply given everything for free. They get one-hundred percent free health cover, while I have to pay and it costs money. A simple visit to the dentist can cost a small fortune.

French Pensioners were once considered to be well off but not anymore, only the immigrant pensioners, whom are of course, given the best deal, are considered to be well off these days. In fact it begins to appear that there is an agenda which is designed to create a crisis.of jealousy amongst the older generation and the locusts.

The following calculation gives a little idea of the cost of living in France these days without mention of the duty payable on cigarettes and whiskey and that dratted Essence, which has proven to be the “ras le bol” moment for the French people.Put simply out of every hundred and fifty Euros earned one-hundred and-eleven of them are handed over as tax.

There has been a remarkable change in the mentality of the French, quite suddenly I am being perceived as a moderate even the Millennial suddenly have a grasp of the fact that they have been hoodwinked out of the possibility of a decent job, they are no longer able to afford even a cheap home and that they will soon be too old to repay a mortgage before they die, which makes buying a house a waste of time anyway.

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