A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

What We Were Not Told In The Classroom.



News has sent their War Corespondent, Alex Crawford back to Libya, where the puppet government is under attack. I well remember her trip up Mount Everest, where she was expected to film the Pacific size lake, which had formed as a result of Global Warming. She managed to find a puddle, which she informed her viewers was far larger in real life than on film, while anyone who has ever attended a live soccer match can tell you, how amazingly small, the pitch was, compared with its enormous dimensions when seen on television.

Her chum Stuart Ramsay visited the same area to film a woman being whipped by the “cruel ” Taliban, for reading a book or some such tosh a whipping which actually brought a smile to the face of my cat, so stupid and contrived it, appeared to be.

Ramsay made another foray into the heart of the Taliban territory to film a group of new recruits for the tough band of freedom fighters, whom were all dressed in identical white robes, and looked more like choir-boys than killers, all of whom sat on the floor when ordered to and stood up when told and walked silently out of the room having said not a word, only the “Prior” explained what they were there for. Ramsay presented these chaps as the meanest, toughest band of all the terrorists on earth.

I could fill a book with the dodgy reporting of Sky News, they are a disgrace and for them to be allowed to continue with this nonsense is confirmation that the Fake News is the “real news”, while what you have just read is “Fake”. Ramsay has been caught out a couple of times setting up his “Fake Tales” which would suggest that no trust whatsoever can be placed in his reporting. He was recently to be found dis-informing us from Venezuela.

Yesterday, I watched a report about school children whom, have been educated to believe that Carbon Dioxide is a dangerous gas, which needs to be wiped out before it kills us all. These children were allowed to block the already seriously congested Marble Arch road junction, in protest at the lack of governments slow response to this non-existent threat. I have watched a cart-load of people on Sky News, explaining that Carbon Dioxide is the most important of all of the “trace” gases in the atmosphere and that there is nothing whatsoever to fear from a slight increase of it, which would be of great benefit to all of the vegetation on Earth. Should zero percent levels of Carbon dioxide ever be achieved we would all die and yet Sly News refuse to mention any of this to their viewers.

Education is a dangerous thing in the hands of the wrong people, because as with the “News” we tend to believe whatever we are told and even when this belief becomes detrimental to our well-being we are loath to disbelieve whatever “trusted” people explain to us.

There are several people whom work for NASA, whom are busily explaining to us that because of the problem of the Van Allen Belt, nobody has ever been farther out in space than what is called “Low Earth Orbit”. This would of course suggests that no one has ever gone to the moon.

There is also an ex-astronaut who tells us that they have never gone back to the moon because the old equipment had been destroyed and they have not been capable of rebuilding it, suggesting that another branch of the same NASA believes they did go to the moon, despite the radiation problems.

Back in our school-days we were all convinced by “teacher” that the earth was a globe and that gravity made it all work.. In order to make the case that even though the sun appeared to pass over the earth, it did not, the earth was spinning, giving the “impression” that it was the sun moving. We all went on to college with this stuff firmly embedded in our brains. Sadly but true, none of this has ever been proven to be true and it was all regurgitated by our tutors in college.

The same thing applies in other parts of our education, Hitler’s infamy has even been preserved in songs like the one about his “ball”, while I have yet to hear a song about the monster Joe Stalin, or the guy nobody has ever heard of, who had a Hitler moustache, Hendrik Yagoda, who is responsible for murdering ten million Christian people in Russia.

These wholesale expulsions of native populations are as reprehensible as anything the Nazis are accused of doing, and have caused deep resentment among all classes of Germans. Had America kept her skirts clean, and especially if she had denounced them, as she should have done, German respect for “us would have soared. As matters stand, Germans blame us almost as much as the Russians and Poles. Our hands, too, are stained with the blood of millions of innocent victims of this savage, thoroughly un-American program.

Apart from the moral aspects of the matter, the dumping of all these millions of expropriated, helpless, people into what remains of wrecked Germany piles chaos upon chaos and helps convert the entire German nation into one vast Belsen or Buchenwald.”

Excerpt From: Keeling, Ralph Franklin, 1901-. “Gruesome harvest: the costly attempt to exterminate the people of Germany.” iBooks.

France was the forerunner of the type of catastrophe which was to overcome Russia and Germany and once again our education system has steadfastly refused to deliver the truth of events which surrounded the coup d’etat in France and Russia, choosing instead the Fake News route:

By 1789 there were more than two thousand Lodges in France affiliated to the Grand Orient, the direct tool of international revolution; and their adepts numbered over 100,000. 

Thus we get Jewish Illuminism under Moses Mendelssohn and Masonic Illuminism under Weishaupt established as the inner controls of a strong secret organization covering the whole of France. Under the Illuminati worked Grand Orient Freemasonry, and under that again the Blue, or National, Masonry had operated until it was converted over-night into Grand Orient Masonry by Phillipe d’Orleans in 1773.

Little did Egalite suspect the satanic powers that he was invoking, when he took that action, and satanic they certainly were. The name Lucifer means “Light Bearer”; and Illuminati those who were lit by that light. 

By the time the Estates General met at Versailles on 5th May, 1789, the paralysis of the executive authority by the secret organizations was complete. Paralysis by control of public opinion and publicity was well advanced by then also. 
This was the manner of its accomplishment. 

This steady stream of corruption and destructive propaganda was linked with a series of systematic personal attacks of the vilest and most unscrupulous nature upon any public characters whom the Jacobins thought likely to stand in their way. This process was known as “L’infamie.” 

Marie Antoinette herself was one of the chief targets for this typically Jewish form of attack. No lie or abuse was too vile to level at her. More intelligent, alert, and vigorous than the weak and indolent Louis, Marie Antoinette presented a considerable obstacle to the revolution. 

In every respect therefore by 1789, when the financiers forced the King to summon the Estates General, the first portion of their plans for revolution (i.e. paralysis) were accomplished.

It now only remained to strike the blow or series of blows, which were to rob France of her throne, her church, her constitution, her nobles, her clergy, her gentry, her bourgeoisie, her traditions, and her culture; leaving in their place, when the guillotine’s work was done, citizen hewers of wood and drawers of water under an alien financial dictatorship.

From 1789 onwards a succession of revolutionary acts were set in motion; each more violent than the one preceding it; each unmasking fresh demands and more violent and revolutionary leaders. In their turn each of these leaders, a puppet only of the real powers behind the revolution, is set aside; and his head rolls into the basket to join those of his victims of yesterday” (Extract from The Nameless War. A.H.M.Ramsay.)

These invasions by Jews, wherever they occur alway follow a similar pattern. In France, the revolution cost the loss of the intelligencia and the Ruling Classes, in Ireland, the forerunner of Jew Mischief, in more modern times, the cost to Ireland was five million souls starved to death. Russia lost sixty-five million Christians, Armenia an unknown number, Germany lost at least twenty million people, in a diabolical, blood-thirsty blood sacrifice, In Palestine the killing is ongoing and the Palestinian people are expected to believe that the Jews are allowed to get away with this barbarity, “because of what happened to them.”

The British lost their King and were invaded by Dutch Jews, this invasion was un-noticed by the British, even as they watched a foreigner take the throne and the “City of London” burning down to be re-built and turned into a private country for the Jews.

Across the Atlantic a group of Freemasons were carrying out their own Revolution, in America, which had already been undermined within a few decades and the Bankers were in control of the money printing which apart from a short break they still control to this day, the tool which has been used to plunge the entire world into a debt of Usury, which will be used to create the greatest slaughter the world has ever seen. That is unless the People wake up and do something about it because nobody else will.


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