A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Climate Change Rebellion.

Don’t you just love these brain-washed idiots, campaigning in the streets of Europe for the “Green New Deal?”. This is now the front-line of attack against a Europe, already on its knees, denuded of Industry and now these idiots have been lead to believe that Carbon Dioxide is a killer and that the only way to solve the problem is to reduce Europe’s Carbon emissions to zero, which will ensure that there will be no future for Europe.

What is more, the Corporations which have relocated to Asia, have already stated that restrictions on the use of fossil fuels does not apply over there, so everything will continue without any problem, even though they may make efforts to clean up the air quality in large cities.

As someone with long experience of life with Solar Energy, I can assure these useful idiots, that they have been lead up the garden path by lies and deception, no modern country can run on Solar or wind power, that is simply impossible. There is no Global Warming, that has become evident during the past five years and talk of a shrinking of Arctic ice is a provable lie.

Claims of Global Warming are an excuse to destroy the future of Europe’s young people, when things start to come apart there will be Civil War, that is the aim, we all have targets on our back right now. Be sure you are fighting the wrong battle. 

I can promise you that nobody knows what the weather will be tomorrow and whomsoever is responsible for this nonsense about the world ending in twelve years, unless we reduce Carbon Dioxide. is demonstrating that idiots can be made to believe anything. We are discussing the weather after all. The Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change are proven liars. There are thousands of meteorologists whom dispute their claims.

It should be made clear, all of this nonsense is based on theories, using evidence which in the case of the of the Climate Research Unit, which had its emails hacked, in which they said they were obliged to “hide the decline” remember that one? Their brief was to fool the world into paying a Carbon Tax.

What we should be doing s concentrating on pollution, we can actually do something about that, instead of covering every bit of open space in Europe with solar panels and wind turbines?

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