A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Whichever Democracy Suits The Moment.

There is a huge argument going on about the “attack” in a mosque in New Zealand, suggesting that the Web Giants Facebook and YouTube should have put algorithms in place to instantly ban any disagreeable images from the public, would this, I wonder, include hiding those vile and disgusting images of those Israeli scum-bags giving each other high-fives as they knee-cap a child in Gaza?

The Jew Prime Minister in New Zealand is taking extraordinary measures to make sure that every copy of this “film” is erased and in an effort to encourage the feeble-minded to obey, she is even threatening a young lad who made a copy of the film when it was freely available on Facebook, with a sentence of ten years in prison for sharing this copy with a friend.

From what I can deduce from the comments of those whom have seen the film, it is a total fake. The claims of “survivors” of the attack are so far removed from the events shown in the film, that the survivors are either total liars or the film was not coordinated with the evidence which would be presented by these “survivors”, both cannot be true.

Most of the commenters were amused by the fact that the shell casings from the various guns used in the attack simply melted away into thin air, never landing on the pavement, suggesting that the images had been “photo-shopped” onto a background with which they were in no way connected. There was no sign of any men hiding under cars nor indeed of the attacker shooting through windows, as claimed by various “witnesses” all of which would suggest that the Jew Prime Minister of New Zealand is complicit in a farce, which may well have actually cost fifty lives, the responsibility for which is being placed on a “Patsy” who recently spent some time in Israel, so to avoid any suggestion that there was any Israeli connection to the event the Goy Tarrant will remain out of sight and unavailable for questioning.

There is a lot of chit-chat doing the rounds, suggesting that dozens of rich Jews have been snapping up land in New Zealand and the South American region of Argentina, Patagonia, to find shelter from the coming Armageddon in the Northern Hemisphere when the Third World Atomic War kicks off leaving all the Jews in Israel to roast along with the remaining Goy and all those troublesome Muslims.

Talking about the interference of Jews in New Zealand, much as there was a lot of loose talk about Jew involvement in 911, in Europe “our own” politics, are also under the same control, the Friends of Israel in the House of Commons, of whom there are many, have been busily destroying the decision of the British to make a sharp exit from the prison of the European Union – which is of course itself a Jew construct – it is now it is being suggested that the “Brexit Problem” should be solved through the ruse of forcing a second referendum, with a choice of Remain this way or Remain that way, which will be the only choice available on the ballot paper. This is a deal contrived by a one time employee of the Bank of Rothschild, Theresa May, to trick those stupid British into accepting the way of the Jews as the way of the future.

Over in France another employee of the Bank of Rothschild Emmanuel Macron has justified the use of “live rounds” being used against unruly Gilets jaunes on the streets of France, in keeping with Jew tactics in Palestine where these things have been in place since 1948 without any form of condemnation from Europe’s controlled politicians.

Just as British Politicians refuse to point out that they are offering no choice to those whom oppose their desire to remain in the EU, there is also no mention of the fact that the Jews forced their way into Palestine and aggressively forced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to flee their homes into refugee camps, where they are still trapped, while Jews swarmed into Palestine and claimed that the land was theirs by right, even as Jeremy Corbyn a member of the Jew construction the Fabian Society, is proposing an Open Door policy for immigration into the United Kingdom, a policy which has already allowed five British Cities, including London to fall into immigrant hands, with a Muslim Mayor, of course, there are now five Muslim Mayors in UK Cities.

Why, one might ask? do the British not understand that very soon, as was done in Israel and South Africa, the immigrants whether Jews or Blacks, both of whom slaughtered their way to the top and to this day both groups are stealing more and more of the land of the indigenous people “because they now have a majority”, which apparently counts in a way that a Brexit majority does not.

In the United States, which is under total Jew control, the most vociferous calls for an Open Door immigration policy are coming from Jews whom gloat about their success in transforming the White majority into the status of a minority in the land they created. Even dedicated morons cannot have failed to notice that the same process is taking place all over the White World, while in Israel it has been announced that any Black immigrant approaching Israel’s border will be shot.

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