A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Hate Crimes And Hateful People.



In the United States if a White is murdered it will most likely be at the hand of a Black. On the other hand should a Black be murdered it will most likely be at the hand of a Black. For White girls the most common cause of an unnatural death is to be killed by a Black boyfriend. Should a White woman be raped, it is almost certain, in all cases it will be by a Black. Despite all of  which these Black savages have the nerve to take to the streets of America, howling about how “their” lives matter.

In view of the appalling crime statistics, which are kept by the FBI, which demonstrate quite clearly the depth of this Black criminality, why in God’s name are White people being describes as racist or bigoted for protesting about this state of affairs, while the perpetrators of this violence are being funded to take to the streets in protest at police reaction to their violent behaviour?

It is simply not possible to invite or allow six-hundred thousand immigrants, to enter any country every year and then allow them all to have access to a free health system and free housing made available for them and all of the other necessities of life.Take a look at the telephone directory for a city of six hundred thousand inhabitants and see just how many doctors, schools, teachers, dentists, policemen etc, are needed to run a city of six-hundred thousand, or explain how exactly existing resources could be expected to take on this huge surge in the population. Besides if all of this cash is available to take care of immigrants, why are there so many destitute people all over Europe, should they not be taken care of before illegal immigrants?






The number of Rabbinical lies in the above clip is ridiculous, what a shame it is that unsupported allegations like this can be made by no less a person than a Rabbi, who has managed to ignore the brutal daily actions, graphically displaying the cold-blooded behaviour of these so-called survivors In Israel, against a people whom have never done them harm. The Simon Wiesenthal Centre is calling for the conditioning of our children, in school classrooms, where they can be force-fed the unsupported claims of Jews, while the Jews continually deny the holocausts which have been carried out by them in Armenia and Ireland for example.


The guy from the Wiesenthal Centre claims there to be millions of documents proving the truth of the Holocaust, I defy him to produce any such document, the only existing records are those of the Red Cross, which visited all of the camps and found nothing improper taking place. The images of the people leaving the camp, along with their chubby well fed kids, tells a completely different tale. There were hundreds of marriages and births at Auschwitz and hundreds of survivors liberated “alive”.

Russia Today made a couple of factual errors, they did not question the “new”” death toll at Auschwitz, of one million deaths amongst the inmates, most of whom were Polish and it was claimed that the “six million” deaths of Jews, represented half of the Jewish population of Central Europe, which is plainly stupid as there were no more than five million Jews in Central Europe at the time. The Jews own figures which are freely available, provide the statistics for the number of Jews in every European country, and thousands of them left before the war started, and four million came out of the camps alive.

Listen to this piece of Jew crap proposing the annihilation of the White Race, just as they had once proposed the same thing for the German people, which actually starved and murdered twenty million Germans to death after the war was over. Previously the Jews in the “City” were intent on carrying out the genocide of the Irish people, whom were saved from extinction by the arrival of boatloads of food coming all the way from America to feed the starving Irish, bringing with them witnesses to the barbaric acts of the Jews, skulking behind their “fall-guys” the White British people, which forced them to reluctantly call a halt to the genocide, but not to the exportation of six-hundred-thousand more Irish people to America as slaves, as five million lay dead in Ireland.

These are the people, whom while calling for the right to brain-wash our kids in school, to accept their carefully selected version of history, which places their egotistical needs way above the needs of others, while there has been no criticism of their use of snipers in Palestine to kill and maim little children and we are meant to mourn with these animals because they tell us too, is that it?



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