A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Round-Up Is Being Given The Final Tweaks.



Whatever your view, about the real intentions of Donald Trump and his much discussed game of “four dimensional chess” may be, it has become clear that The United States, The United Kingdom and the French Republic are one and all “Rogue States” and it is becoming evermore doubtful, whether Donald Trump, on his own, can do very much to correct this chilling reality.

Claims that “We the People” are living under a sustained attack from all sides, in an attempt to cull the population of the earth, to a number which suits the aims of a group of rich individuals, through the means of poisoned vaccinations, chemicals which are sprayed onto the crops which we eat and deliberately generated genocidal wars, aimed at those states which hold out against the aims of these self-selected Kings of the Universe, are no longer looked on as mere “conspiracy theories”, as the reality of modern society has outstripped even the most dystopian warnings of those “theorists”.

When we see our children running around the streets, screaming for the banning of those dreadful motor-cars which are contaminating the air that we breath with carbon dioxide, given endless hours of television coverage, while those worried people, whom protest against mandatory vaccination for all children, with products which are linked to Autism and other mental problems and the installation of 5G internet antenna, which it is feared are being used to ensure further contamination of children with rubbish similar to the CO2 scare, given minimal access to explain their fears, there can be little doubt that to rely on the mainstream media for good advice, is no longer an option.

While these media folk dismiss my kind of ideas as pure fantasy, with no real evidence in support of my claims, the entire “privately controlled” world media has launched a campaign, to make us all fully aware of the Climate Change, Global Warming, “theory”, which warns us all, that unless we agree to leave the country-side and accept a life of restrictions, which will oblige us to live in “human habitation zones” without access to private transport or indeed any form of private property and without eating meat because of those malignant “Cow Farts”, the world will not survive.

All of which is not in any way a “conspiracy theory” it is all laid out in two documents, which were composed by unknown authors, which have been totally ignored by the mainstream media but which have been accepted, in our name, by complicit, controlled politicians, without a word to “We The People. The proposals in those two documents, have been quietly signed and accepted by most Local Authorities across Europe, pretending them to be nothing more that proposals to save the Butterflies and provide cycle-ways for bikes, when in fact they also include the death-knell for our personal freedoms. These documents Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, were obediently signed, unread, by your “elected leaders” without a word of warning or any explanation of the hidden contents of either document.

The United Nations, which published both Agendas, is itself a construct of various banking families, whom have been responsible for funding and benefitting from, the most savage and destructive wars in history and whom have openly called for a massive reduction in the Worlds population, by whatever means come to hand, is now issuing dictates, which we are expected to believe to be in our best interest.

Very soon our elected political leaders will lead us all to our deaths, with as little care as they have shown for the Peoples of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, Korea, Germany, Syria, China or Russia in the recent past and even as they line up Iran for the same treatment.

There is no point in looking to these murdering bastards for a solution to these barbarities, they have all been in lock-step for the past one-hundred-years, the time has come to stand up for ourselves or lie down and die and most importantly to have these elected “traitors” put in prison for their barbaric crimes against humanity, before we go the same way.

These idiots are now proposing the “fazing” out of cows to reduce CO2, even as animals all across the world are in danger of extinction along with insects and birds which have already been decimated by insecticides and weedkiller.

Western political murderers frequently discuss how to overcome those whom wish to “do us harm”, meaning, o f course those dreadful “terrorists” most of whom are funded by Western taxpayers and whom we are told “hate us for our solidarity” this is all bullshit, the real enemy of the people is the “enemy within”, not the “new target” the Alt-Right whom the establishment fear, mainly because they oppose the current behaviour of the Western puppet regimes and say so in eloquent, plausible terms.

For whatever else he may have been accused Adolf Hitler, who is for some vague reason, though being a Socialist in now synonymous with “The Right”, opposed the Central Banking system and millions of people now fully understand that our “leaders” have been paying our money into the pockets of an International Criminal Racket, which is due to be dismembered under pressure from a “woke” electorate, which has caused panic in The City.

There can be few people left in Europe whom believe that Angela Merkel was not well aware of what she was doing when she allowed more than a million immigrants to stream into Europe, that Macron and May, both of whom worked in Rothschild banks are not fully aware of how the Central Banks are robbing us and of course they will be well aware of whom will gain from the imposition of a Carbon Tax.

Significantly, in the United Kingdom there is the prospect of yet another Jew Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, a man from the same class at Eton as were David Cameron and his Chancellor George Osborne, and as was Michael Howard the Tory leader before Cameron and while Clegg and Miliband were leading the opposition Parties, all of them were Jews. Angela Merkel is a Jew as have been all of the Chancellors in Germany since the end of World War Two. The Bank of England is controlled by aJew as is theEuropean Central Bank and of course the Federal Reserve. The Prime Minister of Canada is a Jew and of course the White mother of Barack Obama was a Jew and all of that is only the tip of the iceberg.

To suggest that most of those whom constructed the United Nations were Jews should at least sound a warning, suggesting that too much power is falling into the same hands and it suggests at best “nepotism” but at worst a conspiracy to retain an international control, all of which needs looking into in view of the fact that there are few Catholics in top jobs in the Knesset.

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